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So maybe after about 300 hours of wandering all of Hope County’s nooks and crannies you’ve grown tired of this midwestern valley. What to do next? Why not try one of Far Cry 5’s three incredible DLCs? Remember with new places come new terrains, enemies and all sorts of chaos…you’ll be needing the right weapons for the job. Here we’ll provide you with the top 5 weapons for these DLCs to take your new playing experiences to the next level.


5. Power Glove (Best For Lost On Mars)

They're not very warm for gloves, but they get the job done.

If you’re on a different planet, it makes sense you should only have out of this world power. A lot of the Lost On Mars weapons require energy refill times or ammo capacities that will put you in dangerously close calls sometimes, but with the power glove, you’re the Thor of Mars. Although not technically a weapon with reportable stats for this game, the results speak for themselves.

What makes the Power Glove great:

  • Super unique weapon from angles of all DLCs
  • No need for ammo refills whatsoever
  • Allows for hand to hand combat and different gaming experience

How to Get Power Glove

Power Glove Details


4. M-16 (Best for Overall Performance Hours of Darkness)

Remember when your granpa talked about Vietnam? Yeah, that one.

If you’re deep in the shit in the type of guerilla warfare you’ll experience in Hours of Darkness, you’re going to need an old reliable. As the description of the M-16 says, it truly is perfect for jungle warfare. Well played, Ubisoft…someone’s grandparents must have fought overseas….

What makes M-16 great:

  • Beats out another powerful choice the M60-SD, given its increased Rate of Fire and Handling
  • Good magazine capacity keeps you alive in war longer
  • Can be obtained at random drop points so easy to get your hands on 

How to Get M-16

M-16 details


3. The De-Animator (Best For Far Range Dead Live Zombies)

The De-Animator is cool enough to make anyone animated....

So you’re gonna fight dead living zombies huh? Well, a great thing for making them dead dead zombies is the De-Animator. No, this isn’t a gun that shoots cartoons, this is a variation of the BP-2 weapon with the stats you need to take down and keep down the undead. Just remember to double tap…just to be safe…

What makes The De-Animator great:

  • Range and Rate of Fire gives you good spray to control your zombie takedowns from a distance
  • Good magazine capacity (30 rounds) for guns offered in Dead Living Zombies
  • Super sick paint job compared to BP-2 Arcade version

How to Get The De-Animator

The De-Animator details


2. Boom On A Stick (Best For Close Range Dead Living Zombies)

In case the name didn't give it away, you're going to want to plug your ears for this one.

If we think about classic zombie takedowns, the picture would be incomplete without some sort of shotgun being involved. Look no further than Dead Living Zombie’s SPAS-12 variation, Boom On A Stick. This stick will have the heads of any zombie it's pointed at going “boom”. (No really, the graphics are great, try it out.)

What makes Boom On A Stick great:

  • Comes at no cost, just complete the Score Attack in Dead Living Zombies
  • Great damage at close range with visual effects to boot
  • Handling is higher than most available weapons and useful in close quarters

How to Get Boom On A Stick

Boom On A Stick details


1. SVD (Best For Stealth In Hours of Darkness)

SVD?! OMG?! WTF?! IDK....

What does SVD stand for again? “Suddenly Very Dead”? That’s what we thought when we saw our top contender in action. This gun is very level across all stats and easily levels any playing field you will find in Hours of Darkness or Far Cry 5 in general.

What makes SVD great:

  • Combination of High Accuracy and Damage make it great sniper weapon choice
  • High Range stats allow for taking out enemies in the jungle from a distance
  • Rate of Fire allows for quick takedowns if enemies not immediately killed

How to Get SVD

Weapon name details


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