[Top 11] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Recipes And How To Get Them

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Recipes
Battle your Munchies and Boost Link's Abilities at the Cooking Pot in BOTW

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a new gameplay element that will keep you at the cooking pot, and not just because you’ve got the munchies. Wanna learn the best ways to get boosts in every category from BOTW recipes? I got you, gamer. Here’s the Top 11 Best Recipes from BOTW, a recipe rundown on the best way to craft and concoct dishes that will help keep you in the game. 

11. Fireproof Recipes

Best for Not Burning to a Crisp

You'll Need Fireproof Cooking Skills to Survive Until You've Got the Flamebreaker Armor.

Fireproof Recipes Stats 

  • This Fireproof recipes category comes in at #11 on our list of best recipes in BOTW because it’s such a specific item that really only has a brief use in the game. Plus, you can only make Fireproof Elixirs, and really this is a list of food recipes. But okay, I’m including it because it fits with the theme of how to craft and cook to survive and thrive in BOTW.  

What Fireproof Recipes Excel In

  • At the risk of redundancy, Fireproof recipes will keep Link from bursting into flames. Without these, Link wouldn’t be able to endure Death Mountain before you get the Flamebreaker Armor. It’s interesting to note, though, that Fireproof elixir actually activates Flame Guard, which only prevents Link from spontaneous combustion. Literal fireproofing comes from the armor  itself.

How to Cook Fireproof Recipes

Fireproof Lizards and Smotherwing Butterflies are the only two options you have in this category. And you’ll combine them with monster parts to result in an elixir that will vary in strength and duration based on which fireproofing ingredient you choose and what monster bones or innards  you combine it with.

Fireproof Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZWpXxPAJu8

10. Chilly Recipes

Best for Enduring Hot Environments

Withstand the Heat of Battle with Chilly Recipes that Boost Heat Endurance

Chilly Recipe Stats 

  • Link can take the heat a bit better when you up his heat resistance ability with Chilly recipes. Available in Low and Medium strength recipes, the time they function  depends on the ingredients used.

What Chilly Recipes Excel In

  • These are the recipes you need to survive the sweltering Hylian sun. You’ll cook these to endure the Gerudo desert in the day, for example, before you have your proper lady-like Gerudo attire. 

How to Cook Chilly Recipes

Hydromelons, Cool Safflina, and Chillshrooms are the ingredients you can work with to boost Link’s heat resistance. This one has Low strength but lasts for 11:00. 

Chilly Veggie Rice Balls

  • 4 Cool Safflina
  • 1 Hylian Rice

Chilly Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqddPP8hQaQ

9. Spicy Recipes

Best for Enduring Cold Environments

Stay Warm by Slaying Lynels

Spicy Recipe Stats 

  • Boost Link’s cold endurance ability in Low or Medium strength recipes. These dishes will keep you from freezing for a little while if you need to venture into a cold area without the proper gear. 

What Spicy Recipes Excel In

  • These spicy recipes are mostly great early in the game when you don’t have such an expansive wardrobe. Link will need extra protection for the high elevations of Hyrule’s mountain ranges and other places as well, for example, the Gerudo desert at night. 

How to Cook Spicy Recipes

Spicy Peppers, Warm Safflina, Sunshrooms, and Sizzlefin Trout are what you’re going to cook up to gain a cold endurance boost from a spicy recipe. This one has the highest power and duration available with a Medium strength effect for 12:30. 

Spicy Fruit and Mushroom Mix

  • 4 Spicy Peppers
  • 1 Sunshroom

Spicy Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zk727ILmgA

8. Electro Recipes

Best for not Getting Electrocuted 

Avoid Shocking Surprises with Electro Recipes

Electro Recipe Stats 

  • Keep Link from seeing stars by boosting his electricity resistance with these Electro recipes. Low, Mid, and High strengths are available in electro recipes, and the time duration varies. 

What Electro Recipes Excel In

  • Again, most useful early in the game before you’ve acquired the Rubber Armor or the Thunderhelm. Until then, when you hear a thunderstorm coming or you meet an electric keese in the Lanayru province, grab an electro recipe to keep you grounded. 

How to Cook Electro Recipes

Between Voltfruits, Zapshrooms, Electric Safflina, and Voltfin Trout, your electricity resistance can be expertly crafted in one of these Electro recipes. Here are a few that have a good bit of duration and yield High strength results. 

Electro Fruit and Mushroom Mix

  • 4 Voltfruit
  • 1 Zapshroom

Strength: High

Duration: 17:30

Electro Mushroom Skewer

  • 5 Zapshrooms

Strength: High

Duration: 12:30

Electro Meat and Seafood Fry

  • 3 Voltfin Trout
  • 2 Raw Meat

Strength: High

Duration: 8:30

Electro Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNl7KqZM9pI

7. Mighty Recipes

Best for Temporarily Increasing Attack

Use a Mighty Recipe in Divine Beast Ganon Battles

Mighty Recipe Stats

  • You’ll get a Low, Mid, or High attack boost that will last for a set period of time based on which ingredients go in your Mighty recipes. If you’re rushing headlong into battle with a Lynel or an elemental Talus, an attack boost is probably a good plan. 

What Mighty Recipes Excel In

  • Mighty recipes do just what you’re hoping they will. They give you a temporary attack boost, making your highly skilled sword slashes deliver the maximum possible damage. If you’re the kind of player who wants to take out an enemy first, rather than lose less health in the process, get to cookin’ some mighty recipes. 

How to Cook Mighty Recipes 

Throw together a bunch of Mighty Bananas, Mighty Thistle, Razorshrooms, Mighty Carp, Mighty Porgy, or Razorclaw Crab to produce a temporary attack boost. Without the official Hylian Cookbook on hand, I can’t say precisely how many Mighty recipe options you have, but it’s a fair number. Here are some foundations, and you can strengthen your attack prowess as you see fit with your own recipes as you go. 

        Mighty Simmered Fruit         Strength    Duration

  • 1 Mighty Banana                      Low           0:50
  • 2 Mighty Bananas                    Low           1:40
  • 3 Mighty Bananas                    Mid            2:30
  • 4 Mighty Bananas                    High          3:20
  • 5 Mighty Bananas                    High          4:10

Mighty Herb Saute

  • 2 Mighty Porgy
  • 1 Mighty Thistle
  • 1 Bird Egg
  • 1 Goron Spice

Strength: High

Duration: 5:30

Mighty Seafood Rice Balls

Both of the follwing recipes result in this dish and both have High strength and 4:20 duration.

  • 2 Mighty Carp
  • 2 Razorshrooms
  • 1 Hylian Rice


  • 4 Razorclaw Crabs
  • 1 Hylian Rice

Mighty Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub9HOXPwsNs

6. Tough Recipes

Best for Temporarily Increasing Defense 

Up Your Defense Before Taking On a Molduga with a Tough Recipe

Tough Recipes Stats

  • Tough recipes also grant you a Low, Mid, or High boost in defense that will last for a set duration according to the ingredients you cooked with. Think of it as an invisible armor boost for all those Monumental Test of Strength shrines you’ll slay through before you manage to get the Ancient Armor. 

What Tough Recipes Excel In

  • Everyone’s got their own gamer style. Some people trend toward defensive boosts, and others want higher attack all the time. These robust recipes are for you if you’re the kind of player who sees the sense in boosting your defense and relying on your own sword skills. Cook up a Tough recipe right before going into a Bokoblin campground battle, for example, to soften the blow and lessen any damage taken. 

How to Cook Tough Recipes

Find a cooking pot and combine some Fortified Pumpkin, Armoranth, Ironshrooms, Armored Carp, Armored Porgy, or Ironshell Crabs. The list of recipes you can create from these ingredients is as copious as you’d imagine. Here’s a list of some basics, we’ll let you show off around the cooking pot during your own explorations.

         Tough Mushroom Skewer         Strength    Duration

  • 1 Ironshroom                                Low           0:50
  • 2 Ironshrooms                              Low           1:40
  • 3 Ironshrooms                              Mid            2:30
  • 4 Ironshrooms                              High          3:20
  • 5 Ironshrooms                              High          4:10

Tough Seafood Skewer

  • 5 Ironshell Crab

Strength: High

Duration: 4:10 minutes

Tough Salt-Grilled Fish

  • 1 Ironshroom
  • 1 Fresh Milk
  • 1 Rock Salt
  • 2 Armored Porgy

Strength: High

Duration: 4:50 minutes

Tough Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6yJOPnV0eI

5. Hasty Recipes

Best for Increasing Movement Speed

Gotta Run, No Time to Chat

Hasty Recipes Stats

  • Here we’re working with a group of recipes created from a set of ingredients foraged from around Hyrule that give a movement speed boost when cooked into a dish. When crafting Hasty Recipes, there are Low, Mid, and High Strength recipes, and each also has a particular  time duration. 

What Hasty Recipes Excel In

  • Hasty recipes are your best friend when you need to traverse a lot of ground on foot, rather than by sand seal or horseback. They’re also a first choice dish when you want to really max out your climbing speed.

How to Cook Hasty Recipes 

Hasty recipes can be crafted by cooking and combining any of the following ingredients, Fleet Lotus Seeds, Swift Violets, Swift Carrots, and Rushrooms. Here are a few that have max strength and decent duration.

Hearty Fruit and Mushroom Mix: 

  • 3 Fleet Lotus Seeds 
  • 2 Rushrooms

Strength: High

Duration: 5:00 minutes

Hasty Fragrant Mushroom Saute: 

  • 2 Fleet Lotus Seeds
  • 1 Swift Violet 
  • 1 Rushroom
  • 1 Goron Spice

Strength: High 

Duration: 5:30

Hasty Veggie Rice Balls:

  • 4 Swift Violets
  • 1 Hylian Rice

Strength: High

Duration: 5:00 

Hasty Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FIH6_WAFr0

4. Sneaky Recipes

Best for Going Stealth Mode 

Sneak Attack Like a Boss with Sneaky Recipes

Sneaky Recipe Stats 

  • Engage your ninja skills while traversing the Breath of the Wild terrain unseen by foes and prey alike with Sneaky recipes. Like all boosts that aren’t health or stamina related, there are Low, Mid, and High Strength recipes, and each also has a unique  time duration. 

What Sneaky Recipes Excel In

  • Sneaky recipes won’t let you down in the stealth category. Plus, a stealth boost makes it much easier to collect the insects and lizards you can use to craft elixirs in all the different boost categories. And, if you want to mount a wild horse or tame the Lord of the Mountain, sneaky recipes are what you need.

How to Cook Sneaky Recipes

Toss some Silent Princess, Blue Nightshade, Silent Shroom, or Sneaky River Snails into the cooking pot, and you’ll get a dish that delivers a stealth boost. As in all recipes, the strength of your meal and the time the effect will last depends on the quality and quantity of the ingredients used. Below are some dishes that will last a good while and give you a High strength effect.

Sneaky Fish and Mushroom Skewer:

  • 4 Silent Shrooms
  • 1 Sneaky River Snail

Strength: High

Duration: 10:00 minutes

Sneaky Fried Wild Greens:

  • 5 Silent Princess 

Strength: High

Duration: 10:00 minutes

Sneaky Steamed Fish:

  • 1 Silent Princess 
  • 2 Silent Shroom
  • 2 Sneaky River Snail 

Strength: High

Duration: 10:00 minutes

Sneaky Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfC0tG2I-Nk

3. Energizing Recipes

Best for Restoring Stamina 

Discover New Territory with Energizing Recipes

Energizing Recipe Stats

  • This is a recipe category where you can make your crafting choices count. Like when you’re mid-mountain climb, and that last bit of stamina is flashing red, you can grab an Energizing meal  and save yourself from crashing to certain death on the cliffs below. Different combinations of ingredients in varying quantities will yield skewers with distinct amounts of restored stamina.

What Energizing Recipes Excel In

  • Energizing Recipes are excellent at doing just what they say. That is, refilling those little green stamina wheels that seem to disappear so quickly while Link is adventuring around Hyrule. Whether you’re climbing, swimming, paragliding, or running, you need stamina and plenty of it. Unless, of course, you’re a fan of falling, drowning, crash landing, and generally dying, but hey, you do you, gamer. 

How to Cook Energizing Recipes

To cook Energizing Recipes, you’ll choose from the following ingredients, Staminoka Bass, Bright-eyed Crabs, Courser Bee Honey, or Stamella Shrooms. Of course, to list the cookbook worthy names of each of the potential combinations of these ingredients is the task of another article to be written another time. For now, we’ll stick to some basics of the Energizing recipes category.

Energizing Fish Skewers

Staminoka Bass offer such a substantial stamina boost that three  is the most you should cook to reap maximum benefit and avoid wasting this powerful ingredient. Any more only serves to up the hearts you also replenish but will not overfill stamina. 

  • 1 fish = 1 wheel
  • 2 fish = 2.2 wheels
  • 3 fish = 3 full wheels

Energizing Seafood and Glazes

Both Bright-eyed Crabs and Courser Bee Honey have the same stamina refilling values. The most important thing to remember is that you can cook them alone or together and create all kinds of gourmet treats. Here’s how they weigh out in terms of stamina.

  • 1 item = .4 wheel
  • 2 items = 1 wheel
  • 3 items = 1.6 wheels
  • 4 items = 2.2 wheels 
  • 5 items = 2.8 wheels

Energizing Mushroom Skewers

Stamella Shrooms are the least potent energizing ingredient, but they’re relatively plentiful, and they have a more robust benefit as you up their quantity in a recipe.

  • 1 shroom = .2 wheel
  • 2 shrooms = .4 wheel
  • 3 shrooms = .8 wheel
  • 4 shrooms = 1 whole wheel 
  • 5 shrooms = 1.4 wheels 

Energizing Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tdXwiySia0

2. Enduring recipes

Best for Restoring Stamina and Adding Extra Temporary Stamina 

Earn Additional Stamina Wheels and Reach New Heights with Enduring Recipes 

Enduring Recipes Stats

  • To fill your stamina wheel and then some, cook yourself some Enduring dishes. You’ll fill your existing stamina wheel(s) to full, and you’ll score some extra in the form of yellow stamina wheels. Once used up, these spare wheels won’t replenish like a regular green stamina wheel. Also, the amount of extra stamina you get comes in fifths. You can gain a fifth of a stamina wheel up to the whole wheel or more depending on what you set out to saute. 

What Enduring Recipes Excel In

  • Enduring recipes give you the added boost of energy you need to scale a jagged cliff face, swim out to an island, or paraglide down to your destination. Stamina and health are of equal importance in BOTW. So much so that you have to literally choose between the two each time you trade in 4 of the spirit orbs you’ve collected from completing shrines. Whipping  up these energizing dishes can make up the difference, especially in the earlier parts of the game when choosing health may seem more vital. 

How to Cook Enduring Recipes

Ready to create  some Enduring dishes? Some subtle considerations can be made here. We already established that we’re thinking of extra stamina in fifth-of-a-wheel size servings. So, for example, when cooking a single Endura Carrot, you’ll refill all your stamina plus earn ⅖ of an extra wheel. That’s fantastic for later in the game when you have 3 full stamina wheels regularly available. In the beginning, though, in the case of extra stamina, more really is always better. Here’s the breakdown of your ingredient options for taking this enduring delicacy to the max.

  • Endura Carrot - 5 Endura Carrots = 2 whole stamina wheels 
  • Endura Shroom - 4 Endura Shrooms = ⅖ stamina wheel (max possible)

You can see that Endura Carrots are the much stronger ingredient here. Also, take note that cooking 5 Endura Shrooms will not give you any additional stamina than cooking 4, so save your shrooms!

Enduring Recipes Details

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aps-meaCOO8

1. Hearty Recipes

Best for Restoring Health and Adding Extra Temporary Hearts

Rush Into Battle a Bit Braver with Additional Heart Containers from Hearty Recipes

Hearty Recipes Stats 

  • Sizzle up  any of the flora and fauna of Hyrule with the word Hearty in the name for a recipe that always completely refills your permanent heart containers and offers an upgrade of increased temporary yellow hearts. The number of temporary hearts you get varies by ingredient type and amount. 

What Hearty Recipes Excel In 

  • Hearty recipes excel in granting you the extra health you need to take out stronger enemies or survive intense situations. Some enemies, like the elemental Gannon battles inside each Divine Beast, will be a lot easier to face with a well-stocked pantry of Hearty Steamed Fruit.  

How To Cook Hearty Recipes 

As we said above, cooking any fruit, plant, or fish with the word Hearty in the name will result in a recipe that fills all heart containers and adds temporary hearts. As we well know by now, some meals are more nourishing  than others. Here’s a list of the Hearty ingredients and how many temporary heart containers each one grants. 

  • +5 hearts - 1 Big Hearty Radish 
  • +4 hearts - 1 Hearty Durian, Big Hearty Truffle, or Hearty Salmon 
  • +3 hearts - 1 Hearty Radish or Hearty Blueshell Snail 
  • +2 hearts - 1 Hearty Bass
  • +1 hearts - 1 Hearty Truffle 

It may seem obvious that you’ll want to cook up 5 Big Hearty Radishes to earn +25 temporary hearts. Here’s the thing though, that’s great at the beginning of the game when you only have a few heart containers. Later on, it can be a waste because the max number of heart containers, temporary or permanent, is capped off at 30. So, when you have 23 heart containers already, cook up a single Hearty Radish with a Hearty Bass, or a Big Hearty Truffle with a Hearty Blueshell Snail. These recipes will result in meals with fancy names not listed here, plus the not too shabby bonus of customized maximum heart containers. 

Hearty Recipes details:




Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWnkjs0KxsQ

Order up! It’s time to set the menu aside. These are my personal picks for the Top 11 BOTW Recipes. You’ll be cooking up a storm, or the electro-dish you need to avoid one, in no time. Loved this list of the Top 11 BOTW Recipes? You might also be interested in:

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