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Top down games come in an awesome mix of RPGs, strategy, shooters and even horror!

What Are The Best Top-Down Games To Play Today?

Most Fun Top Down Shooters:

7. Alien Swarm

A colony in space has been overrun by aliens, and now, only you and your friends can save the colony by wiping out everything in your path.

Alien Swarm is about having the best weaponry and the best tactics as you team up with your friends in co-op gameplay that'll have you wanting more with each mission. You'll get to take the high ground, make choke points, and do whatever else is necessary in order to get the job done and eradicate the alien menace. And since each character is uniquely built out by the players, each match and level can be different if you want it to be.

The fact that Alien Swarm was made by modders hired by Valve is cool enough, but the game itself proves that these people knew what they were doing as they made this. Add to that, with all the various customizable options, this is a title that four friends can play together for some time.

Team up and get the job done!

Only together can you face what's coming!

6. Hotline Miami

The surprise hit game that took the world by storm, Hotline Miami is a viciously brutal title that will keep your adrenaline pumping for some time. All the while giving you the action and violence that makes action games like this thrive.

You are a man on a mission, a mission to take out an underworld of crime. Your only "help"?The voices on an answering machine guiding you on where to go and who to take out. But something is wrong with you, you're more violent than you should be, and it's wrong that you take such pleasure in doing acts of violence like this, even if the people you fight deserve it. Fight to find out the truth before it's too late, or before you get taken out by those you're trying to defeat.

The reason Hotline Miami was so popular when it released was because this was something truly unique. It took the graphic look of arcade games and mixed it with the violence and story of a modern M-rated game. These elements mix together to create something truly special, and if you have the stomach for it, you should check it out.

These faces are just the beginning.

Experience top-down mayhem like you never have before!


Super Earth is in danger, and the only chance it has for survival is the HELLDIVERS. But can you and your allies rise up to save the world?

HELLDIVERS isn't your typical twin-stick shooter, for this is a game that prides itself on making the  players the driving force in the game. The better the players do, the more the game changes for the good. If not? Things won't go your way. Plus, HELLDIVERS makes you live through battles that feel like an actual warzone, as such, friendly fire is very real, and you can intentionally, or unintentionally, blast your friends out of the sky. The better you do though, the better your rank will become, and you'll get to call in help to defend Super Earth. Be the best pilot you can be so humanity can live to see another day.

The universe of HELLDIVERS is procedurally generated, so the game won't get old, and with all the players affecting the game world around you, you'll need to count on them as much as you do yourself. You can't save the universe alone here.

In groups or alone, you help shape everything that the game is.

In this game, threats are everywhere, so be ready.


Just when you think that war games have shown you everything there is, RUNNING WITH RIFLES proves that there's more to offer. For when you are a common soldier, the sky is the limit.

In the game, you'll be thrown onto a battlefield with missions that must be completed. However, how you do that is part of the fun. Because it's an open-world title, you can complete the story in whatever way you wish. If you want to work together with your platoon to beat back the enemy, by all means. Or, if you want to do the stealthy approach and take your foes out from behind, go ahead. The more you do, the higher your rank will grow, and the more you'll be able to do.

Just the simplicity yet openness of f RUNNING WITH RIFLES makes it special. You're a common soldier, but one that can change the world. And with all the different ways you can complete missions, you can play this over and over again without feeling bored. That's really special.

War always changes in this game, so be ready for that!

Take enemies head on, or use an indirect approach, it's your call!

3. Yet Another Zombie Defense

The zombies are coming, and they won't stop. You know you're going to die, but the question is, how long will you last?

In Yet Another Zombie Defense, you play as a lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse. The zombie horde is never-ending, and you know you're going to die, but you're going to do all you can to survive as long as you can. In the daytime, you'll build up your defenses and prepare for the onslaught, and when night comes, you'll take as many zombies out as you can. You won't survive forever, but if you use your skills right, you'll be around for a while.

Yet Another Zombie Defense take the zombie defense trope and spins it around in a fun way. For now, you don't fight to live to the end, you live to fight another day, and see if you can make it through that one. And that's unique.

How long can you last against the horde?

Get creative, else you'll die much faster.

2.  Nation Red

You thought the zombie apocalypse was over, but it's not, it's evolved. And when zombies are as smart as humans, things tend to go badly.

In Nation Red, you're 30 years removed from the death of the final zombie, or so you thought. But now, in several Midwest towns, zombies are back, and they have guns this time around. You'll need to fight thousands of them in order to make it out alive. Take out the grunts, the bosses, and more, whatever it takes to live. Play by yourself, or with friends, whatever you need to do in order to survive and take out these zombie freaks.

Zombies are almost always shown as terrifying, yet not overtly smart. Yet with Nation Red, that's no longer a viable description. With several modes of play, and gameplay that is fast and frenetic, you're going to have to earn your stripes here.

Zombies with guns, that just sounds wrong.

Prepare yourself comrade, this isn't a war to be taken lightly.

1. Enter The Gungeon

A group of "heroes" on a mission, a gun that can kill the past, and a dungeon that is full of things trying to stop them. Load up, and get ready to blast your way to the finish line.

Enter The Gungeon is by and large one of the most popular bullet shooter/dungeon crawler games of all time. With the unique story of being one of a group of misfits that wants to erase their past mistakes, they'll go through anything to get the gun that can fix them. And with numerous enemies, loads of weapons, and plenty of ways to play with your friends, if you get this title, you won't be disappointed.

Enter The Gungeon is special not just because of its characters and story, but in the way it challenges the players. You have to face a dungeon full of traps and monsters all the while trying to stay alive. And yet, it also amps up the fun by giving you plenty of tools and weapons to take it all on. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck with a game that'll give you all that it has, Enter the Gungeon is that.

It's time to challenge your fate!

There's plenty of guns to use, all in the hopes of getting the best one of all.

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