[Top 5] Far Cry 5 Best Companion Combos That Are Great

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These are better companion combos than a burger and fries.

Hope County is a land of beauty, chaos, natural wonders and devilish enemies. As such, one has to pick the right people to have your back. How do you take down certain enemies? With heavy attacks? With Stealth? From the sky? From the land? Which companions work best together in your battle? Which companions work best for your playstyle? Which are just the coolest overall? We detail the best companion combos to take down the Seeds together with. 


5. Peaches & Cheeseburger (Best For Animal Attacks)

With these two, you're a wild team.

One of the coolest elements about the natural landscape of Far Cry 5 is that they were always bound to give you some great animal companions. These two are given merit mostly for being cool to look at, they do have some serious companion abilities.

Why Peaches & Cheeseburger are Great:

  • I mean, a bear and a cougar as your back up…the cinematography on this is just too cool to miss
  • Big help in the wild dealing with unpredictable attack animals
  • Peaches is a great animal companion for stealth
  • Cheeseburger is a great heavy hitter for outpost attacks
  • Can help with all sorts of enemies given the combination of heavy and stealth attacks so any outpost or mission is doable 


4. Sharky & Hurk (Heavy Attacks)

All American boys with some all American fire power.

If you’re looking for a couple true American boys, look no further than this combo. Coming in with all your heavy closer contact weapons, these guys will help you bring the boom you need.

Why Sharky & Hurk are Great:

  • RPG abilities allow for heavy attacks from afar
  • Heavy weapon abilities allow for big coverage if you are using smaller weapons
  • Helps to save cost on combustibles
  • Can help with getting you away from unmanageable enemies with explosives
  • Big boom boom is fun fun


3. Adelaide & Nick (Aerial Support)

These two will have you flying high to a victory for Hope County.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait….it’s a helicopter and a plane? Look to these skies for these unsung heroic flyers of Hope County. They’re bound to get you the aerial coverage you need from most enemies.

Why Adelaide & Nick are Great:

  • Completely covered from sky attacks
  • Able to warn you if they see on the ground attackers better than you can see alone
  • Allow strafing and cover fire to get out of unpredicted attacks
  • Can allow for transport for you in the sky
  • Helps in both land air and sea situations


2. Boomer & Jess (Stealth Attack)

A good boy and an even better gal.

Who knew a dog and an archer could make such a killer combo? Jess always gives this author more of an animal killer vibe….but the combo seems to get along swimmingly in any battle situation.

Why Boomer & Jess are Great:

  • Boomer’s ability to tag enemies can help to prepare you for battle before it happens
  • Boomer can find necessities and weapons out and about in the world
  • Jess can take down enemies Boomer tags with her stealth abilities
  • Jess’s stealth can help take down hunting targets that Boomer tags
  • Great combo for an outpost takedown with ease


1. Grace & Jess (Overall Best)

Women in STEM! (Simply Terrorizing Every Man....or something like that)

Oh we love a good female duo and these two do not disappoint. With Grace’s sniping abilities and Jess’s stealth, this team is our number one pick for the best companion duo to help free Hope County.

Why Grace & Jess are Great:

  • Grace can handle long range targets with ease, saving you if you only have heavier weapons
  • Grace and Jess both help greatly in hunting missions, allowing you to make more money much faster
  • Grace can tag targets from afar that Jess can stealthily take out
  • Jess’s stealth abilities are unmatched, useful for any outpost, story or hunting mission
  • Given the arching and sniping abilities, these two allow you to have some fun with some mid range weapons like the AR-C or some SMG weapons
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