Top 15 Games Like Dragon Age Origins (Games Better Than Dragon Age Origins In Their Own Way)

Games Like Dragon Age Origins
Candles? Check. Weird cult summoning ritual? Check. Giant portal to hell? Check, We are ready for an epic RPG.

What Are The Best Games Like DA:O?

Dragon Age: Origins is a fantastic Role Playing Game (RPG) with squad based tactics that finds a fun middle ground between tactical or turn based RPGs and and your typical hack-n-slash.  

It also includes a fun cast of companions that you develop relationships with and can even romance as the story progresses.

If you loved the game and subsequent Dragon Age games but want some more good RPG action check out this list of awesome contenders.  No they are not in ranked order, they’d all pretty much be at the top.

15. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

“The God was Bhaal, Lord of Murder, and you are one if his children.”

Baldur’s Gate II is probably the quint-essential RPG. You make a character, based loosely on Dungeon and Dragons (DnD) rules, then set off on an adventure where you will gather companions and ultimately save the world. To say it’s like Dragon Age: Origins is like saying that Star Wars: A New Hope is like Star Wars: Rogue One, Baldurs is the classic and In many ways better.

 It has at least 150 hours of gameplay for a completionist and enough customization to spend 150 hours on just character skills and spells. If you like Dragon Age and want to dive into the Origins of RPGs Baldur’s Gate is a great place to start.

In Baldur’s Gate II you have to use the skills and abilities of your entire team in unison around your enemies pausing often to figure out what the best approach may be.

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