Dragon Age Origins Best Companions (Ranked)

Dragon Age Origins Companions Ranked
Some Amazing Companions, The Best Of Course Being Dog

Best Dragon Age Origins Companions

Companion Conversation

A Conversation Between Companions

If we were to ask a group of Dragon Age Origins players what their favorite aspect of the game was, there's a good chance that the majority of them would say the companions. And that’s truly a great aspect of the game. Dragon Age Origins offers 10 companions that can be gathered throughout your journey.

Whether you are looking to build up a great party for the final battle, or you want to develop a little romance while faced with imminent danger, each companion has something special to add to your party. In this ranking, we’ll break down the good, the great, and the best companions that can be gathered through your DAO journey.


10) Loghain (Good)

A...Special Companion

Loghain The Warrior

Also referred to as the secret companion, Loghain, who starts off as a villain, can be added to your party towards the end of the game. He is a skilled warrior that can be useful on the battlefield. He also is equipped with a pretty great armor set, and if you don’t care at all about the story, then he’s the perfect final companion for you.

But if you are like the large majority of DAO players, and find the story as important to the game as its gameplay, then you’re better off letting Loghain pay for his crimes in a more gruesome fashion. Considering you spend seventy-five percent of the game dealing with the aftermath of Loghain's betrayal, getting some sweet revenge right before that final battle feels pretty great.

I also have to add that if you do decide for whatever reason to add Loghain to your party, Alistar leaves for good, making that last seventy-five percent building up Alistar's stats all for nothing. Unless you are the type of player who wants the game to be as chaotic as possible, you're better off just letting Loghain face his punishment and push forward with your other party members.

What Loghain Excels In:

  • Up Close Combat (Loghain does best when facing an opponent up close rather than long-ranged.)
  • Precise Striking (Loghain rarely misses an opponent.)
  • Strength (Anyone who has faced Loghain in the face-off knows that he hits really hard. Adding him to your party not only gives insight to his character but also increases his strength even more than it already is.)

How To Get Loghain

9) Shale (Good) 

DAO DLC ShaleShale from the Stone Prisoner DLC 

It really pains me to place Shale so low on this list. Shale’s dialogue is some of the most creative and fun dialogue you get to experience throughout your journey. Unfortunately, however, Shale is only accessed through DLC. 

If you do get the chance to download the Stone Prisoner DLC, you get to add Shale to your party. Shale is a stone golem warrior that is over a thousand years old. Shale’s background is actually pretty interesting, and you can learn more about the world's history when speaking to Shale and listening to the dialogue they have with the other characters.

As for gameplay, Shale is a pretty decent warrior. Unlike with other companions, Shale doesn’t use armor and weapons to improve their power. They use crystals instead that will give them boosts. Overall Shale has some good moves and power behind them, but I wouldn’t say they are the strongest your team can have. But I would still say the DLC is worth it, especially if you are looking for some fun dialogue to discover.

What Does Shale Excel In?

  • Throwing Stones, No Really (Shale can develop 3 stages of a rock hurl attack that pack quite the punch.)
  • Crystal Power (Equipping Shale with different types of crystals can give them a number of stat boosts.)
  • Being A Literal Walking Weapon (Do I Need To Explain?)

How To Get Shale


8) Oghren (Good)


The Dwarven Warrior, Oghren

As you can tell, I am a DAO player who values the story aspect a bit more than the fighting aspect. This is why Oghren, the Dwarven Berserker Warrior, is placed where he is. Oghren is the only dwarf that can join your party in Origins, and unfortunately, he’s a bit of an annoyance. 

He’s described as a drunk with a crude sense of humor. His dialogue can have a couple of funny tidbits, but he also at times can be kind of gross. Throughout the game, his dialogue becomes something I feel like I have to get through instead of something I am excited to see.

Putting aside his lackluster personality, however, Oghren is a pretty great fighter and does add some useful muscle to your party. 

What Does Oghren Excel In?

  • Dwarven Pride! (Oghren is the only dwarf companion that can be added to your party.)
  • Battleaxe (Oghren's preferred weapon is the battleax, which is quite the bulky tool that can deal a hefty amount of damage.)
  • Hefty (Oghren is a pretty strong fellow, and can wear some hefty armor that doesn’t weigh him down too much.)

How You Can Get Oghren


7) Sten (Good)


The Qunari Warrior, Sten

Sten is a warrior of the Qunari race. He is described as a stoic man with a code of ethics that he follows. Sten can be a tough cookie to crack. His ethics code keeps him from sharing much about himself with the player, but honestly, that can be entertaining at times.

There are moments where Sten will say something that sounds normal to him but can get you to laugh because of how outlandish it comes off. Some may say he’s boring or one-dimensional, but if you take the time, you can uncover a softer side to old Sten.

Fighting-wise, Sten is a great addition to a player's party. He hits pretty hard and can be a pretty good distraction for enemies if you are trying to hit them from all sides. I don’t know, maybe I just have a soft spot for Sten, but if you want that classic trope of a mysterious fellow with a dark past whose heart will grow with each interaction, Sten is the companion for you.

What Does Sten Excel In?

  • Pure Strength (Sten is like the DAO version of One Punch Man. He’s a bulky tank that hits pretty hard with or without a weapon.)
  • On Target (When Sten’s states get built up enough, his precise striking develops well.)
  • Underrated Dialogue (I just wanted to drive home how much fun I have talking to Sten. Seriously, if you have the time, go ahead and engage in some Sten conversations.)

How You Can Get Sten


6) Dog (Good)

 Mabari Companion

A Mabari Species, aka Dog

The species known as Mabari is the DAO version of a dog companion. Upon first encounter, the Mabari's name is just dog, but you can eventually gain a collar that allows you to change their name. 

Mabaris are known as war dogs and are specialty trained to fight darkspawn. They are great fighters for the early game where your party isn’t fully developed just yet. Unfortunately, as the game progresses, you aren’t given many situations where your Mabari is a better choice instead of other companions, so they end up being left at camp most of the time. 

Despite this though, it’s so nice having a loyal companion that can keep your warden warm on those long cold nights. And come on,  who doesn’t love a good boy by your side huh?

What Does Dog Excel In?

  • Early Game Best Boy (Depending on the order you choose to make your way around the map, having Dog in your party early game gives you an extra leg up before you can fully develop the rest of your party.)
  • Detection Specialist (Dog can sense stealthy enemies, such as the Genlock Rogue.)
  • Finders Keepers (Dog can actually have different interactions, such as asking “Do you see anything interesting?” which can lead them to find random items scattered around the world.)

How You Can Get Dog

5) Leliana (Great)


Leliana, The Rogue

After starting the official game journey, you are most likely stopping by Lothering, which in turn leads you to meet Leliana. The rogue Leliana is a romanceable companion for both male and female wardens. 

While it can take some time to build up the trust between you as a warden and Leliana, her romance is still one that can be fun to play along with. As for her skills, Leliana excels best when fighting from a bit of a distance. Personally, I tend to have Leliana use a bow and give my party background leverage, over having her just rush into the thick of things.

Leliana may not be the strongest companion in DAO, but her story and romance are worthy of a playthrough.

What Can Leliana Excel In?

  • A Fuller Story (Unlike other characters with minor roles in other games, Leliana makes some major appearances in other Dragon Age Games. If you are someone who wants to play through the series, playing with Leliana gives you some extra lore you can become attached to.
  • A Woman of Many Talents (Leliana can become quite skilled in either dual-wielding combat or long-ranged combat.)
  • Toothache (Leliana’s romance is pretty sweet. Players who love focusing on the game romance can find themselves loving Leliana's dialogue throughout the game.

How To Get Leliana


4) Wynne (Great)


The Elder Mage, Wynne

The healing mage Wynne comes from the Circle of Magi. She is an older mage who adds some wisdom and a sense of calmness to a party. Wynne's healing abilities are crucial for when a party is faced with the toughest of foes.

Wynne's conversations with the player, along with her conversations with other companions, provide for some pretty entertaining dialogue throughout the story. She also gives you a great look into life inside of the Circle of Magi Tower, which is pretty mysterious to those who are not familiar with it.

Wynne may be an older companion, but her vast knowledge, useful magic, and witty charm make her a top contender for one of the best companions you can encounter during your journey.

What Does Wynne Excel In?

  • History Buff (With Wynne being an older mage, she has knowledge that is older than some of your party members. Because of this, you are given the opportunity to learn more about the world of Ferelden.)
  • Healer (Wynne specializes in magic that can heal you and your party, making her an asset for some tougher battles.)
  • Vessel of the Spirit (As you progress deeper into the story, Wynne will gain a new spell that can incapacitate enemies.)

How You Can Get Wynne


3) Zevran (Great)


The Dashing Rogue, Zevran

The charming rogue Zevran is a romanceable companion that you meet in the early game. In the most romantic way possible, your first encounter with Zevran happens after he attempts to destroy you and your party under the command of the Antivan Crows. A beautiful love story, I know.

Seriously though, Zevran isn’t the most complex of characters, but he’s still fun to talk to. You also get the opportunity to see another side of the Elven race since Zevran is an Elven rogue whose origin is separate from either of the Elven wardens' origins.

When it comes to his skills, Zevran excels as a rogue, being able to crack open chests and bust down locked doors pretty well.  He also is a skilled dual wielder, and after taking time to increase his stats, can be a great fighter going into the final stretch of the game.

What Can Zeveran Excel In?

  • Expert Potion Maker (When added to the party, Zevren is already equipped with the expert potion maker skill.)
  • Assassin's Rogue (Zevran is already a skilled assassin, as he was trained by the Antivan Crows. Abilities such as Exploit Weakness are great for better-attacking enemies.)
  • Dual Wielding (Zevran prefers to fight with two daggers, rather than attack long-ranged. He makes a great support for your warriors, being able to handle the less tough enemies from all jumping over you

How To Get Zevran


2) Morrigan (Great)

 Queen Morrigan

The All Powerful Mage, Morrigan

Morrigan is for many players, the best companion you can have. Her witty banter with the warden and other companions can provide hours of entertainment. She also has an interesting side story that leads into one of the most intense fights Dragon Age Origins offers. While it may take some time to crack Morrigan's tough shell, whether it be through friendship or romance, getting close to Morrigan can be both fun and in some cases crucial to your game. Morrigan can play quite an important role towards the end of your game.

Skillswise, Morrigan is a great mage. While healing is usually left to Wynne, Morrigan’s abilities give you the option to either paralyze your enemies, giving way for others to attack, or attack hard head-on with her shapeshifting abilities.

Overall Morrigan is a crucial part of the game's story and can add a lot to your party, especially in the early game. It’s hard not to love Morrigan and all she can offer both gameplay and story-wise. However, she only gets the number two spot on this list thanks to a certain warrior.

What Can Morrigan Excel In?

  • Freeze! (Morrigan’s magic can be used to paralyze enemies during fights.)
  • Animal Instincts (Morrigan can shapeshift into four different animal forms, with her toughest being a bear.)
  • Herbalist (Morrigan is added to the party already equipped with the improved herbalism skill.)

How To Get Morrigan


1) Alistair (Best)                   


The Heart of DAO, Alistair

DAO fans' love for Alistair doesn’t just come from a visual standpoint, which is a good standpoint might I add. The Alistair love wagon goes a bit deeper than just looks, as his companionship adds so much to the game's story.

Alistair is your first companion, and unless you really tick him off, your closest. Whether you want to keep him in the friend zone or want that sweet Alistair love story, your relationship with Alistair has a large impact on how your game ends.

Along with the story, Alistair is also one of, if not your strongest warrior. With you starting the game alongside Alistair, you have many opportunities to level him up and unlock some great abilities. With his great skill set, as well as his fun and endearing story, Alistair is without a doubt the best companion you can have in your party.

What Can Alistair Excel In?

  • Shield Master (Alistair is great with a shield, able to block opponents with ease whilst also dealing a great amount of damage.)
  • Romance Lover (Alistair without a doubt has the most in-depth romance of any companion, making him a favorite of many DAO fans.)
  • Templar (There are a good amount of perks that come with Alistar being a templar, including gaining some great armor in the later game, as well as being skilled with his weapons. He can also teach the warden different templar techniques.)

How You Can Get Alistair

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