All Far Cry 5 Bosses Ranked Easiest To Hardest (And How To Defeat Them)

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Could you meet your end at the hands of one of the Seed family?

In the world of Hope County, the only thing that’s more of a natural danger than a roaming bear is the region leaders of Hope County. That danger is the Seed family. Joseph Seed is the patriarch of the family and the final boss to face in this quest to restore freedom to the Mid-Western area. All the siblings, Jacob, John and Faith all have bunkers, which must be destroyed directly after killing them. In a massive open world game such as this, in what order do you take down the family? And how? What abilities or weapons are best to have at your back? Fret not our hero, we detail the best way to take down the Seed family.

4. Joseph Seed

The infamous leader of the clan, Joseph Seed.

Joseph Seed details:
Joseph Seed, also known as "The Father", is the main antagonist of Far Cry 5. He is a ruthless megalomaniac who is the founder and the leader of the Hope County-based extremist religious terrorist cult organization "Project at Eden's Gate" alongside his brothers and adoptive sister who he dubs "The Heralds"; Jacob, John, and Faith Seed. Eden's Gate has used both coercion and violence to bring the existing residents of Hope County into its cult, as ordered by Seed, and, as of the events depicted in the game, is in direct conflict with The Resistance and its members.

Although he is the head honcho of the Seed family, the actual battle with Joseph is easiest of the bunch, given your more than apt Far Cry 5 skills as well as the nature of the battle itself.

How To Joseph Seed:

  • The Father isn't hard, it's your former allies that make this fight difficult. You have to put them down and revive them to knock the Bliss out of them.
  • Shoot Joseph till he runs then focus on your allies. Knock as many to the ground as possible and revive 1 at a time. Trying to do it in the middle of fighting will lead to an early lead since you can still take damage while reviving.
  • If you met with Tweak and got the drugs that aid in speed, combat, and defense use them. They'll make the battle much easier.
  • You'll do this for 3 sections before Joseph falls and Eden's Gate with him.

Best Way To Kill Joseph Seed Video guide


3. John Seed

An older and scarier brother of the skies, John Seed.

John Seed details:
John Seed is one of three secondary antagonists in Far Cry 5 and Inside Eden's Gate, and the youngest of the three Seed brothers. While Joseph Seed is the de facto head of Eden's Gate, and Jacob Seed is in charge of security, John took to the public role of the church's legal representation, and more privately the cult's head of indoctrination and influence; serving as the herald of the Holland Valley region of Hope County as well.

John’s battle will take you to the skies, unlike any other battle you will experience with the Seed family. If you’re able to get into a plane any earlier in the game to figure out flight mechanics, that would be helpful in taking this Seed down. Otherwise, it may take you a couple of playthroughs to get rid of this one.

How To  Defeat John Seed:

  • Before you begin the final confrontation with John Seed, you should acquire two very useful perks: The Auto Repair skill will enable your airplane to fix itself "on the fly" during your battle with John. Second, The Parachute skill will enable you to catch up to John after he starts running.
  • The actual duel with John will start when you get up in the air and get close to the machine he's piloting. Be sure to follow the yellow health bar of Seed's plane which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  • Fire from the guns, but do not shoot for too long in order not to overheat the weapon. Generally, try not to exhaust one of the lower bars marked on screen.
  • When you shoot Seed's plane, beware of his attacks as well. Run away to the sides and execute other defensive maneuvers when he's flying straight on you or when he's sitting on your tail.
  • You must attack Seed's plane until its health bar is exhausted. When it happens John will eject and use a parachute.
  • If you have a parachute, as previously recommended, you can also jump out of the plane and land somewhere near John. Otherwise, quickly locate a clearing or a road in the area where you can safely land your machine.
  • The final part of this mission is to catch and take out John once and for all. If you've landed close to him, you'll get him rather quickly. Otherwise, prepare a longer chase (steal a vehicle if necessary). Fire a series of shots from any weapon to finally get rid of John.

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2. Faith Seed

The exact opposite of Bliss, the adopted sister Faith Seed.

Faith Seed details:
Rachel Jessop, better known as Faith Seed, is one of three secondary antagonists (alongside Jacob and John Seed) of Far Cry 5 and Inside Eden's Gate, she is the adoptive younger sister of Joseph Seed. Her role in the cult is as the head of production — overseeing both of Bliss and of her “Angels” (who handle refinement & collection of the Bliss flowers.) Faith is the main antagonist of the Henbane River region.

Faith is a bit of a mind f**ck, both in the storyline and in this battle. Be sure to, as you would’ve learned while taking down the Henbane River region, not let the effects of bliss distract you from your true mission, taking down Faith herself.

How To Defeat Fatih Seed:

  • You have to confront her after getting at least 13,000 resistance points in the Henbane River region. Shortly after that you will automatically start The Lesson story mission. 
  • Your objective is to save allies kept in the Hope County prison. After completing that quest, you automatically start another one called Paradise Lost. It opens with a longer cut-scene. Reach the "arena"  to face Faith Seed.
  • You have to deplete Faith Seed's health bar which is displayed above her head and in the upper left corner of the screen. Most of the weapons work on her. We recommend an assault rifle because of a greater mobility when compared to machine guns and a range greater than shotguns. Don't worry if you start this fight with wrong weapons because the game will give you a chance to switch them.
  • Faith attacks you with energy projectiles and shoots 3 of them at the same time. Getting hit with one projectile doesn't mean trouble, but a whole series can deplete almost an entire health bar. Try to move a lot on the arena and shoot Faith in-between her attacks.
  • Enemies possessed by Faith are another problem. Treat them more like obstacles and kill only those who are a direct threat to your character. Luckily, they disappear after a single shot. Don't waste too much ammo on them.
  • After dealing enough damage to Faith she will disappear from the arena. After that you will be able to find supplies. Use this chance to refill your ammo. You can also change your weapons and pick up med kits. Remember that supplies won't stay on the arena throughout the entire fight. They disappear soon after Faith starts attacking again. They reappear when you deal her enough damage.
  • In the later stage of the fight you will also face Faith's clones. You have to find the real Faith who is hiding among her copies. Use single shots on the clones to make them disappear. You can recognize the real Faith by seeing her health bar being displayed after shooting her. When that happens, you can ignore her copies and focus on attacking the "real" Faith.
  • Keep doing that until you deplete her health bar. Don't forget about yours - use med kits when you get gravely injured. Remember that you can replenish your supplies during this fight (med kits appear along with ammo).

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1. Jacob Seed

The culler of the herd and the most annoying pre-boss fight you'll ever face, Jacob Seed.

Jacob Seed details:
Jacob Seed is one of three secondary antagonists (alongside John and Faith Seed) of Far Cry 5 and Inside Eden's Gate, he was also the older brother of Joseph Seed. Jacob is the main antagonist of the Whitetail Mountains region and head of security of the cult.
This military vet truly doesn’t go down without a fight, mostly because of the smaller battles that lead up to defeating him. But, as this campaign mission says, “Only You” can defeat this dastardly Seed. The hardest part of this battle, making it the hardest of all the boss battles, is those initial flashback violent battles; this part will most likely require multiple playthroughs, but fear not! It can be done and it must….for Hope County!

How To  Defeat Jacob Seed:

  • The duel with Jacob Seed won't take place immediately after the start of the final competition in the Whitetail Mountains. You have to wait until the “Only You” story mission, where you are transported to the location where the mission begins.. Jacob Seed resides on top of the mountain and you have to get there to finally confront him.
  • Before you start climbing, take an interest in supplies which lie nearby. You can take some ammunition and optionally one of the weapons which were left here. In this mission you should equip yourself with a rifle or a heavy machine gun. If you have a sniper rifle, you will be able to start shooting at Jacob much earlier.
  • The key to victory in the battle against this boss is to avoid Jacob's sniper fire in combination with constant climbing. Rely on sprint and make slides to hide from enemy fire in safe spots. Use large rocks along the way to hide from Jacob's sniper fire. Don't try to hide behind small boulders or trees because they won't give you enough protection.
  • While climbing, you must not only avoid Jacob's shooting, but also pay attention to the Cultists and wolves. It's not hard to eliminate the Cultists in the first stage, but in the final phase of the climb you'll meet at least two heavily armored opponents. Use launchers, grenades or dynamite to kill them.
  • The wolves are a little more troublesome, because they can surprise you quite easily while hiding behind the rocks. Don't give them the opportunity to bite you, just shoot them fast. Luckily, wolves die quickly.
  • If you have a sniper rifle in your inventory, you can start shooting Jacob when you are quite close to the top of the hill. Otherwise, continue climbing. Walk around the peak from the left and help yourself with a Grapple to reach the higher rock shelves. You can fall on a mountain lion in this area. It's more dangerous than wolves, so don't ignore it.
  • Get close enough to Jacob to be able to shoot him with one of the rifles. Whatever the circumstances, try to aim at Jacob's head in order to kill him faster (he doesn't have a separate health bar, but he is more durable than any ordinary Cultist).

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