Far Cry 5 Best Endings - All Endings Explained (And How To Get Them)

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What happens when you resist Eden's Gate.

Far Cry 5 has three different endings that you can play to create the perfect ending for your gameplay. 

Have you beat a game and then didn't pick it back up? Far Cry 5 has a high replay rate due to its alternate endings. Far Cry 5 has three alternate endings to try if you want to experience it all. 

Three alternate endings are an insane amount of gameplay. This allows you to choose how to end your journey in Hope County. Here are three different Far Cry 5 endings you can choose and how to get them.

The Good Ending- Resist

 Far Cry 5 has a good ending that ends your journey with nuclear detonation (pictured) and the realization the Seed family was right. 


This is the most common and traditional ending that players will experience. Many players consider this the most desirable ending.

 How To Get This Ending:

  • To start this ending, take out all three Seed siblings. Then, head to the Church of Eden’s Gate from the beginning of the game. You are again faced with the choice to arrest Seed or let him walk.
  • To activate the good ending, you need to go the arrest route. Seed will put up a hard fight.
  • This is the crazy part of the game because the Bliss makes all of your allies brainwashed and they try to fight you. You need to knock them out and restore them to your side. Then you all take on Seed together. 
  • Once Seed is down, a cutscene will start with Sheriff Whitehorse, and when he proceeds with the arrest something crazy happens.

As you are about to celebrate this long-overdue accomplishment, a flash will happen in the background. This is the beginning of the nuclear attack the cult was gearing up for. 

Trying to flee, the characters put Seed in the truck and take off. Just as you think you made it out of the danger zone, the truck runs into a burning tree that has fallen over. This tree put up a hard fight because it knocks you out. 

The next scene shows Seed dragging your body while he is whistling Amazing Grace. Later, you will be at Dutch’s Bunker, where Joseph Seed has you tied up. 

But don’t hope for Dutch to come to your rescue. The camera quickly pans over to Dutch’s dead body on the floor. Seed then jumps into another one of his ramblings about him predicting this. 
Seed says Rook is all he has left now, and together they will march to Eden’s Gate.  The screen then fades to black with rolling credits.

This Far Cry 5 ending is considered the best ending by many players. It is also the action that gives way to the Far Cry New Dawn sequel.

The Bad Ending- Walk Away

Far Cry 5's bad ending closes on a cliffhanger with the screen fading from red to black (pictured) and no explanation for what happened.


If you are not looking for a big boss fight and like what Seed preaches, this ending is for you.

How To Get This Ending:

  • You will follow the same steps as the good ending and take out all three Seed siblings.

  • Instead of arresting Seed, you will walk away. When you make this decision, Seed will forgive you and tell you to take your friends and go. Sheriff Whitehorse then yells for Rook and Hudson to get into the truck, with Hudson not agreeing with letting Seed go. 

  • In the truck, the Sheriff says he will be taking you to alert the National Guard in Missoula so you can tell them about the Eden’s Gate cult. 

  • While you are en route Sheriff Whitehorse will turn on the radio to the song that Seed uses to brainwash his followers.

  • The Sheriff turns to you and asks what's wrong, the screen starts turning red then cuts to black. The game then rolls the end credits while still playing the song from the radio.

Out of the three endings, this ending is considered the worst because it ends on a huge cliffhanger. Many Far Cry 5 fans have suspected that Rook was hypnotized by Seed and forced to kill his comrades due to Seed’s music on the radio.                                
Other fans have suggested that Rook died at the end due to how the screen slowly faded red and then cut to black. Many people think that Rook had some type of injury that led to his vision fading out.                                                                                            
While it is not known what exactly happens with this ending, its open ending allows the player to visualize what they would like to happen.

Far Cry 5- Secret Ending

Far Cry 5's secret ending is also open-ended but closes on the possibility that your team may get the National Guard involved.


This Far Cry 5 secret ending is very similar to the Far Cry 4 secret ending, in that they can both be achieved within 10 minutes of starting the game.  Out of the three Far Cry 5 endings, this is the ending that has the happiest outcome for the residents of Hope County.

How To Get This Ending:

  • At the beginning of the game when your group arrives at the church to arrest Joseph Seed, you have to choose the option of not arresting him.

  • It will take about 3 minutes of your group telling you to “come on” and “hurry up and do it” while Joseph rambles on. So do not touch your controller.

  • While you are turning to leave, Hudson will try blocking the door. He argues that you need to arrest Seed and that he can’t be allowed to go. The Sheriff tells Hudson to shut up, they won’t make it out alive if they arrest Seed. 

  • Hudson threatens to have your whole team arrested for not following orders and arresting Seed. With Sheriff Whitehorse saying so be it. When you open up the door the credits will roll and the screen goes black.

This Far Cry 5 ending is similar to the bad ending in that it is a somewhat open ending. In this ending, your team can get the National Guard involved instead of you having to save Hope County by yourself. And save Hope County from a nuclear explosion as well.
This is a very easy ending to obtain, in about 10 minutes, that allows you to have the most positive outcome for the citizens of Hope County.

One of the best things about Far Cry 5, besides the endless amount of gameplay hours possible, is the ability to choose what ending you can have.

You can choose the good ending, which adds about an additional hour to your game. This ending will allow you to see the cult's destruction and sets the framework for Far Cry New Dawn.

Or if you want open-ended gameplay, you can choose the bad ending or the secret ending. The choice is yours so choose wisely.

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