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 What are the best weapons that you can get from early to late game?

There are over 100 different weapons in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out which weapon is best to use for the  situation. Not only that but it can  also be hard to figure out  where the best weapons are and how early you should try to get them. In this article I will try to explain where to find the best weapons and when to use them. 

Cobble Crusher (early)

Thunderblade (early)

Ancient Arrows (Early)

Master Sword (Mid)

Guardian Sword ++ (Mid)

Ancient Bladesaw (Mid)

Edge of Duality (Mid)

Savage lynel sword (Late)

Royal guards claymore (Late)

Mighty Lynel bow (Late)


Why is it important to use the right weapons?

The reason why it is important to use the right weapons is because certain weapons become stronger against certain enemies. Not only that but the later in the game you get the stronger the enemies become. It might become harder to hit faster moving enemies so having a good bow and arrow and getting in a good headshot can stop an enemy in its tracks allowing you to get some good hits in. 


1. Cobble Crusher (early)

The weapon itself is a large blunt hammer sword. 

The Cobble Crusher can be found in the Eldon Canyon and Eldon Mountains mostly in chests or resting on the ground. It is always a good idea to have at least one blunt weapon in your inventory for mining and fighting the stone Talus’, and this one is one of the better blunt weapons  to have. At the base of the mountain you can get fire resistant potions and then getting into Eldon is pretty easy and something you will need to do eventually anyway. The Cobble Crusher excels in-

  • Mining- The Crusher is a blunt weapon great for breaking rock to get gems that you can use to get rupees or upgrade clothes.
  • Defeating Stone Talus- the attack power of the Crusher is amplified when used against the stone talus which you encounter when exploring or when complete quests. 
  • Strong Charge effect- It is a two handed weapon so naturally the charge creates a wide circle and strong finishing swing. 
  • Base attack: 15
  • Durability: 30
  • Throw power: +5 attack


2. Thunderblade (early)

The weapon itself is a bright yellow sword with electricity surrounding it. 

The thunder blade is one of the many elemental weapons in the game. The thunder blade is a one handed weapon that produces electricity and can be found in the coliseum ruins and west Necluda. Elemental weapons are always useful no matter the element and each has that one extra useful skill but this sword's extra skill is more useful against trapping enemies. The blade excels in-

  • Stunning- Not only can it damage enemies with one swing but it can also stun enemies for a few seconds which you can use to continue hitting it until the weapon runs out of charge. It does not take long to charge back either. 
  • Traps- If you surround an enemy in metal weapons and drop the thunder blade on them the charge will use the metal weapons to continuously electrocute the enemy while you can either just stand and wait or hit it with a few arrows. 
  • One-handed- You can also use this weapon with a shield and because it's one handed it doesn’t take much time to quickly draw and start swinging. 
  • Base Attack: 22
  • Durability: 36
  • Throw Power: +5


3. Ancient Arrows (Early)

This weapon is an arrow with a head that is bright blue in color and glowing. 

Ancient Arrows are my favorite weapon in the game and pretty easy to get. You will need to unlock Akkala Ancient Tech lab which is a quest given to you from Purra. After you unlock the lab you just need a few common guardian parts which you can get from dead guardians and from the guardian scouts from within shrines , you will also need rupees. 

  • One Shot- One shot kill to standard enemies. 
  • Guardians- One shot kills all guardians when you shoot them in the eye. Even if you just hit the body, it depletes ⅓ of their HP. 
  • Long Range- You don't have to be near the enemy to shoot it, you just have to be able to see it. 
  • Attack Power: 50 against bosses and sub bosses only.


4. Master Sword (Mid)

This sword is the most seen sword in the zelda games. It looks like a regular sword but at its hilt there are purple wings. 

The master sword is naturally one of the more popular weapons in the game. All you need to get it is at least 13 hearts and a torch. It is in the Korok forest; just follow the main Quest: Hero’s Sword. It excels with- 

  • Doesn’t break- The master sword doesn’t break. It will lose energy and disappear from your inventory but after it regains its energy it will come back. 
  • Long Range- If you “throw” the master sword it will release an energy blast that does 50 damage. 
  • Double damage- when fighting Ganon and his minions it does double damage. 
  • Base Attack: 30 (60 Against Ganon and his minions)
  • Durability: 40 (It will come back after 10 minutes)
  • Throw Power: 50 (If you have full hearts)


 5. Guardian Sword ++(early)

This weapon looks like a dagger but it is bright blue and glowing. 

The Guardian sword ++ is another early game weapon because you cannot progress in the game without seeing this weapon. Whether you pick it up or not is up to you, though I would highly recommend it. You can find it in shrines with Guardian Scout IV which you will have to defeat to progress anyway. It excels in-

  • Tests of strength- Some of the shrines you will have to complete are tests of strength. The guardian sword's power is amplified against the guardian scout you will have to fight within these shrines. 
  • Guardians- If you happen upon a guardian early in the game I do feel sorry for you and I hope you at least have a guardian sword ++ on you because its power is amplified against this enemy as well.
  • Element resistant- Early in the game you will have to traverse a very stormy area in the game with constant thunderstorms and if you have a metal weapon it will attract lightning to you.  You will also have to traverse a fire area and the guardian weapons are resistant to fire as well. 


6. Ancient Bladesaw (Mid)

This weapon is basically a gaint blade saw that is glowing blue. 

Ancient Weapons are all great in both durability and power plus, they look awesome. The Ancient Bladesaw is found at Akkala Ancient tech lab and can be bought with rupees and Guardian parts. It excels with- 

  • Guardians- The Bladesaw’s power is amplified against the guardians and the more guardians you kill the more parts you can get to start working toward ancient armor which is super useful. 
  • Element resistant- Resistant against fire and electricity. 
  • Double Handed- 360 charge attack which is useful against big enemies and if your surrounded. 
  • Base Attack: 55
  • Durability: 50
  • Throw Power: +5


7. Edge of Duality (Late)

This sword is long and looks blunt. It is marked with shieka runes. 

The edge of duality is one of the strongest two handed swords in the game. It can be found in Hyrule Castle and west Necluda. The sword Excels- 

  • Double Handed- 360 charge attack which is useful against big enemies and if your surrounded. 
  • Attack Power- With an attack power of 50 it can destroy most enemies with just a few swings
  • Free- Unlike the last few weapons this one you simply have to find, there is not cost or special quest
  • Base Attack: 50
  • Durability: 35
  • Throw Power: +5


8. Savage Lynel sword (Late)

This picture depicts mant elements but the giant sword is the lynal sword. It is large, serated, and part axe. 

The Lynal weapons are all hard to get considering you have to fight a Lynal to get them but once you do, you have a very powerful weapon in your hands with both strong attack power and durability. The sword Excels- 

  • One Handed- One of the strongest one handed swords in the game. Because it is one handed not only can you use a shield with it but it is also faster than two handed and bows, which need a charge up of some sort. 
  • Strong- the enemy you have to get the sword from is one of the strongest enemies in the game and the sword is definitely a reflection of that
  • Ax- It is also an ax which means it is good at chopping down trees and getting materials. 


9. Royal guards claymore (Late)

This weapon is a lond and black sword. It is very wide at its base. 

The royal guards claymore is one of the strongest swords attack wise but the durability is very low. It is a two handed sword and it can only be found in Hyrule Castle so it is also difficult to get. The sword excels in-

  • Strong- although durability is low it is the strongest two handed sword with an attack power of 72
  • Double Handed- 360 charge attack which is useful against big enemies and if you're surrounded. 
  • Location- Hyrule castle is one of the hardest locations to explore with some of the most powerful enemies in the game. Finding this weapon in this location can definitely help with these enemies. 
  • Base Attack: 72
  • Durability: 35
  • Throw Power: +5


10. Mighty Lynel bow (Late)

The weapon in this picture we are focusing on is the bow in links hand. It is large and shoots multiple arrows. 

The mighty Lynel Bow is another Lynel weapon so it is difficult to get, however it is one of the more powerful bows in terms of damage ability. The attack power might be lower than some however it fires multiple arrows at a time while only consuming one arrow. The sword excels in- 

  • Long range- it is a bow so you only need to be able to see the enemy and aim to cause damage
  • Arrows- It fires more than one of any arrow while only consuming one.
  •  Range- The range is longer than other bows so you can fire from a greater distance. 
  • Base Attack: 20
  • Durability: 35
  • Range: 20
  • Multiple Arrows: 3

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