Dragon Age 4 Release Date and 10 Exciting Things About It

Dragon Age 4 Release Date
Assassins, mages, and the Dread Wolf, oh my!

Now we're approaching the 7th anniversary of Dragon Age: Inquisition; we're all desperate for any info on the next game in the franchise and when we can expect its release. Unfortunately, while we do have some information on the storyline, setting and release date, the fog of war surrounding Dragon Age 4 remains thick as ever. Luckily, we're here to highlight what you can expect from the game and why it's worth the hype.

Dragon Age 4 Story

The Anitivan Crows. Think of Skyrim's Thieves Guild, but worse. Much worse.

While the main storyline surrounding Dragon Age 4 remains shrouded in mist, Patrick Weekes (Lead Writer) has given us a taster of what he has in store for us. During a behind the scenes video, he explains the writers intend to tell a story about "what happens when you don't have power, and what happens when the people in charge aren't willing to address the issues". 

Talk about the game's storyline was always going to be somewhat aloof, so many fans have taken to in-depth analysis of published concept art to help determine our setting and story. 

We know that the main storyline will likely take place in a country called the Tevinter Imperium. This mysterious and elitist nation has a long history as conquerors and slavers and is typically demonized across all Thedas. Unlike other nations, who fear magic and those who control it, Tevinter is ruled by a magocracy. This group of powerful mages have ascended to their position through political intrigue and sabotage. The cutthroat, ambitious quality of its rulers leads Tevinter to be awed and feared by outsiders. 

Much of the fanbase has long awaited the opportunity to travel to Tevinter, as it has been a dark horse throughout the entire Dragon Age franchise. So let's hope Bioware doesn't disappoint us by giving us what we asked for.

Beyond the borders of Tevinter, we also know that this story will feature a climactic resolution to the Dread Wolf story from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Solas, also known as the Dread Wolf, was our companion throughout Inquisition and is revealed to be the true antagonist at the end of the Trespasser DLC. We learn that Solas intends to destroy the Veil, a metaphysical barrier separating Thedas from the Fade. By doing so, he will restore the ancient elves to their former glory but could destroy the world and everyone in it as a result. Bad Dread Wolf. 

With half of the Dragon Age fandom despising Solas and the other having romanced him in the game, this storyline is sure to be intense, emotional, and potentially earth-shattering (or should I say Thedas shattering?).

Beyond that, we don't know a lot else. Concept art hints that Red Lyrium will remain a danger in the new game after featuring heavily in Inquisition. We also know that the Antivan Crows, an organization of spies, thieves and assassins, will appear, though we don't know how significant their role will be. Finally, more concept art shows us an image of a Grey Warden and possibly the mysterious Executors, though it's anyone's guess as to how all of these pieces fit together. 

For now, we will just have to wait for more morsels from Bioware before we can begin to weave a coherent story together.

Dragon Age 4 Release Date

Initially announced in 2018, news about the game's production has been sparse. Even now, rumours and speculation are rife with theories on when we'll finally see the finished product. But what official news have we had?

Previously reported during a transcript of EA's Q2 2020 earnings call, Blake Jorgensen (Chief Operating Officer) gave a rough estimate that Dragon Age 4 would likely release after the company's fiscal 2022, any time after April 1st. Unfortunately, while we held our breath for more clarification, we were left disappointed when no update came during EA Play Live, with Bioware failing to present anything. But finally, and as slight relief to fans, sources close to the project recently confirmed the game is on track for release in 2023.

Now we know that the date has been pushed back slightly, it's worth considering why—one reason may be the result of difficulties working on the game due to Covid-19. Additionally, because our primary information about the game comes from concept art, it's likely still in the earlier stages of production. So we can expect to wait a while before it bears fruit. But, hopefully, we can expect an incredible game at the end of the tunnel, given the time taken to work on it.  Either way, we now have a more accurate release date that breathes new life into fans and their excitement for Dragon Age 4.

If you're still not satisfied with the vague details (and who would be?), it may be worth keeping an eye out during Gamescom and Dragon Age Day, when we could be given our next crumb of new information.

Dragon Age 4 Gameplay

Unfortunately, given that Dragon Age 4 appears to still be in the early stages of development, there's little to no information floating on the web about what kind of gameplay we can expect. We can assume that the game will share many of the same gameplay elements as its predecessors and those typical of a role-playing video game.

This will include a single-player narrative adventure. While it was planned for the game to have multiplayer components, it now appears they have removed all things multiplayer to focus solely on a single-player experience. 

We can also expect the gameplay to heavily contain player choice, having the player change the story through their decisions, guided by their moral compass. While there are constraints on just how individual a crafted game can be, there are likely to be 'big' decisions about factions to align with and fates of specific characters that help make it feel less like a linear storyline.

Speaking of characters, the found-family element of befriending party members will undoubtedly make a return, as it is an ingrained feature of Bioware games. And where you can find friends, you can find love, so we're sure to have a plethora of new and intriguing characters that we can befriend and romance. 

While we have no information on the combat mechanics in Dragon Age 4, we can look to the previous games for an idea of what to expect. Dragon Age's mixture of strategic and fast-paced combat is sure to have our blood pumping during crucial boss battles. In addition, the ability to customize your party's skills through talent trees will provide players with a unique combat experience every time.

Dragon Age 4 Trailers

The cinematic trailer for the game may have been released at the end of 2020, but it still leaves us with goosebumps during each watch. 

Our voice-over belongs to none other than Varric Tethras, our sarcastically witty, roguish friend from Dragon Age 2, and Inquisition. If it weren't already clear that he would be a part of the next game because of this appearance, he also says, "I've got your back", which could mean he will again be a companion to the protagonist.

It's also clear from the trailer that we'll have a brand-new character to play in Dragon Age 4, "it’s time for a new hero”, which shouldn’t be surprising as each game has come with a new protagonist. Regardless, I will remain upset at not being able to play the Hero of Ferelden again.

The game locations featured during the trailer include Minrathous, the capital city of the fearsome Tevinter Imperium, Antiva, home of the Antivan Crows, and the Anderfels, a bleak land and birthplace of the Grey Wardens. While these locations aren’t confirmed in the trailer, fans have taken the footage, concept art and known information on the locations to come to these conclusions. All locations have yet to be explored in the game, and the exposure to new lands and cultures will be fascinating.

Solas (The Dread Wolf) appearing at the end of the trailer also confirms that the main storyline will centre around foiling his plan to destroy the Veil. This was already assumed after the ending of Inquisition but seeing Solas brooding as he does is a welcome sight.

Dragon Age 4 Developers

Bioware's development of Dragon Age 4 has had more twists and turns than a country road, beginning in 2015 after the release of the Trespasser expansion. The project, code-named Joplin, was designed to focus on playing as a group of Tevinter spies, completing heists full of persuasion/extortion and general stealthy operations. Developers close to the project viewed it as an exciting conception with a lot of potential. 

Unfortunately, issues arose when Joplin was put on hold in favour of Mass Effect: Andromeda. While the project was stagnant, there were questions over how multiplayer elements could be incorporated into Joplin. It’s well known that EA has been focusing more and more on “games as a service”, the new buzzword for profiting off games for as long as possible by using downloadable content, microtransactions and cosmetic loot boxes. 

Another punch in the gut to Dragon Age 4 was in 2017 when Joplin was cancelled so the team could focus on Anthem, which was in hot water. As a result, only a small team was left to continue work on Dragon Age 4, with a new code name Morrison, meant to better implement live services to match EA’s vision.

Finally, in 2018, Bioware released a teaser trailer, announcing their intention to go ahead with the game to the gaming world. 

Since then, the developers have decided against weaving multiplayer into the Dragon Age 4 design, focusing instead on a single-player experience. This revelation might be disappointing to some and a relief to others.

Since then, we have received two more trailers for Dragon Age 4; the behind the scenes teaser and an official trailer. We know from the teaser that some of the developers working on Dragon Age 4 include Matthew Goldman (Creative Director), Luke Krist Janson (Senior Writer), Patrick Weekes (Lead Writer) and many more.

For now, news on the development of Dragon Age 4 remains silent. We can only hope that no news means good news.

Dragon Age 4 News

For up-to-date news on the production of Dragon Age 4 (whenever that may be), we’d recommend keeping tabs on Bioware’s official Twitter. You could also check their YouTube channel, though uploads are few and far between. And naturally, Gamers Decide will report on any news information when it arrives.

10 Exciting Things about Dragon Age 4

Even though information on the upcoming game is thin on the ground, there’s still plenty to be excited for. Below are 10 things we can’t wait for in Dragon Age 4, some we have touched upon in this article, and others that reserve a special place in this list.

The Return of Red Lyrium

Red Lyrium has been a plot point since Dragon Age 2 when its corrupting power caused lasting consequences (RIP Meredith) within Kirkwall. In Inquisition, a small faction of the Templars began consuming red lyrium, which corrupted them and transformed them into monsters. 

Its appearance in Dragon Age 4 is likely to involve further corruption as the red lyrium spreads across Thedas. Aside from that, it is unsure how it will connect to the overall story. Regardless, red lyrium means crazy corrupted monsters to fight, and the aesthetic of the lyrium as it overtakes an environment makes for an eerie location to explore.

The Anderfels

As mentioned previously, certain concept art seems to point to the Anderfels as a location we are likely to travel to in Dragon Age 4. The Anderfels is said to be an arid landscape with vast expanses of uninhabited territory. However, it does have several crucial locations, namely Weisshaupt Fortress, home of the Grey Wardens, and the great thaig of Kal-Sharok, which lies beneath the Hunterhorn Mountains. These may be two locations we will be visiting during the storyline. 

Grey Wardens

After their tragic storyline during Inquisition and the fact we may be visiting the Anderfels, we can assume the Grey Wardens will feature again in the new game. Those who adore the history and mysticism of the Grey Wardens should be chomping at the bit to see more of them soon.

Who are the Executors?

A shadowy, unknown group from across the ocean, the Executors are representatives “on behalf of powers across the sea”, a part of the Dragon Age world we know next to nothing about.

After a brief interaction with them during Inquisition, where they state, “for the moment, we are not your enemy”, is it possible Bioware are laying the groundwork for an emerging storyline surrounding the Executors? Why have they come to Thedas? What are their motivations? 

Additionally, the group are mentioned briefly in the Dragon Age companion novel, Tevinter Nights, when an Executor attends an important meeting to share their information about Solas and his agenda. 

We’ve also seen some concept art of a pirate-esque character and an underwater scene with several characters seemingly diving towards a treasure chest. An appearance of the Executors could be an exciting insight into other continents in the world of Dragon Age. 


As mentioned already, it’s a good bet that we’ll be visiting Antiva at some point during the game, a nation we have yet to explore or come into much contact with.

Medieval Italian city-states like Venice loosely inspire Antiva. Much of the country is coastline, with a warm climate and a culture surrounding seafaring. The most important thing about this is the potential for pirates. Dragon Age Pirates. That should be enough to get us pumped for a trip to Antiva.

Antivan Crows 

As well as pirates, Antiva is home to the Antivan Crows, an organization of assassins and spies who are notorious enough to keep the country safe from invasion or war. 

After gaining Zevran as a companion during Origins, a Crow sent to assassinate the Hero of Ferelden, fans worldwide have been fascinated by the cloak and dagger group who help run Antiva from the shadows.

Hopefully, the Crows live up to their notoriety if we get the chance to work with them or meet more of their members during Dragon Age 4. 

Dread Wolf 

We all know that Solas is the big bad of the storyline currently. However, regardless of our opinions on him, his plans could end up destroying the world we have come to love. 

For fans who are passionate about Elven history, Solas contains a trove of information, so having the story surround him should provide us with some eye-opening new information into ancient Thedas. And hopefully, for those fans who despise our bald egghead, we may get the chance to put him down for good.

Slavery Politics

Travelling to Tevinter will place us in the forefront of Thedas slavery, as it is the only nation where slavery remains legal. They are used for just about everything, from labourers for Tevinter architecture, cannon fodder to sacrifices in dark magic rituals

Our character player may have to make some hard decisions while in Tevinter about the treatment and future of slavery. We will inevitably encounter slaves and slave traders, and perhaps we will be allowed to make a change for good or for worse. 

Mage Politics

Similarly, magic is treated differently in Tevinter compared to other nations in Thedas. Whilst others criminalize mages and seek to contain and control them, Tevinter treasures mages, with the most powerful becoming the nation's elite.  Magic is even woven into their buildings, a testament to their belief that magic is power. 

Considering that mage/templar politics has been a focal point during the previous games, travelling to Tevinter will provide a different viewpoint to the contention of mage autonomy. Since our character players enjoy sticking their noses into everyone’s business, we can assume they will provide an opinion on the running of Tevinter and its use of magic.

Qunari Invasion

The threat of a Qunari invasion has been foreshadowed throughout all Dragon Age games. The inevitable attempt to conquer Thedas and the forced reverence to the Qun is a long-standing threat to the continent. 

As hinted at the end of the Trespasser DLC, the Qunari have launched a fresh attack on the Tevinter Imperium, which struggles to combat their sheer numbers and power. Therefore, part of our travel to Tevinter may include an effort to repel the Qunari attack. 

Qunari characters have been sparse across the franchise, their culture and distant lands having a mystical air about them. Many fans look forward to a more prevalent storyline surrounding these brutish beings, and we may finally get it.


While Dragon Age 4 is a long way off release, with little footage and even less information, it remains a long wait for dedicated fans who long to enter the Dragon Age universe again. 

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