Top 10 Breath of the Wild Recipes with the Most Useful Buffs

Breath of the Wild Recipes
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What Are The Best Breath of the Wild Recipes?

Cooking in Breath of the Wild is extremely beneficial, as cooking and eating is the only way to replenish Link’s hearts. Also, cooking ingredients rather than eating them raw will give Link more hearts. Cooking meals and elixirs also allows you to add buffs, increase some stats, and gives Link a short resistance to elemental damage, making them a good thing to have in battles against tough opponents. Ingredients that will add buffs or increase stats will have an indicator that will help you understand what its effects are, so you won’t be entirely clueless.  

You can find recipes throughout Hyrule on signs or learn them from various folk in villages and stables. To cook recipes, Link must cook in a metal bowl over a lit fire. Stables always have these outside, and they’re usually always lit. Here are ten recipes to try if you haven’t already.

10. Energizing Fish Skewer

This recipe is good if you need a stamina boost

This recipe is quite simple to make. It will refill your Stamina Wheel while also restoring ten heart containers. This recipe would be useful if you were about to climb a mountain or about to Paraglide your way across Hyrule.

How to cook: To cook this, you will need to catch some fish (it doesn’t matter what fish) and pick some Stamella Shrooms. You can add up to five ingredients for one dish, adding more fish and shrooms will recover more hearts and allow the buff to last longer.

Where to find ingredients: Fish can be found throughout Hyrule in rivers and lakes. You can find Stamella Shrooms growing in the Hyrule Field region and the Great Plateau.

9. Tough Prime Meat and Rice Bowl

This recipe is good if you need a defense boost

This recipe replenishes six hearts while also boosting your defense for three minutes and twenty seconds. This dish is a good one to have in your inventory when you are up against a tough foe.

How to cook: this meal requires Ironshroom, Raw Prime Meat, Hylian Rice, and rock salt.

Where to find ingredients: Ironshrooms can be found growing in East and West Necluda regions. Raw Prime meat can be obtained by hunting boars, bucks and doe, and water buffalo. Link can cut grass in East Necluda to get Hylian Rice. Rock salt can be found by simply busting open ore deposits around Hyrule

8. Mighty Crab Risotto

If you see a metal bowl without a lit fire underneath, light it with a fire arrow and you’ll be able to cook there

This recipe recovers four hearts and boosts Link’s attack for up to four minutes and ten seconds. This dish would be useful when heading into a battle with a tough foe.

How to cook: for this dish you need a Razorclaw Crab, Hylian Rice, Goat butter, and rock salt.

Where to find ingredients: Razorclaw Crabs are easy to come by in the Necluda Sea region and can also be found on the beach in Lurelin Village. Hylian Rice can be cut from the grass in East Necluda. Goat butter can be purchased from the store in Kakariko Village, or the store in Rito Village. Rock salt is obtained from ore deposits.

7. Spicy Sautéed Peppers

This recipe is great to have when in cold regions

This simple dish is extremely useful when heading into colder regions if you do not have the proper clothing to keep Link warm. This dish grants Link resistance to cold temperatures for up to twelve minutes and thirty seconds, while also restoring five hearts.

How to cook: this dish is rather simple and just needs 5 Spicy Peppers.

Where to find ingredients: Spicy Peppers can be found in numerous locations including: The Great Plateau, the Gerudo Desert, and the Tabantha Frontier.

6. Chilly Steamed Fish

You can only cook over a fire if there is a metal bowl above it

This recipe will replenish five hearts and grant Link heat resistance for up to twelve minutes and thirty seconds. This allows him to travel into hot climates without burning alive, which is great for going out in the desert or to the Eldin regions.

How to cook: for this recipe, you will need Hydromelons, Chillfin Trout, and Cool Safflina. Adding more of these ingredients will have a stronger effect.

Where to find ingredients: the Chillfin Trout can be caught in cold waters. Hydromelon and Cool Safflina can be found out in the middle of the Gerudo Desert.

5. Fireproof Elixir

This recipe is useful early in the game before you can purchase heat resistant clothing

This elixir will prove to be one of the more important elixirs as it allows you to travel around Death Mountain without Link going up in flames; it grants fireproof protection for up to eleven minutes and fifty minutes, while also restoring three hearts.

How to cook: this elixir calls for Fireproof lizards, and Red ChuChu Jelly. The more Fireproof Lizards you put in this elixir, the stronger its effects will be (for example: you can put four Fireproof lizards in this elixir and one Red ChuChu Jelly for maximum effect).

Where to find ingredients: Fireproof Lizards can be found around or on rocks around the Eldin region, while Red ChuChu can be found on Death Mountain. If you need the fireproof elixir to get to Death Mountain, odds are you will not be able to find Red ChuChu just yet. In this case, you can shoot a regular Blue ChuChu with a fire arrow, and it will drop Red ChuChu Jelly. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

4. Electro Fruit and Mushroom Mix

Stables always have metal bowls over a lit fire, so head to the nearest stable if you need to cook

This dish grants high-level electricity resistance for up to twelve minutes and thirty seconds, while also replenishing five of Link’s hearts. This dish is very useful in the Gerudo Desert or against enemies who deals shock damage, as taking shock damage is one of the most frustrating things when going against enemies.

How to cook: this meal calls for Voltfruit and Zapshroom (you can add up to five ingredients, so you can add four Zapshrooms and one Voltfruit, or three Zapshrooms and two Voltfruits, etc., for stronger effects).

Where to find ingredients: Zapshrooms can be found growing under trees during storms. Voltfruit can be found in the Gerudo Desert on top of the cactuses that grow there.

3. Sneaky Fried Wild Greens

A good place to gather Sneaky River Snails is the Zora Domain in the pools where the Zora’s sleep

Sneaking up on enemies is a great way to deal some extra damage but being sneaking isn’t always the easiest thing to be. This dish grants Link an extra stealth boost, making him quieter for up to ten minutes.

How to cook: For this dish you will need a Blue Nightshade, Silent Princess, and a Sneaky River Snail. Add more of these ingredients for longer effects.

Where to find ingredients: The Silent Princess can be found near Kakariko Village as well as Korok Forest, Hyrule Ridge, West Necluda, and near all Great Fairy Fountains. The Blue Nightshade can be found in West Necluda and the Lanayru Great Spring. Sneaky River Snails can be found on riverbanks and ponds in West Necluda and are also abundant in Zora’s Domain.

2. Hearty Steamed Mushrooms

Adding temporary hearts is always a good thing

This simple meal can fully replenish Link’s heart containers while also adding three temporary hearts. This is a good meal to have in your inventory because, well, who doesn’t like extra hearts? You’re virtually indestructible.

How to cook: You will need a Hearty Radish and Hearty Truffle.

Where to find ingredients: You can find Hearty Radishes in Hyrule Ridge and East Necluda. You can also purchase one from Beedle at East Akkala Stable. You can find Hearty Truffles sometimes growing near trees in densely-forested areas across Central Hyrule and Necluda.

1. Hearty Fried Wild Greens

You can never have too many hearts

This recipe is one of the most valuable, as it fully replenishes your hearts AND gives Link an extra twenty-five extra hearts. Yes, twenty-five extra hearts. Talk about virtually indestructible.

How to cook: this recipe is simple and calls for five Hearty Radishes.

Where to find ingredients: Hearty radishes grow in Hyrule Ridge and East Necluda. 

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