[Top 20] Dragon Age Origins Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Introducing the most useful list of all. The best weapons found in Dragon Age Origins:

20. Starfang 

Starfang stats:

  • Damage: 11.90
  • 3.40% Critical chance
  • 4.20 Armor Penetration
  • +3 Dexterity
  • +3 Damage
  • +2.5 armor penetration

Starfang is a unique longsword/greatsword that comes with the Warden's Keep DLC. It's made of star metal, a meteorite metal ore that fell from the heavens. It's crafted by Mikhael Dryden, the blacksmith in  Soldier's Peek. 

 Choosing the longsword will be better for a tank (champion, templar, or any shielded tank). On the other hand, if you choose the greatsword it'll work better on a pure DPS warrior (berserker or reaver). 

It's a great weapon in early game, but later any maul will be better than Starfang. Veshialle, Keening Blade, and Maric Blade are also better than Starfang. 

What Starfang Excels In:

  • It works very well with tank enemies, given the amount of armor penetration and crit damage.
  • It's amazing in early game. It's one of the strongest weapons if used as a DPS blade. 
  • The amount of damage it does is quite wonderful. It will work against any kind of enemy as long as they don't have physical resistance. 

How To Get Starfang: It's obtained during "The Crater" encounter in Soldier's Peak after completing the homonymous quest. Once you have the meteorite ore, you will speak with Mikhael, the blacksmith. He will forge a weapon with this material for you. You can choose between a longsword or a greatsword. 


19. Ageless Greatsword

Ageless Stats:

  • Damage: 16.50
  • 2.25% Critical chance 
  • 5.25 armor penetration
  • Weakens nearby darkspawn.
  • Increases hostility and intimidation
  • +0.25 stamina regeneration in combat.
  • +4 damage vs darkspawn
  • Messy Kills

Ageless is a greatsword given as a reward for solving a puzzle in the Orzammar Palace. It's a very old and unique sword. The story says it gets better with each owner who raises it in triumph. 

It's great at that point in Orzammar because some quests will send you to the deep roads where Ageless is magnificent. Be careful not to give it to a weak member of the party since it increases hostility, meaning enemies will focus on the one holding Ageless.

What Ageless Excels in:

  • It's the perfect sword to carry to the deep roads or the quest where you'll be facing darkspawn. It weakens them and you get plus damage against darkspawn.
  • It will work beautifully in a Berserker/Reaver/Champion warrior. The one that uses Ageless has to have sustain, otherwise, it will be easily killed.
  • Perfect for doing the quest A Paragon of Her Kind. It's a very fun challenge because it will be very hard but effective.
  • It's one of the few weapons with the stat "messy kills" which means that the sword increases the chance of doing a finishing move on an enemy.

How to Get Ageless Sword: You get it after completing a puzzle in the Orzammar Palace. Once you complete the puzzle, a dragon will be summoned. You have to slay the dragon to get the sword from the loot. This quest can only be unlocked before the next king is chosen, meaning you have a chance before doing the quest A Paragon of Her Kind. It's supposed to be a hidden puzzle located in the Throne Room.


18. Spellweaver

Spellweaver stats:

  • Damage: 10.50
  • 3.00% Critical chance 
  • 3.50 armor penetration
  • +5 magic
  • +1 /+2 mana regeneration in combat
  • +10% spell resistance
  • +3 electricity damage

The Spellweaver is an ancient elven-forged longsword. It was created with forgotten techniques that combined lyrium and other metals that gave a certain magic power to the sword. This is why it works as a staff for a mage, channeling the mage's power.

It's a great weapon, unique in its kind. There's no other sword with the same capability of working as a staff. It's the only specific item for the Arcane Warrior. Despite this, casting some spells will require the blade to be sheathed.

What Spellweaver Excels in:

  • It's the best sword for an Arcane Warrior. No other will do a better job since this is designed for those mages specifically.
  • Works very nicely against magical enemies. Mages, demons, shadows, or any other magic source will be easy to deal with for the Spellweaver. 
  • It's great in both melee and ranged combats since you can cast spells and auto-attack (melee) with it.

How to Get the Spellweaver: It's found during the quest of The Urn of Sacred Ashes in the Village of Haven at the Frostback Mountains. Spellweaver is the loot obtained from the cultist overseer.


17. Fang Dagger

Fang Dagger Stats: the stats are different in the PC or Console version of the game. Since the console version is the strongest, I will add those stats. A mod will allow you to change the stats for the console version if you're playing on PC.

  • 5.20 Damage
  • 3.90% critical chance
  • 5.80 armor penetration
  • +3 cunning
  • +5% melee critical chance
  • +6 attack
  • +10% critical/backstab damage
  • +1 nature damage

Known as the "Fang of Fen'Harel",  this dagger is part of the legacy of the Tabris family. It's an inherited gift that was passed to Adaia and then to the city elf warden. 

It's a great dagger at the beginning of the game, it's the best dagger you can use and it's free. The stats are perfect for a rogue. 

What Fang Excels in:

  • It makes a duelist/assassin power up noticeably because of the crit and backstabs stats.
  • It also works very well as a second blade for a two-handed warrior. But it is still better for a rogue.
  • It's the best dagger you'll find in the early game due to the high stats and the fact that you get it at the beginning if you're playing the city elf origin. 
  • It will be most effective in killing because that's what rogues do best. If combined, it's quite explosive.

How to Get Fang: It is unlocked once you entered the alienage, after completing the Unrest in the Alienage quest. Cyrion will give it to the warden if you save him from the Tevinter's slavers. Do not take the bribe from Vaughan if you want this weapon, Cyrion will deny it to you if you do so. 


16. The Rose's Thorn 

The Rose's Thorn Stats:

  • 6.40 damage
  • 4.80% critical chance
  • 8 armor penetration
  • +2 dexterity
  • +1/+2 health regeneration in combat
  • +3 damage
  • +5% melee critical chance
  • +30% critical/backstab damage

This is a dagger made of dragonbone that belonged to the so-called "Black Rose" assassin. The dagger was found in a King's heart after he stab him with it. It also has 3 runes spaces for you to add even more stats. 

It's literally the best dagger for a rogue, no doubt. The stats are the highest and it's tier 7 so you will love it if you're playing a rogue.

What The Rose's Thorn Excels in:

  • Perfect for an assassin rogue due to the crit and backstab stats. This dagger has the highest critical backstab damage.
  • It gives a little regeneration in combat which makes it great in long, slow battles. 
  • It works great as the first weapon for a rogue and it can also work very well as the second weapon for a two-handed warrior. I always liked to use this one in my warrior because it added a huge amount of critical damage plus the regen.

How to Get The Rose's Thorn: It's sold by Garin in the Orzammar Commons for 148 gold, 32 silver and 50 bronze coins.


15. The Veshialle

 The Veshialle Stats:

  • 9.60 damage
  • 1.60% critical chance
  • 4 armor penetration
  • +2 strength
  • +5% melee critical chance
  • +1/+2 stamina regeneration in combat
  • +10% critical/backstab damage
  • +2 nature damage

A unique war axe made of dragonbone that belonged to the dalish elves. His owner was general Rajmael who fought the exalted marches with this axe. 

It's a very fun weapon to use in both a rogue and a two-handed warrior. It fulfills both roles very well.

What The Veshialle Excels in:

  • It's great against weak enemies because of the crit and nature damage. 
  • If you're using a duelist/assassin rogue this is a good option since axes do much more damage than any other dagger and this one has the essential crit and backstab damage needed to use it in a rogue.
  • The Veshialle is great for a two-handed warrior. It's one of the most powerful axes in the game.

How to Get The Veshialle: it's sold by Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp for 131 gold and 55 silver coins.


14. Yusaris

Yusaris Stats:

  • 16.50 Damage
  • 2.25% critical change
  • 5.25 armor penetration
  • +20% fire resistance
  • +10 damage against dragons.

Yusaris is a greatsword made of Silverite. It's a legendary old weapon with two inscriptions on the sides. One says "you are the mirror" and the other "reflect". Quite poetic don't you think? Yusaris has its own legend where is said that it belonged to Dane, the Alamarri Hero who defeated Fenshal and the werewolf. Then passed it on to his son Hafter who led the Alamarri tribes against the darkspawn. 

This weapon is one of my personal favorites because of the legend behind it. Also, I always struggle against fire magic and this weapon grants one of the biggest stats of fire resistance of all weapons.

What Yusaris Excels in:

  • Perfect in mid-game for a DPS or tank warrior. Since the stats are about resistance and damage it might work better with a Berserker/Reaver but for a Templar is also a great choice.
  • Yusaris is a must-have when you're facing any dragon-related quest. If you're planning on going to get the Urn of Sacred Ashes, you'll want to carry Yusaris with you. 
  • Is quite effective in dealing with rage demons which are probably the most annoying and powerful type of demon in the game. Thanks to the fire resistance stat, this weapon is a wonder.

How to Get Yusaris: It's found at the end of the Watchguard of the Reaching quest at the circle tower. The rage demon Shah Wyrd will have it, you have to defeat the demon and take the Yusaris from the loot.


13. The Summer Sword

The Summer Sword Stats:

  • 16.50 damage
  • 2.25% critical chance
  • 5.25 armor penetration
  • +20 physical resistance
  • Chance to knock back 

This is a greatsword made of Silverite by an Orleasian elf. It is said that he was the greatest smith in the history of the Orlesian Empire. A curious detail in the story of the sword is that the smith named it Summer Sword because he crafted it in the "winter of his lifetime". 

The Summer Sword is the biggest sword ever known in Dragon Age. It is said that is as long as a man's tall. It's perfectly balanced in power and ability.

What The Summer Sword Excels in:

  • It's perfect for facing enemies with a lot of physical damage and stuns due to the physical resistance.
  • The chance to knock back is the most important attribute of the sword. It can be a very strong ability in battle.
  • Great weapon for a tank warrior. It fits very well on a Templar/Champion warden. Auto attacks are quite slow so the damage is not as relevant as the resistance stats.  

How to Get The Summer Sword: You can get it during the Rescue the Queen quest as part of the loot from Ser Cauthrien. If you don't fight Ser Cauthrien in that quest and instead you choose to surrender, later in the Landsmeet you'll have another chance in the entrance hall of the Landsmeet Chamber.


12. Maric’s Blade

Maric Blade Stats:

  • 9.80/11.20 damage
  • 2.80%/3.20% critical chance
  • 3.20/4 armor penetration
  • +0.75/1.5 health regeneration in combat
  • Weakens nearby darkspawn
  • +0.75/1.5 stamina regeneration in combat
  • +6 damage vs. darkspawn

This one is a unique longsword crafted by dwarven smiths included in the Return to Ostagar DLC and it's part of the Caialn's Arms set. It belonged to King Maric, Cailan's father. He found it on the deep roads and had the intention to return it to the dwarves but King Endrin Aeducan gave it to Maric as a gift. In time the sword was passed to Cailan who left the blade in a chest while leading the troops at the Battle of Ostagar.

I think the design of this blade is the most beautiful. It has glowing runes on it and it can be upgraded by selling it to a merchant and then buying it back. You can use it whenever you want since it has no strength requirements, which makes it most useful.

What the Maric Blade Excels in:

  • It’s a must if you’re using the Cailan set because it grants bonuses for using the complete set.
  • Very powerful against darkspawn given the +6 damage vs darkspawn stat.
  • Valuable for a Berserker/Reaver because of the health and stamina regen. It works very well with any kind of warrior, but it has a great synergy with the mentioned ones.

How to Get Maric Blade: It is found in the Cailan’s chest at the camp where he had his tent in Ostagar.


11. Staff of the Magister Lord

Staff of the Magister Lord Stats:

  • 6.40 Cold Damage
  • 40 armor penetration
  • +6 willpower
  • +2/+4 mana regeneration in combat
  • +6 spell power
  • +10% spirit damage
  • +10% fire damage

The staff belonged to the infamous Tlaxious, a Tevinter magister and one of the last to invade Ferelden during the times when the Tevinter Empire was feared.

It's the best staff you can give to your mage, it's the most powerful one and works very well against any kind of enemy that doesn't have spirit or fire resistance.

What the Staff of the Magister Lord Excels in:

  • It's great for any kind of battle. The mana regen allows your mage to spam abilities so the hardest battles will not be enough for this weapon.
  • The spirit damage is a weird type of damage in the game, as well as its correspondent resistance. I always preferred spirit damage weapons because of that. 
  • The combination of spirit and fire damage will make your enemies melt.

How to Get the Staff of the Magister Lord: It's sold by the Quartermaster at the Circle Tower for 128 gold and 88 silver coin.


10. Winter's Breath

Winter's Breath Stats:

  • 6.40 cold damage
  • 40 armor penetration
  • +25% cold resistance
  • +15% cold damage
  • Radiates cold

This one is part of the Warden's Keep DLC. It's made of dragonbone and fueled by ice.  There's a similar staff called Wintersbreath but this one is the most powerful. Cold radiation is rather an esthetical attribute and does nothing spectacular.

It's the best staff to replace the Staff of the Magister Lord when the last one can't be used.

What Winter's Breath Excels in:

  • It's perfect for dealing with rage demons since the cold ice counters fire and weakens them.
  • If you decided to max the ice abilities on your mage, you'd prefer this staff over the one mentioned before. Winter's breath will power up your ice mage.
  • Great staff to carry as a second option for a general mage. 

How to Get Winter's Breath: it's part of the Warden's Keep DLC. You will find it as the loot of a rage demon at the Soldier's Peek.  


9. Malign Staff

Malign Stats:

  • 5.20 Physical Damage
  • 29 armor penetration
  • +1/+2 mana regeneration in combat
  • +5 spell power
  • -1 willpower
  • +10% spirit damage
  • +10% electricity damage

This staff is made of Veridium and for being a tier 4 staff, is quite powerful. The story behind it says that it's corrupted by the blight and all mages can sense this.

It's a great staff in the early game, use it if you're willing to exchange the -1 willpower for all the other stats. Willpower is not as relevant as it seems so I recommend you try it. 

What Malign Staff Excels in:

  • The best staff you get in the early game. It has the best stats at that point. You might want to use it until you find the Sylvain staff.
  • It's the only powerful staff that has electricity damage, use it wisely.
  • It's the only powerful staff that deals physical damage. This makes it great to face magical enemies since they usually have magic resistance.

How to Get the Malign Staff: It can be found during the Battle of Denerim at the Denerim Alienage. One of the Hurlock will loot it.  


8. Sylvan's Mercy

Sylvan's Mercy Stats:

  • 5.20 Nature damage
  • 29 armor penetration
  • +5% nature resistance
  • +1 spell power
  • +10% nature damage

This is a tier 4 Veridium staff. Its name speaks for itself, it's part of a Sylvan tree. This is why it looks like a branch. 

It's the greatest staff with nature damage. There is no other better than this one. 

What Sylvain's Mercy Excels in:

  • As a tier 4 staff, it works better in the early game. But it will lose power later on.
  • If you're playing awakening this staff makes a great combination with the Keeper specialization because of the nature damage.
  • It works very nicely against mabaris and wolfs that are so annoying. 

How to Get Sylvan's Mercy: It's sold by Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp for 8 gold, 92 silver, and 50 bronze coins. 


7. Corrupted Magister's Staff

Corrupted Magister's Staff Stats:

  • 5.60 Physical damage
  • 32 armor penetration
  • +5 spell power
  • +15% spirit damage
  • 5% chance of paralysis

This one is included in the Return to Ostagar DLC. It's a tier 5 staff made of red steel. It has one of the most pretty designs from all staff in the game.

The greatest attribute is the chance of paralysis which makes it a very strong weapon for any mage.

What the Corrupted Magister's Staff Excels in:

  • I love to use this one for a mage focusing on primal and entropy magic. It makes a beautiful synergy with the paralysis effect.
  • It has the highest percentage of spirit damage of all staffs, which makes it perfect when facing enemies that are weak against this kind of magic. 
  • It works very well with a blood mage. Making it even more powerful than it already is with the natural stats.

How to Get the Corrupted Magister's Staff: It's part of the Return to Ostagar DLC. You will need to have the Key to Mages Chest which can be obtained during The Hungry Deserter quest, do not open the chest until you get to the DLC quest. If you use it before the return to Ostagar, the Staff will not show up. If you didn't get the key during the mentioned quest, you can still get it during the Return to Ostagar. It will be located in the cage where the prisoner was.


6. Dwarven Defender

Dwarven Defender Stats:

  • 12 damage
  • 3% critical chance
  • 10 armor penetration
  • +3 dexterity
  • +6 damage against darkspawn

This is a tier 6 crossbow made of Sylvanwood. The story behind this weapon is fascinating. It is said that the Dwarven Defender was wielded by a Grey Warden named Koral Bemot who defended the gates of Orzammar from the darkspawn all alone. He used this crossbow as his only weapon.  

It's the greatest crossbow you can use if you're playing a ranged rogue. I'm not a big fan of crossbows but this one is the exception.

What the Dwarven Defender Excels in:

  • The best weapon when facing darkspawn. If combined with the Sureshot bolt the darkspawn will have no chance against it. 
  • It's a key weapon in all quests related to darkspawn. Its potential is shown at the Denerim darkspawn invasion as well as in the deep roads in Orzammar and the invasion in Red Cliff.
  • It does a great job if used on a ranged rogue. It can be good for other classes but it's better for a rogue due to the combination of skills that make the crossbow more effective.

How to Get the Dwarven Defender: In order to get this item you will need the following mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/1262/


5. Far Song

Far Song Stats:

  • 9.60 damage
  • 1.60% critical chance
  • 8.80 armor penetration
  • +2 damage
  • Rapid Aim
  • +3% ranged critical chance
  • +10 attack
  • +10% critical/backstab damage

This is a dragonthorn-made tier 7 longbow. Probably the most expensive longbow in the game. You have to give away the life of an innocent smith in exchange for the longbow, you decide if it's worth it.

It's one of the strongest longbows since it stacks a lot of critical damage. The highest in the game.

What the Far Song Excels in:

  • It's amazing for any kind of rogue but of course, it works better in a ranged one due to the ranged critical attack.
  • The Rapid Aim will stack with the rogue's abilities and it will be really rapid. It's even funny to look at how fast it shoots.

How to Get Far Song: it is sold by the new Redcliffe's blacksmith. Meaning you will have to kill Owen or make him kill himself by failing the Lost in the Castle quest. 


4. The Sorrows of Arlathan

The Sorrows of Arlathan Stats:

  • 9.60 damage
  • 1.60% critical change
  • 8.80 armor penetration
  • +3 damage
  • Rapid aim
  • +6% ranged critical chance
  • +3 armor penetration

This is a tier 7 longbow made of dragonthorn. It's included in the Witch Hunt DLC and it's believed to be crafted by an elve. 

Given the range of the weapon, is one of the most powerful longbows in the game. Also, the rapid aim is the highest of all longbows in the game, which means you will be shooting extremely fast. 

What the Sorrows of Arlathan Excels in:

  • Good against high-difficulty enemies since it has the primordial stats at its max.
  • The one that uses this longbow will be very hard to catch if positioned correctly because of the high range it has.
  • Great against hard tanky enemies.

How to Get The Sorrows of Arlathan: you will need the Witch Hunt DLC. It's obtained by unlocking the "through the looking glass" achievement. 


3. Marjolaine's Recurve Longbow

Marjolaine's Recurve Stats:

  • 9.60 damage
  • 1.60% critical chance
  • 8.80 armor penetration
  • +3 cunning
  • +3 damage
  • Rapid Aim

This one is a tier 7 dragonthorn-made longbow. It's unique and it belongs to Leliana, sadly nobody else can use it. The stats are closer to the Sorrows of Arlathan longbow which is great because that way you can give this one to Leliana and the other to your warden.

What Marjolaine's Recurve bow Excels in:

  • It's the most powerful longbow you can give to Leliana. If you do so, she will be very useful in battling dragons.
  • Along with Far Song and Sorrows of Arlathan, this bow is very strong. If you carry a threesome of archers using these three weapons and a tank, your team will be unbeatable. It will melt the enemies in seconds and is one of the funniest compositions to play.

How to Get Marjolaine's Recurve: it's found during Leliana's personal quest. It's in a chest in the house where you meet Marjolaine, if not then it will appear as part of the loot after defeating her.


2. Chasind Great Maul

Chasind Great Maul Stats:

  • 12.80/14.40 damage
  • 0.80% critical chance
  • 14 armor penetration
  • +5 damage
  • +2.5 armor penetration
  • +0.5/+1 stamina regeneration in combat
  • +75 stamina

A beautiful dragonbone-made tier 7 maul. It's one of the most valuable weapons in the game too. If you sell it you will be paid 137 gold for it. The legend says that only the mightiest can wield it. Reason why I believe it's a great weapon for a Berserker. I always use this one for Oghren, I just love how the concept suits so very well with the Berserker warrior.

What the Chasind Great Maul Excels in:

  • It’s the best maul for a one-handed warrior, even stronger than most greatswords. The stats are the highest among all mauls in the game as well as the scaling.     
  • The stats make this maul a perfectly balanced weapon. It has everything that a good warrior needs. Give it to your Berserker/Reaver and watch it crush everything in his path.
  • The stamina regen is perhaps the best stat because it helps your warrior to catch up faster in the battlefield. 

How to Get the Chasind Maul: it's sold by Gorim at the Denerim Market. 


1. Nug Crusher

Nug Crusher Stats:

  • 12.60/14.40 damage
  • 0.70%/0.80% critical chance
  • 11.20/14 armor penetration
  • +4 dexterity
  • +100 stamina
  • Chance to stun

The Nug Crusher is included in the Return to Ostagar DLC. It will be a tier 5 maul once you get it but the great thing about it is that you can upgrade it to tier 7 by selling it to Mikhael at Soldier's Peek. This makes Nug Crusher very close to the Chasind maul's greatness. It's visually a very beautiful wood-made maul.

What the Nug Crusher Excels in:

  • It's perfect for a one-handed warrior. If your warden is using the Chasind maul, Nug Crusher is a great option for Oghren.
  • The +100 stamina stat is very useful to avoid exhaustion.

How to Get the Nug Crusher: it's part of the Return to Ostagar DLC. It's found on a weapon stand in the Tower of Ishal at the end of the room that leads to the darkspawn tunnels.

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