Dragon Age 4 Release Date and 10 Things We Want to See

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Is Solas the guy on the left or the big bad wolf? Probably both

Judging from the pattern of Dragon Age games, the best things are worth the wait, since Dragon Age 2 was rushed, felt rushed, and (with two years in development) a disappointment. If Dragon Age Inquisition took three years to develop and became Biowares biggest success to date, I say let them take their time #DragonAge4_2021.  With three years to wait there’s going to be some pretty epic requirements for the game.

1) An Adventure Over the Entire Map

This is your playground, have fun.

From Ferelden and the Free Marches to Orlais, each Dragon Age game has focused on one particular region of Thedas and growing the narrative to incorporate the entire world.  The growing issue has been the mage rebellion, primarily sparked in Dragon Age 2, a major issue in Inquisition and probably again the backdrop for Dragon Age 4 with the dissolution of the veil making all mages more powerful.  This should spark a world war the likes of which Thedas has never seen before, taking the hero/champion across the entire continent, collecting factions like in Inquisition but on a grander scale. Let me visit Antiva, Nevarra and the Tevinter Imperium in my fight against Fen’Harel.

2) Inquisition Corrupted: to Kill it or Save it, that is the question.

Imagine what would happen if Mel Brooks took over.

The Inquisition is going to be corrupted, (spoiler alert) Solas reveals that he himself has spies in the Inquisition during the Trespasser expansion to Inquisition. During the events of DA4 it is likely that the Inquisition is an overpowered international organization heaped with plots and intrigue. After the absence of the Inquisitor it likely falls and crumbles.  For DA4, the hero should have the option to rebuild and rename it, let it die since it is so completely corrupted, or take full advantage of the corruption for his/her own purposes.


OFF WITH ITS HEAD!!! With an extra helping of blood and Epic-ness!

I lucked out in Origins, my first character was a dual-dagger city elf so when I killed the first ogre we fought (spoiler?) I got to see the awesome finishing move first hand.  We need that, but bigger, badder, and more of it. I want a (preferably skippable for those who have seen it before) kill combo like in Shadow Over Mordor, lets stab the ogre through the eye then cut it’s head off. More than just on dragons, but on some random enemies to give the game more flair, blood, and dare I say - FUN

4) Good Darkspawn

You too! Could play with a face not even a mother could love

Dragon Age Origins gave us a taste of playing as a darkspawn with the Darkspawn Chronicles expansion, and I for one have been craving more Darkspawn action.  Awakening introduced free will to certain Darkspawn and their capacity for good with The Messenger, an awakened Darkspawn who had the option to travel the land in disguise doing good deeds.  If this is possible then by DA4 we could have a whole secret area, possibly a lost Thaig, of awakened Darkspawn just trying to get by. Maybe the main hero could be an enlightened Darkspawn and give us a whole new playable race! Darkspawn for the win!

5) At Least 200 Hours of Gameplay

But definitely not hours upon hours of dialogue

Dragon age 2 took roughly 30 hours to beat the main story with only 10-20 hours of extra content to keep the player entertained, which was one of the primary complaints of the game. In response, Inquisition boasted almost 200 hours for completionists, and it showed in the sales! Dragon Age 4 needs at least 200 hours if it has any hope of being better than Inquisition!

6) Dragon Age Online: Battle Royal

Fortnite is stealing from Dragon Age 2 anyway, tell me that does not look like a blue Flemeth

Dragon Age Inquisition introduced online play with a dungeon-raid system. It was basically Destiny but more grinding and less story, if that is even possible.  If they want to continue this raid system, make them randomly generated in a way that does not feel repetitive after 3 plays, or better yet drop the raid system altogether and jump on the Fortnite bandwagon! Battle-Royal with Dragon Age classes and gear! Just choose a side and get randomly matched in small strike teams, try to survive the other teams, darkspawn and fade spawn!

7) Forgotten Dwarven Thaig

Yeah, these guys look warm and inviting

In two words, More Dwarves! Why? Because they are awesome! We found out that the Thaig of Kal’Sharok survived the blight albeit with some sort of taint. Now DA4 can give us a chance to visit Orlais or the Anderfel mountains where it resides. It means that we can have an epic subplot in DA4 bringing it back into the fold of Orzammar or making continue it’s own path with perhaps a new Paragon, depending on how the hero picks.  

8) More Pets!

Nothing says adorable pet like a leech mouth

I love dogs, they’re the most loyal friend a man or woman of Thedas can have, but after 3 games, I want more options.  You should be able to choose a pet that fits your character, I personally want a Deepstalker pet for a dwarven rouge, or maybe a Nug, not exactly combat effective, but super cute.  Either way give us more options, they barely effect combat and are just fun, so let us maximize on that. Also, *ah-hem* this is the sort of DLC I would happily purchase.

9) Here There Be (New) Monsters!

Like this but with more spikes and just as much spit!

Dragon Age 4 is going to see the collapse of the Veil and the Fade spill out over Thedas, with that there should be some new iterations of how previous spirits take corporeal form.  In addition to these new grand creatures, lets see the combination of these creatures and existing creatures like the darkspawn and mages cobbled together. I just want to fight a fade beast/ ogre hybrid.

10) Some Kicking Boss Fights!

Final boss is the wolf in the back, you’re the spec in front of the gate, good luck!

Each Dragon Age game has a series of bosses and under-bosses from area to area.  Since DA4 is likely to focus primarily on the fade here are some awesome bosses I want to see throughout the game.

    1 - Fade beast / ogre hybrid: previously mentioned

    2 - Rage Dragon: A dragon possessed by a rage demon, need I say more?

    3 - Possessed Qunari: The Qun cannot save you now

    4 - Fade Golem: If they previously had dwarven souls, why not spirits?

    5 - Something riding a dragon: I do not care what, but it should have happened already!

    6 - Oghrin: The drunkard has been absent since Awakening he’s probably up to no good.

    7 - An Old God: In the fade so not a dragon but just as hard

    8 - Red lyrium Pride demon: It’s still around, they’re still around it makes sense

    9 - The Inquisitor - Maybe he’s corrupted, maybe not, either way let’s kill our best champion

    10- Solas/Fen’Harel: He’s a god, who doesn’t want to kill a god?

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