Far Cry 5 Best Ways to Make Money [Top 5 Ways]

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Prepper Stashes are an excellent way to earn piles of cash and perk magazines.

Money is a necessity in Far Cry 5 and can take a while if you do not know what you are doing. 

Like in the real world, money is very important in Far Cry 5 and will help you unlock better weapons and gear. You can use your money to upgrade weapons and even treat yourself to a new outfit. Here are the top five ways to make money in Far Cry 5.

5. The Money Farmer Build (Early Game)

This trailer art depicts what hunting in Far Cry 5 can look like. 

It is no secret that hunting in Far Cry 5 is one of the most well-known ways to make money. This Money Farmer Build is one of the simplest runs that you can find for someone who has just started the game. 

The Money Farmer Build consists of using the perks Harvest Master, Journey Pack, Throwables Bag, and Additional Holster. These perks will allow you to get extra skins per animal and increase your max capacity per animal from 5 skins to 10.

This Money Farmer Build is a great way to make money very early on in your Far Cry 5 gameplay. This method consists of you hunting and selling the loot for quick cash. Typically, this takes about $6,000 for four minutes of hunting. 

You will be visiting three different locations that you will use for your hunting grounds, and then sell your inventory at the end of your run. The animals that you will be hunting are not too hard to hunt, even if you do not have the bow yet.

How It Works-

  • First, head to the Old Sun Outfitters in Jacob’s region. Make sure you have Boomer as your specialist since he is awesome for tagging animals. 

  • Start heading southwest from the Outfitters and Boomer will start to tag animals for you, you will be looking for bison. Once you have your 10 bison skins, let Boomer go and head north to The Grill Steak to hunt wolves.

  • For the wolves, you are going to hunt them using bait and your bow until you get your 10 skins.

  • Next, head over to RayRay’s Pumpkin Farm where you will be hunting cougars. Once you are at the farm, head north and hop over the fence lining the pumpkin patch, to enter cougar territory. 

  • Once you have filled your inventory for bison, wolves, and cougars, head back to the pumpkin farm to sell your inventory. This will give you about $6,000 for less than five minutes of hunting. 

  • You can continuously run this loop by using fast travel and repeating as many times as necessary.


4. Liberate Outposts Undetected (Early Game)-

This is a screenshot of the cutscene that plays after you liberate an outpost. 

One of the best things when liberating an outpost is when you find the hidden stash room full of goodies. Usually, it will be filled with perk magazines, new hunting/fishing spots, and money. You can also find new weapons in these stash rooms, which will come in handy.

Most of the time, you will find cash on top of a desk or just laying around in plain sight. But always make sure to check for locked safes, these usually contain silver bars, which are a unique currency used to buy different Prestige items like skins, weapons, and player customizations.

When you liberate an outpost undetected, you will receive a $1,000 bonus for being stealthy.

How It Works-

  • One way to go undetected at outposts is to snipe outpost guards from long range with a silencer attachment. If you do not have a sniper rifle yet, your best bet would be to use a bow since it is quiet. At the same time, make sure to keep an eye out for outpost snipers as well.

  • Make sure to hide any bodies to cover your tracks. If another guard sees one of your kills, they will immediately try to sound the alarm. 

  • You can also use a throwing object such as a rock, to draw out the outpost guards from their positions. Make sure to sneak up on enemies from the back and sneak attack them. 

  • You can let your specialists help you in taking over the outpost. Using a Fang for Hire would be your best bet, as it will not give away your position to the guards and they will be distracted by a giant grizzly bear. 

  • Whatever you do, do not allow any Peggies to pull the alarm. This will completely do away with your undetected status.

3. Prepper Stashes (Mid Game)-

This in-game screenshot shows an example of what one of the Prepper Stashes looks like. 

Far Cry 5 has 28 different Prepper Stashes scattered all over Hope County. These stashes are hidden, and sometimes require a bit of a puzzle to get them. When you get the stash, you can expect to find money, perk magazines, ammo, weapons, and more. 

These stashes are very valuable for players in the early hours of playtime or if you just need some quick cash or ammo. Usually, you will find an NPC in the game and they will tell you clues to where the prepper stash location is. 

Making money with this method can be very easy depending on what prepper stash you are going to; some stashes hold more of a challenge before you get your loot. Once you reach the stash it’s as easy as opening up the loot and collecting the money that you find there.

How It Works- 

  • First, you are going to need to find a prepper stash location. You can find a stash on Dutch’s Island, 7 stashes in the Whitetail Mountains, 12 stashes in the Holland Valley, and 8 stashes in the Henbane River region. 

  • Prepper Stashes can be found by exploring around, talking to NPCs, or by finding maps.

  • When you are in the area of a prepper stash there is usually a Prepper’s Note, left by the person who owned the stash. The note will give you some background on the stash and allow you to track it as a mission. 

  • Various prepper stashes require different ways to solve them. There are a total of 7 Prepper Stashes that require you to have the Grapple perk.

  • Once you have completed the puzzle or gained entrance to the loot room, you will notice that the video speed will slow down and it will show that the prepper stash was completed. 

  • The cash will be found lying around in the stash on tables or shelves, though it is common for cash to be in safes as well.

2. Complete Side Missions (Mid- Late Game)-

This is an image from one of the Clutch Nixon side missions that are available. 

Side missions in Far Cry 5 are great because they are optional but will give you some pretty good rewards, including money. The amount of money that you get from a side mission will depend on which one you are doing.

Some side missions that give you the biggest payout are Out Of This World, Prairie Oyster Harvest, and Testy Festy. These are just some of the missions that will give you over $2,000 for completing them. 

Much like the main story missions, side missions require you to start the mission and fully complete it to earn your rewards. A huge majority of side missions are very short and do not require you to do a lot of work, unlike the main storyline.

How It Works-

  • Side Missions will sometimes show up as star icons on your map and are listed as their own journal entry. You can also just talk to NPCs and they will give you random quests. 

  • After you liberate an outpost, they are usually full of side missions. Sometimes side missions will require you to complete main story objectives before they will appear, so it is good to work on the side missions after you have a majority of the main story completed. 

  • You can go to your map or journal and track the mission to start a side mission. This will allow you to place a pin on the map of how far away the mission is. There will also be a short description of the side mission going into more detail.

  • Follow the marker to where you need to go and complete the task at hand. 

  • At the end, you should see your rewards pop up on the screen and you will be rewarded based on what side mission you are doing. 

1. Completing Main Missions-

The Missing In Action mission is one of the best missions available in Jacob's region. 

One of the best ways to earn money in Far Cry 5 later in the game is by completing main missions, you need to do this anyway if you plan on beating the game. Main missions offer more money and rewards and are more thrilling. 

Each of the three main regions in Far Cry 5 will contain main missions, and many enemies to eliminate. Make sure that you loot all the bodies that you can and check cash registers and safes for money as well. 

Like with side missions, main missions will be displayed in your journal for any mission you have uncovered so far. Accessing the main missions from your journal will also allow you to track the mission and read more about the mission details that you were provided.

How It Works-

  • The first thing you are going to want to do is to have a good amount of Resistance Points for the region that you are in. This is key to unlocking main missions, as they will not show up until you reach a certain amount for the region you are in. 

  • To get resistance points you can do side missions, saving civilians, liberating outposts, and completing prepper stashes. 

  • Once you reach the required Resistance Points, main missions will start flying at you, so get ready.

  • After you have the main mission you wish to complete, track it in your journal. When you know what the mission is about and where it's at, go for it!

  • Once the mission is over you will be rewarded with cash and lots of other goodies.

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