[Top 15] Mythology Gods That Are Powerful

Powerful mythology gods
Who says that all gods cannot be friends?

We've all heard of tales of Zeus, Odin and such, but who are the mightiest in mythology?

Religion is something that you’ll find in every culture throughout human history and the amount of different gods we have believed in all this time is astronomical. They range from the bizarre to the gorgeous to the almost impossible to comprehend. But here we’ll talk about the straight-up best, the most powerful of them all.

15. Jade Emperor

From Chinese mythos, the Jade Emperor is the ruler of all 30 Heavens, Earth and the Underworld. He is also called, of course, emperor of the universe. He is also a bureaucrat, having a plethora of ministers and officials to aid him in his rule.

The Jade Emperor is best known for:

  • Having a very large family
  • Having an endlessly complicated form of governing, with as much bureaucracy as godly possible 
  • Being the representation of morality

14. Amaterasu

The main goddess in Shinto religion, she is the divine embodiment of the sun. Despite not being the maker of the universe according to Japanese mythology, she is it’s Queen and provider of light, nourishment and order. It is also believed that the Japanese Imperial family is descended from her, thus legitimizing their position of power.

Amaterasu is best known for:

  • Banishing her husband Tsukuyomi and creating the separation between day and night.
  • Being lured out of self imposed isolation by a revealing dance and her own reflection.
  • The Japanese Imperial family, her descendants and the longest royal bloodline in existence.

13. Veles

The Slavic god of the dead was also the protector of shepherds and their livestock. He is also commonly associated with magic, talking to spirits and all sorts of supernatural powers. His influence was quite eclectic, ranging from the underworld to poetry and wisdom.

Veles is best known for:

  • Being bald, with horns and sometimes a dragon.
  • Creating the separation between the human world and the underworld.
  • Fighting in a cosmic battle against Peru for the universe.

12. Tezcatlipoca

One of the main gods of the Aztec pantheon, he was a wizard and user of black magic. Also a creator god, he was the ruler of the first of the four worlds that came before ours. Tezcatlipoca, outside of the capital, was worshipped especially at Texcoco.

Tezcatlipoca was best known for:

  • Walking around as a jaguar
  • Being the protector of slaves
  • Enjoying human sacrifices

11. Morrigan

From Celtic tradition this goddess of war was truly dangerous. Also associated with fertility, wealth and land, Morrigan belonged to a triad of goddesses. Beyond her massive power, she was also very beautiful.

Morrigan was best known for:

  • Being a shapeshifter who many times took the form of a crow
  • Together with her sisters, being described as the most powerful being, source of endless cunning, wisdom and strength
  • Basically killing a dude for insulting and rejecting her

10. Loki

Mischief is his middle name and what Loki lacks in brawn he makes up for in brains. Despite not being exactly the strongest in Norse mythology it's very unlikely that any of them could best him on a one on one match. He is not afraid of playing dirty but is not exactly evil either, just prefers to play for whatever side's more convenient for him.

Loki is best known for:

  • Having some exotic children like a wolf, a giant snake and an eight legged horse of whom he is the mother
  • Tricking Hother into shooting his brother, the beloved Balder, with the only thing that could kill him - mistletoe
  • Being the one to cause Ragnarok (the end of the freaking world)

9. Shiva

One dualistic son of a gun, this blue skinned god is immensely powerful. Shiva is the destroyer, but he'll destroy the universe to recreate it. He also has quite the contradictory personality, being source of both good and evil.

Shiva is best known for:

  • Being a good husband
  • Having a third eye that's the source of his wild powers
  • Being an awesome dancer

8. Nyx

The primordial goddess of the night was one of the first, if not THE first, deity to come to existence in Greek mythology. Despite not usually playing major roles in the tales themselves, her influence is vast. The mysterious goddess has untold power and even her children are some of the most powerful in the mythos.

Nyx is best known for:

  • Being married to Darkness.
  • Birthing both scary deities like the two types of death (violent and peaceful) and more pleasant ones like sleep.
  • The fact that even the almighty Zeus was afraid of her  

7. Tupã

All the way from Brazil we have Tupã, the thunder spirit. He was responsible for all creation, a benevolent god that made animals, plants, the seas and rain, us humans and even his own wife Jaci.

Tupã is best known for:

  • Teaching agriculture, hunting and craftwork to humans
  • Giving pajés the knowledge about healing plants and rituals
  • Making the goddess of the moon Jaci

6. Anu

The sky daddy of the Mesopotamian mythos, Anu was the Creator of the universe. He did that either alone or with the help of Enlil and Ea, we can't be really sure. Despite that detail his cult was very widespread.

Anu was best known for:

  • Fathering many other gods
  • Being able to give other gods more power at will
  • Inhabiting the highest level of heaven

5. Ra

The Egyptian god who created himself, and all else. Besides creating other gods, he was the actual embodiment of the sun, dying and rebirthing everyday to maintain the cycle of night and day.  Like his son Horus, he had the head of a falcon in most depictions.

Ra is best known for:

  • Vanquishing the evil serpent Apophis every goddamn day.
  • Being the father of justice (the goddess Maat).
  • Being the king of gods.

4. Nana Buluku

From West African traditional societies she is the Mother Goddess. The maker of everything, the belief in her is widespread, crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean Islands, Haiti, Suriname, Brazil and even France and Holland.

Nana Buluku is best known for :

  • Giving birth to the sun and the moon.
  • Protecting her people on the slave ships.
  • Being the wisest.

3. Ahura Mazda

Of the Persian pantheon, Ahura Mazda is another creator god. He made the earth, the skys and men alike, as well as being the supreme chief of heavens. This god also favors the just and truthful.

Ahura Mazda is best known for:

  • Creating the good and evil spirits that are believed to have inspired the Jewish vision of God and the Devil.
  • Being he of whom the heavens cannot be stolen
  • Being Dario the first's "sponsor"

2. Allah

The Almighty, the King, the Creator, the Master of the Day of Judgement, he has many many titles but is the one and only god. He is basically the Islamic understanding of Yahweh, but way more strict. 

Allah is best known for:

  • Not being a trinity
  • Sending the prophet Muhammad to Earth to spread his word
  • A heaven full of dark-eyed virgins

1. Yahweh

Tough his origins are more or less humble as a subordinate of the Most High, El, he became the supreme god of Israelites. The foundation of Jewish faith, most of today's main religions believe in him in some way.

Yahweh is best known for:

  • His book, the worldwide bestseller, the Bible.
  • The basis for the big three when talking about monotheism, Christianism, Judaism and Islam.
  • Being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.


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