[Top 7] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Horses

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has many different mounts. This is just one of many.

Why are Horses important? Why is it important to use the right Horse? What are the best Horses that you can get from early to late game?

When exploring in Breath of the Wild simply running and gliding can seem really slow; especially when running to towers,shrines, and quest areas. Luckily, there is a faster way to travel. If you don't have any convenient teleport points, you can use horses. There are a lot of different horses in the game with lots of different stats as well. Some horses have maxed out speed while others have maxed out strength. Different horses are better in different areas depending on your playing style. Here are some of the horses you can get and where to find them-


1. Epona (Early)

Brown horse with a white main and white tail and white hooves. This is the horse of the legend of zelda franshise. It is seen in almost every game.

Epona is the best horse in the game stats wise however she can only be obtained with the corresponding amiibo. Epona is a classic Zelda horse so naturally she is the best horse to travel with especially if you are a classic Zelda player who prefers the original Zelda games. She excels in- 

Gentle: Not only is Epona four stars in all areas but she has a gentle temperament which cannot be said for the other strong horses in the game. 

Bond: Epona automatically has a maxed out bond with Link which makes travel much easier. 

Easy to Obtain: The only thing you need to obtain Epona is the Super Smash Bros. Link Amiibo or Twilight Princess Link Amiibo. You can also obtain her at any time after you get the paraglider and if you lose her for some reason you can get her again using the amiibo. 


Strength: 4 stars

Speed: 4 stars

Stamina: 4 stars

Temperament: Gentle


2. Lord Of The Mountain (Early)

This horse looks almost ghost-like with a light blue tint and feather antlers. 

The Lord of the Mountain is said to be the reincarnation of a sage that died on the mountain. You can find this holy creature at the peak of Satori mountain at night. It doesn’t spawn everyday but there should be a glow on top of the mountain when it is there. Although you can not register it in a stable and it will disappear if you stay dismounted for too long it is a nice ride for while you have it. It excels in- 

Stamina- the stamina of this creature is unlimited. No matter how many times you press sprint it will instantly recharge. 

Speed- Fastest rideable creature in the game. 

Appearance- It looks freaking awesome. It glows and is said to be a reincarnated sage which is really cool. 


Strength: N/A

Speed: N/A

Stamina: N/A

Temperament: N/A


3. Solid Color 5-3-5 (Mid)

Normal sized horse of solid color, this one in particular is all black. 

This Horse has both a maxed out stamina and strength making it good for battle or a quick get away. This horse can be found on a plato next to Lindor’s brow. This horse excels in- 

Appearance: This horse can come in a variety of colors so if you have one you want you simply have to reload or wait to find it.

Strength: Maxed out strength so it's great for battle.

Stamina: Maxed out stamina so it's great for escaping in a pinch. 


Strength: 5 stars

Speed: 3 stars

Stamina: 5 stars

Temperament: Wild


4. Solid Color 4-4-5 (Mid)

Normal sized horse of solid color, this one in particular brown with a white nose. 

The horse is a natural horse with maxed out stamina as well as high strength and speed. A great horse when it comes to overall stats. This horse can be found on the plato next to lindors brow. This horse excels in- 

Stamina: This horse has a maxed out stamina

Stats: Not only does it have a maxed out stamina but the other stats are almost maxed out as well at 4 stars.

Appearance: This horse can come in any color and is not limited to any one appearance. 


Strength: 4 stars

Speed: 4 stars

Stamina: 5 stars

Temperament: Wild


5. Solid Color 2-5-3 (Mid)

Normal sized horse of solid color, this one in particular is brown with a blonde mane. 

A favorite among many players, this horse is the fastest in the game with a maxed out speed of 5 stars. This horse can be found on the plato next to Lindors brow. Aim for the solid colored horses because the spotted ones are not the stronger horses. 

Speed: Maxed out speed, fastest horse in the game. 

Appearance: This horse can come in any color you want and if you want a particular color you can continuously reload to find it. 

Travel: Because it is the fastest horse it is a good way to travel around quickly, other than teleporting. 


Strength: 2 stars

Speed: 5 stars

Stamina: 3 stars

Temperament: Wild


6. Giant Horse (Late)

This is a very large horse with a black body and an orange mane. This horse is said to be Calamity Ganon's mighty stead. 

One of the biggest horses in the game and although not very fast it is one of the strongest. The Giant horse is great for battle. He can be found through a quest that will take you to the Taobab Grassland. You will need a lot of stamina or stamina recovering food for this horse. The Giant Horse Excels in- 

Size: This is the biggest horse in the game with the strength to match, perfect for going into battle. 

Stamina: It has no stamina. Once this horse reaches top speed it will not slow down.

Easter Egg: This horse is also known as Ganon’s horse. A fun easter egg that you can get without an amiibo unlike Epona. 


Strength: 5 stars

Speed: 2 stars

Stamina: –

Temperament: Wild


7. Royal White Stallion (Late)

This horse is all white. It is said to be a descendent of Princess Zelda's stallion. 

The White stallion is a descendent from Princess Zelda's horse and can be obtained through a quest which will take you to Saffola Hill. After you complete the quest you will also be given the royal saddle and bridle. You will need stealth armor or stealth food because this horse is very skittish. The horse excels in-

Stamina: Maxed out stamina

Easter egg: Another easter egg in Breath of the Wild that does not require an amiibo. A direct descendent of Princess Zelda's royal horse. 

Appearance: Obtaining this horse will give you the royal saddle and bridle set which you can put on any horse and if you put it on this horse it looks awesome. It makes you feel like royalty. 


Strength: 4 stars

Speed: 3 stars

Stamina: 5 stars

Temperament: Wild

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