[Top 3] Best Sniper Rifles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Where to Find Them

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I will show you where to get them, but you'll have to do the hard work, ok?

Everybody likes to use a Sniper Rifle from time to time. In Ghost Recon Breakpoint it’s an important asset of your arsenal. If you play Breakpoint regularly, then you know how crucial it is to first eliminate those Sniper on top of towers and buildings. They can detect you from far away. That being said, you’ll need a great weapon to take out those watchers. I’m going to help you find the perfect Sniper to bring along with you, and you can choose one of the 3 I’ll show you here.

1- Tac 50

Tac 50 - You can shoot birds and soldiers with this Sniper Rifle

It is said to be the one with the highest range. With the Tac 50 you can just eliminate the snipers and go for a closer approach, or you can just shoot everyone in the base from afar. Whilst shooting with this gun, you don’t have to worry about your aim being thrown up in the sky, almost breaking you back. shot by shot you can continue to track enemy soldiers without releasing the aim button.

You can find this sniper at the Manga Nui Port, in Smuggler Coves. It’s a port full of containers, which makes it fun to infiltrate. You will face a lot of enemies, but you can use the containers to play hide & seek with them.

Where to find the Tac 50 Sniper Rifle in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

What Makes the Tac 50 great:

1- Easy to control

2- The longest range

3- High damage

4- Easy to Find

5- Good Reload Time

Tac 50 stats

2- M82

M82 Sniper Rifle - Look at the size of it!

I’ve already talked about this one before. And the return of it just makes it clear that the M82 is great. Just for being a semi-auto Sniper Rifle would be enough to put this weapon up on the throne. But it has more characteristics to it that push it even further into greatness. The M82 is perfect against vehicles. If you can’t shoot the pilot of a helicopter, or the driver in a car, don’t worry, just shoot the vehicle and it will blow up. It won't take more than 2 shots to destroy them.

Where to Find the M82:

Best Weapons to Start in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

What makes the M82 great:

1- Semi-Auto

2- Long Range Capabilities

3- Can explode vehicles in 2 shots

4- Easy to Get

5- Good Mobility

M82 Stats

3- L115A3

L115A3 Sniper Rifle - It looks familiar, doesn't it?

The one that never fails you. The L115A3 is the most versatile Sniper I’ve found so far. I never had problems in long-range situations, and could always deal with those shotgunners who come running towards you. Plus it looks cool. You probably recognize it from other games like PUBG.

Like the other snipers. It only has 5 bullets per magazine. But the L115A3 has a reload time of only 3.35 seconds. It may seem like a lot of time, but if you compare it to the 4 seconds reload time of the HTI, it’s practically nothing, right?

It sits right in the middle of big calibers and less stopping power. You don’t lose and you don’t win. For me that’s positive.

You can find this Sniper in the province of Channels, at the Auroa Power Plant. It’s a big compound with not many enemies.

Auroa Power Plant - You will find the L115A3 here

What Makes the L115A3 Great:

1- Versatile

2- Fast Reload

3- Fast Aim-down-sight

4- Iconic weapon

5- Low Recoil

L115A3 Stats


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