[Top 3] Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Mage Builds

Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Mage Builds
Dorian Pavus, a mage from the Tevinter Imperium, casting Storm energy in front of Therinfal Redoubt

For some mages in the Dragon Age Universe, it's either submit to tyranny or die for freedom.

In the Dragon Age universe, mages are controversial powerhouses, feared and shamed for the power they hold.

They’re among the most popular classes that players choose, from fire to ice to raging storms crackling at their fingertips. 

The real question is: which is the best way to play one? Here are the Top Three best Dragon Age Inquisition mage builds.

3. The Elemental Mage Build

Pride Demons are the most powerful in the demon hierarchy and slay foes with their dual lightening whips.

Tears in the Veil are a major part of Dragon Age Inquisition’s gameplay, so a good way to get through it is to make your mage a demon (and other enemies) killing machine. Most demons are elemental in some form, so having at least one spell from each school (like Flashfire, Winter’s Grasp, and Chain Lightning) is good to ensure that no matter what type you face, you can maximize the damage taken. The best part is that you don’t need a specialization for this build, instead focusing on throwing out as much damage you can with all four mage schools available.

What Elemental Mage Excels In

  • Maximizing damage against demons
  • Lessening threats’ ability to attack
  • High damage
  • Ability versatility

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2. The AOE Rift Mage Build

Rift Mages warp the Fade to their will, sending reality splintering into their enemies.

In most fantasy, mages are varied and powerful, but when it comes to health no one is squishier. With the AOE Rift Mage build, you can stay away from the action while providing support to the heavy hitters in your group. Stonefist and Pull of the Abyss from the Rift Mage Specialization keep enemies on the center field, and Veilstrike weakens them, increasing damage for the Rogues and Warriors. You can also deal a heavy amount of damage with Immolate and Ice Mine, sending enemies burning or freezing while you remain far, far away.

What AOE Rift Mage Excels In

  • Increasing damage for melee and ranged fighters
  • Mobility
  • AOE damage and control

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1. The Knight Protector Build

A blade of pure Spirit energy can cut through the toughest of enemies.

This build is one of the more popular ones, and for good reason. The Knight Protector build allows you to get knee-deep into the action and support your allies at the same time. Spirit Blade is the main feature of the Knight Enchanter Specialization, and as a melee attack, it allows you to deal massive spirit damage, which ignores most enemies’ resistances and armor. Using melee can get you into trouble, however, so using Fade Step to dart out of danger and Fade Cloak to briefly go invincible are perfect for keeping you alive. The other half of this build is protecting your allies, so the Revival and Resurgence combo are necessary, and Barrier is already enhanced by Knight Enchanter passive abilities, so your allies can keep fighting along with you.

What Knight Protector Excels In

  • Melee attacks with good damage output
  • Mobility and melee defense
  • Ally support

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