[Top 10] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Elixir Recipes

A Link in his natural habitat in the process of making an elixir.

What are Elixirs and why are they important??

Elixirs are drinks or potions that you can cook in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that can boost your stats temporarily. Food can also technically do this but food also gives you hearts so elixirs help you save the food for when you need hearts and give you boosts when you need a boost but no hearts because most elixirs don't give you hearts. Different elixirs give you different boosts, for example a chilly elixir protects you from the cold while a Mighty elixir will make you stronger. There are also clothes that can do this but most of them cost money while for elixirs you can farm the ingredients for free. At least until you get enough rupees to buy the clothes and upgrade them. 


1. Chilly Elixir


The Chilly Elixirs give you a temporary cooling effect, making you resistant to the heat. This can be extremely useful for when you are traveling in the desert and don’t have the outfit that resists heat yet. The monster part you use doesn't matter, however, depending on the icy bug you use can adjust the level of resistance. This is a great recipe because,

Chilly elixir details:

  • Convenient: If you just want to make a quick jaunt through the desert but don’t need the outfit quite yet you can temporarily resist the heat. 
  • Easy: The bugs are pretty easy to sneak up on and grab or you can purchase them from Beetle. 
  • Diversable: You can use any monster part; it doesn't need to be anything specific. 
  • Cold Darner + monster part = high resistance 
  • Winterwing butterfly + monster part = low resistance 


2. Electro Elixir

He’s electric.

The electro elixirs give you temporary resistance to the electricity. This can be helpful in the areas where it never seems to stop storming. It is also helpful against enemies who use eclectic weapons. You can use two different bugs for this elixir (Thunderwing butterfly or Electric Darner) and any monster part. 

Electro elixir detail:

  • Convenient: There is no easy way to get the electric resistant armor so the elixir comes in handy. 
  • Helpful: A good chunk of the game takes place in an area that never stops storming and may require some swimming so the elixir is important. 
  • Easy: Sneaking up on the bugs is easy plus you can buy them from Beetle. 
  • Electric darner + monster part = high resistance 
  • Thunderwing butterfly + monster part = low resistance 


3. Energizing Elixir

So… tired… almost… there…

The energizing elixir restores your stamina when you are running low. You need a restless cricket and any monster part. This elixir is useful for when you are low on stamina climbing, swimming or flying. It is also good for taming the more wild horses. Adding extra crickets and/or monster parts will help adjust how much stamina you get back.The crickets are skittish and kind of hard to get so you’ll need to be stealthy.

Energizing elixir details:

  • Buy: you can buy the crickets from Beetle if you don't want to hunt for them.
  • Quick: the elixir takes effect as soon as you drink it.
  • Adjustable: the amount of crickets and monster parts you put in will adjust how much stamina you recover 
  • One restless cricket + monster part = quarter stamina wheel
  • 4 restless crickets + monster part = one full stamina wheel


4. Fireproof Elixir

This boy is on fiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrre. 

The fireproof elixir is pretty self explanatory, it makes the user almost fireproof. I say almost because you can’t actually walk through fire without getting hurt. You can however walk through the Akkala land without catching fire. This elixir you will have to buy first. At the entrance to the Akkala area there is a stable with a lady selling them. After that though you can find fireproof lizards and cook them with monster parts to make your own.

Fireproof elixir details:

  • No limit: after you drink this the only limit is time. You are completely fireproof and can go anywhere in Akkala.
  • Quest: There is actually a quest in Akkala that takes you right to the lizards you need to find.
  • Buy: you can buy this elixir repeatedly from the woman selling them at the entrance to Akkala.
  • 2 fireproof lizard + monster part = 6:10 minutes
  • 1 fireproof lizard + monster part = 4:20 minutes


5. Hasty Elixir

For when you need a quick get away.

The hasty elixir is good for increasing movement speed which can be great for climbing. If you want to increase the time for this elixir add more monster parts. If you want to increase the level change the creature with the hasty effect. 

Hasty elixir details:

  • Easy: it’s not very hard to find or get the creatures 
  • Simple: you can use any monster part
  • Adjustable: you can adjust the recipe to adjust either time and/or level
  • Hot footed frog + monster part = high level
  • Hightail lizard + monster part = low level


6. Hearty Elixir

When you need a little extra love or life.

I particularly like this elixir and recipes similar to it because I love the extra hearts. This elixir, no matter how many hearts you have, will give you a full recovery plus extra hearts. This elixir was helpful to me when I was starting the game, especially because you only have three hearts and this elixir always gives a few extra.

Hearty elixir details:

  • Beginner: it's not hard to find the ingredients for this recipe and it is great for beginners.
  • Purchase: the easiest way to get the lizards is to buy them from Beetle.
  • Simple: you can use any monster part
  • 1 hearty lizard + monster part = full recovery +4 extra hearts
  • 4 heart lizards + monster part = full recovery +16 extra hearts


7. Mighty Elixir

He looks strong. I can be stronger.

The mighty elixir helps make your attack stronger for a period of time. This is very useful against stronger enemies like Lynels and mini-bosses. It is also useful in the beginning and when you have weaker weapons. It is also helpful if your playing style is, go in sword swinging with no shield, like me. 

Mighty elixir details:

  • Malleable: You can add other mighty ingredients to increase the effect or time
  • Simple: you can use any monster part
  • Easy: the beetles are easy to find. You can find them on trees in the Bronas forest. 
  • Bladed rhino beetle + monster part = low level 


8. Sneaky Elixir

Don’t be suspicious.

The sneaky elixir is self explanatory as well; it increases your stealth making you sneakier. This elixir is good when sneaking up on horses as well as sleeping monsters. There is a suit that does this as well but that is expensive and the elixir is free and easy to make. 

Sneaky elixir details:

  • Easy: this is probably one of the easiest to make because the bugs are the most easily found at night because they glow.
  • Simple: all you need is a firefly and any monster part.
  • Malleable: you can add other stealth creatures and ingredients to adjust the level and restore hearts. 
  • Sunset Firefly + monster part = low level


9. Spicy Elixir

So… cold…

This elixir helps in colder climates; it gives you cold resistance. Even if you have no clothes on, this elixir helps resist the cold. There are two versions of the elixir, low and high resistance. You can use either a winterwing butterfly or a cold darner and a monster part depending on how high you want your resistance to be. The creatures might be kind of tricky so make sure you’re sneaky. 

Spicy elixir details:

  • Adjustable: you can add more than one creature and/or monster parts to increase time. 
  • Simple: you can use any monster part.
  • Purchase: you can buy the creature from Beetle.
  • Sizzlewing butterfly + monster part = low resistance 
  • Warm darner + monster part = high resistance 


10. Tough Elixir

Defense! Defense! Defense! 

The tough elixir strengthens your defense. This elixir and mighty elixir are very similar in the fact that they are both better used in battle. The difference is your playing style. I tend to focus more on strong weapons than I do on strong shields and I do the same with elixirs. This elixir is good against a strong enemy and only requires a rugged rhino beetle and a monster part.

  • Tough elixir details:
  • Simple: you can use any monster part you have
  • Malleable: you can add other tough ingredients to increase level, time, or give you hearts. 
  • Easy: You can find the beetles on trees in Faron and Hyrule, just make sure to sneak. 
  • Rugged rhino beetle + monster part = low level

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