[Top 5] Far Cry 6 Best Supremos That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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The Furioso Supremo leaves a trail of fire behind you

If you are needing some assistance in Far Cry 6, Supremo backpacks offer a punch to help you free Yara.

Supremo backpacks are a powerful new feature in the Far Cry series, they are unlocked as you move through Yara and spend Depleted Uranium at Juan’s Arms Dealers. Supremos are helpful in combat with their strong abilities. Featuring weapons that can change how you play, allowing you to easily defeat Anton Castillo’s army. Here are the top 5 Far Cry 6 supremos that are powerful and how you can get them. 

5. Exterminador

The Exterminador is the starting Supremo you get for free and is easily one of the most powerful Supremos that you can unlock in Far Cry 6. It allows you to fire seven rockets from the backpack, which lock onto targets and destroys them without much effort. 

A great feature of the Exterminador Supremo is that it can take down helicopters, billboards, vehicles, enemies, and anti-aircraft cannons without any effort. This is a great way to end a fight if you are being overpowered, or if you just want to hurry up.

To get the Exterminador you need to complete the Du Or Die mission, where you steal Depleted Uranium from Fort Quito. After you deliver the Depleted Uranium to Juan and watch the cutscene, you will gain the Exterminador Supremo and a Tostador. You are now able to buy more Supremos with Depleted Uranium from Juan on Libertad Island or his Arms Dealers at all captured FND bases.

What Makes Exterminador Great- 

  • It can lock onto targets 
  • Fires seven rockets that are powerful
  • Can take down a wide range of enemies, including all vehicle types
  • It's free; you get it at the beginning of the game
  • The Exterminador gives Dani access to the default baseball and molotov cocktail
  • It has a unique mod, Artillery Supremacy, that increases its damage and is better for vehicles

Exterminador Full Stats:


4. Furioso 

The Furioso is an offensive Supremo focused on close-combat play. This Supremo has the ability Fuego Loco, which creates a ring of fire around you that burns enemies and kills them in the process. It also has the possibility of catching other things on fire and blowing up objects that are close by; creating even more destruction and taking down enemies. 

One of the best things about the Furioso is the backpack also allows you to thrust forward in the air if you press the jump button. This allows you to travel Yara faster, or get away from enemies quickly. While using this limited jetpack, it leaves a trail of fire behind you, catching even more enemies on fire. An advantage is there is no cooldown, you can use the jetpack feature on the Furioso as much as you want.

To get the Furioso you need to reach rank 3- Exploradora. You can now purchase this Supremo from Juan at the rebel headquarters or his Arms Dealers found on captured FND bases. You will need 100 Depleted Uranium, only found at the 26 Anti-Aircraft Sites; each Anti-Aircraft site contains 50 Depleted Uranium.

What Makes Furioso Great-

  • The ring of fire around you not only burns enemies but catches everything on fire
  • The jetpack feature can get you out of risky situations quickly
  • The jetpack can help you zip across Yara quickly
  • There is no cooldown time for the jetpack feature
  • It unlocks the Fuel Canister gadget; a propane tank you can throw
  • The unique mod, Juan Up, increases the damage of Resolver weapons

Furioso Full Stats:


3. Fantasma

The Fantasma Supremo can cause unparalleled destruction all through Yara. Its ability Venom Salvo launches three bombs of PG 240, a poisonous gas that turns enemies against each other. The gas also fires like the Exterminador, where it effortlessly hits targets. 

When enemies are exposed to the poisonous gas, they stop what they are doing and begin coughing in the gas. The enemies will be taking damage while they are coughing. Once exposed to the gas long enough, they will start shooting their own people.

To unlock the Fantasma Supremo you need to complete the “Libertad Rises” operation and get off the first island. The Fantasma Supremo requires you to be a rank 3 - Exploradora, then you will need to scavenge 100 Depleted Uranium from Anti-Aircraft bases. Finally, you can buy the Fantasma Supremo from Juan’s shop at the rebel headquarters. You can also purchase Supremos by talking to his Arms Dealers in the main rebel bases. 

What Makes Fantasma Great-

  • It unlocks the Poison Grenade
  • The Venom Shot mod increases the Fantasma’s poison damage
  • Great Supremo to use for crowds of enemies
  • Turns enemies against one another; great for heavy battle
  • Deals improved damage to enemies that have been poisoned after using Fantasma

Fantasma Full Stats:


2. Volta

The Volta Supremo fires an EMP shockwave, it disables every vehicle that was hit for a couple of seconds. In the bottom right corner of the screen, over the Volta’s icon, there will be a depleting blue meter showing the remaining time the vehicles will be down. When the meter is all the way drained, the vehicles disabled by the EMP will be able to be used again.

The EMP feature on the Volta Supremo also works on other enemy equipment like turrets, helicopters, FND base alarms, and even allows you to hijack a tank with an enemy in it. However, the range on the Volta has less range than the Zeusito Resolver, so you need to be somewhat close to the objects you want to disable. 

The Volta Supremo is great for FND bases, especially when you are having trouble finding or reaching a remaining alarm box. It’s also great to use when you have already been spotted and the enemies are running to the alarm, you can instantly disable the alarm box.

The Volta also unlocks the EMP Grenade gadget, which acts like a mini version of the Volta Supremo. The Volta’s Unique Mod is the Signal Boost, which makes the EMP shockwave area bigger. To unlock the Volta Supremo, you need to reach a Rank 3- Exploradora. Then you can purchase the Volta for 100 Depleted Uranium from Juan at the rebel headquarters or any captured FND base Arms Dealers. 

What Makes Volta Great:

  • Can take out enemy vehicles 
  • Great for taking out enemy alarms
  • You can hijack an enemy-controlled tank
  • Great last resort for taking down helicopters

Volta Full Stats:


1. Gladiador

Unlike other Supremos, the Gladiador is the only Supremo that only affects Dani. When you use the Gladiador Supremo, Dani will jam a needle into his leg to supercharge himself. This gives you armor over your health bar and supercharges your movement speed. The Gladiador Supremo also unlocks the Flash Grenade gadget, it blinds enemies that are near its explosion.

Along with increased speed, you are able to perform instant-death machete kills on enemies from any angle. No matter how powerful the enemy is, or what armor they are wearing, they are no match for the Gladiador Supremo. This Supremo is also great for fleeing or rushing quickly to another area. The Supremo Extender unique mod allows the Gladiador Supremo to increase the amount of time that you stay in this speed mode. 

To get the Gladiador Supremo you need to be a Rank 5- Cabo. After you reach rank 5 you can buy this Supremo for 100 Uranium from Juan’s workbench in the rebel headquarters or from any of his Arm’s Dealers at captured FND bases. 

What Makes Gladiador Great-

  • Allows you to machete kill enemies with one hit
  • Makes your movement speed crazy fast
  • You can flee combat if you need to or get off the enemy radar 
  • When used with the Flash Grenade gadget, you can kill blinded enemies
  • Gives you armor over your full health bar

Gladiador Full Stats:



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