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The release by Ubisoft of these 4 trailers on 22nd May reveal to us a lot about the town of Hope County, Montana, as portrayed in the game Far Cry 5.

What do the 4 Fallout trailers tell us about Hope County?

Most of what we can learn about the town of Hope County, Montana can be found in the 2nd and 3rd trailers released by Ubisoft for Far Cry 5 on 22nd May 2017. During the second of the trailers the scene portrays a view over growing fields of wheat crops, when sudden an unknown man runs across your view as though fleeing. This scene shows the importance to Hope County of a rural farming way of life.

During the third of the trailers released, we see more vast fields of wheat growing with a medium sized timber church that includes a small tower, dominating the centre of the scene. This part of the trailer indicates again the importance of the rural crop farming way of life in these parts, as well as the fact that a church standing central to the scene would speak of the importance that religion plays to the residents of Hope County.

Some other key points about the town which can be discovered from the trailers are the silos seen in the distance during trailer number 2 which speaks of the importance of farming to this community and the small number of buildings making up the town in the distance implies small community. 

Remote rural farmlands and wild natural scenery seem to dominate the first peek trailers released by Ubisoft for Far Cry 5.

In what ways do the 4 trailers represent Montana’s naturally beautiful scenery?

The first of the 4 trailers features a fast flowing river bend with rolling green fields running off the base of the mountain ranges that dominate the background. The scene is somewhat idyllic and majestic, representing some of the natural beauty that can be found around Montana’s wilderness. The river looks clean and inviting as does the landscape surrounding it, implying that there would also be abundant natural wildlife.

The fourth video trailer in the series of trailers released is set among the mountains seen in the foreground in an earlier trailer. The view is given from within a forest of towering trees overlooking a gully that leads up higher into the mountain ranges. The silence set a calm stillness and peacefulness. Then when a man’s shriek is heard, all of the birds in the area, until now silent, take to flight filling the view. This shows that even when silent the animal life are present in this game.

4 Trailers In One Clip – Far Cry 5 Trailers Release 22 May 2017

The above clip holds all four teaser trailers for Far Cry 5 in the one clip and reveals some tantalising information.

What can we learn about the residents of Hope County from the 4 teaser trailers?

The first resident that we come across in the trailers, or should I say ex-resident, comes floating past your view in the river scene. Whether this person was killed or drowned by accident cannot be told, however they set a very creepy introduction to Hope County’s residents. The second person we come across in the trailers and the third person are both found in the second trailer, where a man runs into view, crossing a field as though fleeing something or someone and then we hear a gunshot and see him fall motionless out of sight between the rows of wheat. The third person that we come across is not seen and must be the shooter. These three people introduce a daunting feeling that something eerily bad is happening in this town.

 Trailer 1

The First Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer.

Trailer 2 

The Second Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer.

Trailer 3

The Third Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer.

Trailer 4

The Fourth Far Cry 5 Teaser Trailer.

The final three people we learn anything about come along in the final trailers. During the 3rd trailer we see a sweeping view up and over the church and past the tower where we witness a large man using a smaller man’s face to brutally ring the bell. The two people in this scene paint a vivid picture of terror however, we can tell that the man being hurt is the local and the man doing the hurting is one of the villains of the story. The final person that we come across during these trailers is unseen but we do know it is a man, as we hear their shriek of terror or agony rip through the silence of the woods.

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