[Top 10] Hardest Breath of the Wild Shrines That are Fun

Hardest BOTW Shrines
It’s not all obvious puzzles, I’m afraid!

I’ll be 100 percent honest; I had no idea how much fun I’d have playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when I picked it up. I let it sit in its case for a while! But I don’t regret finally playing it through. BOTW is one of the most addicting games I’ve played in a while, and I love it. From colorful characters to fun minigames, there’s a lot to keep you busy, even after the credits roll. One of the best features is the shrines, dungeon-like puzzles scattered throughout the game. Below is a list of my 10 favorites, but don’t feel like they’re the only fun ones! See which ones are right for you!

10. Tawa Jinn Shrine (The Three Hinox Brothers/Tawa Jinn’s Blessing)

Where giants sleep.

In BOTW, there are monsters called Hinoxes scattered throughout the land of Hyrule, and defeating them can rein in big rewards. Three of these massive beasts are part of a Shrine Quest to reveal the Tawa Jinn Shrine. Take the Hinoxes out one by one to get the orbs from their necklaces and place them on the nearby pedestals to reveal the Shrine.

What’s fun about Tawa Jinn Shrine:

  • You get to fight Hinoxes, so big rewards three times over.
  • Shrine quests require a lot of strategy, giving you a chance to think things through.
  • The Tawa Jinn Shrine is one of the many Blessing Shrines that reward you for getting to it. It’s like a congratulations of sorts.

9. Ketoh Wawai Shrine (The Shrouded Shrine/ Ketoh Wawai’s Blessing)

Light the way

One of the more interesting shrines is nearly impossible without a trusty torch in hand. There are many treasures to be found and monsters to fight in the maze, but the victory ultimately comes when you reveal the hidden shrine.

What’s fun about Ketoh Wawai Shrine:

  • Surprises at every turn.
  • The shadow effect is really cool to play through.
  • Again, a Shrine with a Blessing, so you can feel great knowing you’ve completed it.

8. Ruvo Korbah Shrine (A Major Test of Strength+)

Oh, you thought it was over?

The Tests of Strength tend to be pretty straightforward: defeat a Guardian Scout to beat the shrine. Not so fast, though. For this DLC Shrine, you only have the One-Hit Obliterator, and what’s more, there’s a small maze filled with Scouts that you’ll need to defeat. Worry not, though. This fast-paced quest goes by in the blink of an eye.

What’s fun about Ruvo Korbah Shrine

  • Fast-paced battles
  • This one’s sure to keep your heart racing
  • The satisfaction of one-hit KOs

7. Mezza Lo Shrine (The Crowned Beast/Ancient Trifecta)

Bet you didn’t know you could ride an elk!

Kass plays his accordion all across Hyrule, and he usually has a song that leads into a shrine quest. The Mezza Lo Shrine is no different. This one has you ride not a horse, but an elk, to the soon to be familiar platform to awaken the shrine. The main catch: elk are more difficult to sneak up on. Make sure you have a sneaky elixir or two! Then use Magnesis and Stasis to complete to challenge in the shrine.

What’s fun about Mezza Lo Shrine:

  • The elk hunt is one of the shrines where critical thinking comes into play.
  • Kass always adds flair to an adventure with his songs’ hints.
  • More puzzles await after this quest!

6. Hila Rao Shrine (Watch Out For the Flowers/Drifting)

Crazy flower lady!!

One of the Hylians you’ll meet on your quest to beat the shrines in Magda, a woman who adores flowers, so much so that she watches over the flowers surrounding Hila Rao Shrine. Step on her maze of flowers too many times, and she’s sure to make you pay. Tread carefully around monsters and the local flora, then take on the straightforward Drifting challenge to claim the Spirit Orb.

What’s fun about Hila Rao Shrine:

  • The Chuchus add an extra level of strategy.
  • Let’s be honest, Magda’s reactions are kind of funny!
  • It’s one of the simpler Shrine Quests while also being one of the most entertaining.

5. Rohta Chigah Shrine (Stop to Start)

One thing after another!

This DLC Shrine, man… One of the most fun (and frustrating) quests in the game. After battling your way through enemies to reveal it, you need to use a combination of speed, Stasis, and Magnesis to get to that sweet Spirit Orb. Trust me, though, it’s worth it.

What’s fun about Rohta Chigah Shrine:

  • The initial battle to find the shrine it pretty action-packed.
  • This Shrine is sure to keep you on your toes.
  • The sweet satisfaction of completing the shrine is too great to miss.

4. Myahm Agana Shrine (Myahm Agana Apparatus)

It’s a matter of balance.

One thing I can say about this challenge, it can certainly be fun. It’s one of the few times the Switch’s motion controls are used. That said, don’t expect to get off easy. This seemingly simple puzzle can get incredibly frustrating! Might wanna take a few for this one.

What’s fun about Myahm Agana Shrine:

  • Switch Motion Controls!
  • Learning this early shrine makes later shrines like this a bit easier to manage.

3. Rona Kachta Shrine (Rona Kachta’s Blessing)

Guardians Galore!

The fun of this isn’t any quest or even any puzzle. It’s literally just surviving long enough to reach the shrine. The path is littered with old legless Guardians, and they’ll all try shooting you wherever you may be. Good luck with this one!

What’s fun about Rona Kachta Shrine:

  • Not the shrine itself, but the adventure to get there!
  • Bobbing and weaving around Guardian lasers
  • If your brave (and I don’t recommend this), you can get loads of rewards

2. Raqa Zunzo Shrine (The Undefeated Champ/Raqa Zunzo’s Blessing)

More than for the main quest, it would seem.

If you’ve been to Gerudo Town, you’ll know that sand seals are pretty common around the town walls. Well, doing a race with the champion of sand seal racing can actually net you a Shrine if you win. Better get practicing!

What’s fun about Raqa Zonzo Shrine:

  • Perhaps the most fun minigame in BOTW.
  • Sand seals get a new lease on their usefulness.
  • You get a blessing from Raqa Zonzo for winning.

1. Dila Maag Shrine (South Loemi Labyrinth)

Twists and turns abound.

If you love mazes, you’ll love the labyrinth quests. In total, there are three, and each one will give you pieces of barbarian armor. This one, in particular, is covered in Malice, so be careful where you walk.

What’s fun about Dila Maag Shrine:

  • The mini-adventure with skeletons and treasure chests
  • The twisting turning labyrinth

Adventure Never Ends

Even if you manage to complete all these shrines, don’t give up on the rest! There are over 120 shrines in total, so adventures are always out there. Give each shrine your best, and show Ganon who’s boss!

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