[Top 3] Best Helicopters in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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Why travel on foot when you can do it with style? I'll show you the best helis in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Auroa is a big map. Not just that, it has a lot of verticality to it. You can find yourself on top of mountains or at sea level. Even underground.

But how do you commute through all these landscapes? I’ve tried to travel by ground vehicles, boats, airplanes and even parachuting after a base jump.

None of them is better than flying a helicopter. And it doesn't need to be just flying around from point A to B. You can strike bases and troops while going to your destination. Many choppers in Breakpoint have missiles and miniguns that you can use to destroy your enemies. If you have a buddy to play with, there’s also gunner seats for a second player on some of them

But where can you get these helicopters? The best way is to buy them from Maria’s shop (she is the goddess of arms in Auroa). When buying from her, the helicopters will be available for you to use at any time, after leaving a bivouac.

Let’s say you’re short on money. Then you can go for the second option of how to get a chopper. You can find them in different bases scattered throughout the map. The problem is that they will spawn randomly from time to time. And you will probably have to deal with hostiles in the area before taking off.

3. Opheis

Opheis: Apache's Big Brother

This one is an Apache on steroids; Some sort of stealthy-prototype chopper with two main rotors. It has two seats: Pilot and Gunner. The pilot has access to a rocket barrage that launches 8 rockets at once. The gunner has at their disposal a powerful minigun.  It is a fast helicopter considering its size. It can gain altitude very fast, as well as drop altitude if necessary. The only problem is its main rotors blades, they are very fragile and can break with minimum contact with trees and other things.

You can buy this helicopter in Maria’s shop, or you can try stealing it from one of the bases. It’s guaranteed to spawn at Camp Viper, in Lake Country, or Camp Kodiak, in Driftwood Islets.

What makes the Opheis great:

1- It’s agile

2- Lots of firepower

3- Fast to gain or drop altitude

4- Has a gunner seat

2. Opheis Mk.II

Opheis Mk.II - Apache's Older, Angrier, and Scarier Brother

What makes the Mk.II different from the Mk.I? Its rockets can lock onto vehicles. It won’t fire 8 rockets at once though. Instead, it can launch only 2 at a time. But they reload fast. And if you think they are only air-to-air missiles, you’re wrong. They can lock onto ground vehicles as well. In case you want to shoot at soldiers, they can also be fired without the locking system. It also has a gunner seat.

The Opheis mk.II can only be bought. It’s available at Maria’s shop and it costs 45.000 skell credits

What makes the Opheis Mk.II great:

1- Everything the Mk.I has

2- Missiles lock onto any vehicles and drones

1. Gyps Mk.II

Gyps Mk.II - An Overpowered flying machine

If two seats aren’t enough for you and your squad, then you should probably take the Gyps Mk.II. You can carry your whole squad on it. it Has 2 miniguns, one on each side. And the pilot can fire rockets. It’s an attack/transport helicopter. It will fly slower than the other choppers, but at least the gunners will have more time to aim and shoot at enemies. Did I tell you that the rockets also lock onto air and ground vehicles? That’s everything that makes it the best chopper in the game.

The Gyps Mk.II was introduced in the game alongside the Terminator event, and it is available in Maria’s shop for 60,000 skell credits.

What makes the Gyps Mk.II great:

1- Has 5 seats in total

2- Has 3 seats with firepower

3- Lock-on missiles

4- Can take more damage

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