[Top 5] Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Armors And How To Get Them

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Best Armor
Need stronger armor? Start hunting dragons.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features new outfit options for Link with gear that’s truly fit for a sword-swinging, realm-rescuing, legendary hero. Wanna know which armors are best for which quest? I’ve got your answers right here in this list of the Top 5 Best BOTW Armors, plus I’ll tell you how to snag them.  

5. Snowquill Armor 

Best for Bearing the Frigid Climate Necessary to Approach Vah Medoh

Go Shieldsurfing in your Snowquill Armor!

The Snowquill Armor makes Link impervious to the cold. Made in the traditional style of the Rito people, this armor is the key to Link being able to withstand the bitter, gusting wind and frigid temps of the ascent to Vah Medoh. Rito Champion Revali has his doubts about Link’s mettle in any case, but the armor at least gives him the reassurance that Link’s weak and inferior human form won’t fail in the freezing skies.

Snowquill Armor Stats 

  • The set consists of the Snowquill Headdress, Snowquill Tunic, and Snowquill Trousers. 
  • Each piece in the set has a base level defense of 3 and can be upgraded 4 times at a Great Fairy Fountain to a max defense level of 20 per item with a standard overall max defense of 60 for the set.
  • Each piece increases cold resistance, but the set bonus for the Snowquill Armor is really its standout feature. When upgraded at a Great Fairy fountain to Level 2, the set renders Link unfreezable. A phenomenal capacity when you’re battling ice foes in the snow strewn landscapes of the Hebra Mountains, for example. 

What Snowquill Armor Excels In

  • Snowquill armor excels in its aforementioned ability to keep Link from freezing his tail off, literally. But that means that the cold resistance it offers is useful in many of Hyrule’s raw and unforgiving cold zones. Mountain peaks from Hebra in the Tabantha Region to Lanayru in its namesake region, are snow-capped in Hyrule, so you’ll find plenty of use for this  set in making your ascent at any of them. Plus, you’ll appreciate the set’s warmth in other areas of the Hylian wilderness, like the Gerudo Desert at night. 

How To Get Snowquill Armor

All 3 pieces of the Snowquill Armor can be purchased at the Brazen Beak Armor Shop in Rito Village. You’ll make shopkeeper, Nekk, 2150 rupees richer in exchange for the trio. 

Snowquill Armor Details

Youtube Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A6sDw3fgGM

4. Zora Armor

Best for Climbing Waterfalls and General Swimming About in Hyrule’s Waterways

Use Spin Attack on Water Foes

The Zora Armor makes Link into a sort of mer-hero who can swim like a fish-person for further distances while using less stamina. The armor’s chest piece was handcrafted by the Zora King’s daughter, Mipha, especially for the man who would be her husband. Unrequited love? Only Link and Mipha truly know.

Zora Armor Stats 

  • The set consists of the Zora Helm, Zora Armor, and Zora Greaves. 
  • Each piece in the set has a base level defense of 3 and can be upgraded 4 times at a Great Fairy Fountain to a max defense level of 20 per item with a standard overall max defense of 60 for the set.
  • Each piece increases swimming speed, but the helm lets you perform a spin attack in the water, and the Zora armor chest piece lets you swim upstream climbing waterfalls.
  • The Zora Armor has a set bonus, too. With all 3 elements upgraded to level 2, Link gets dash stamina up. That means the amount of stamina used to dash while swimming actually decreases. 

What Zora Armor Excels In

  • Zora Armor excels in all things aquatic. Climbing waterfalls is (quite obviously) one of my favorite perks of this armor. For starters, it’s incredibly cool to see Link swim up a waterfall. Not to mention the epic dives he can take from the top once you reach it. It’s also a useful and easy way to tread water in all of Hyrule’s many and varied lakes and rivers, even in seemingly unlikely locales like the jungle terrain of Faron Province.
  • The spin attack granted by the Zora Helm is also a pretty awesome bonus from this set that already has excellent abilities. This is precisely the classic move we wanted from a Zora set, and BOTW delivers.

How To Get Zora Armor

  • To acquire the chest piece, you’ll activate Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Ruta by talking to King Dorphean. He will give Link the armor crafted for him by Princess Mipha. 
  • You’ll get the greaves by completing Side Quest: Lynel Safari.
  • The helm can be found in a chest at the bottom of Toto Lake. You’ll use magnesis to draw it up from a pool there. 

Zora Armor Details

Youtube Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_IOeyydaoE

3. Climbing Armor

Best for Exploring the Mountainous Majesty that is the Hylian Landscape

Watch That Stamina Wheel When Climbing!

The Climbing Armor allows  Link to make the most of the game’s incredibly vast climbing simulations. In the most detailed version of this realm we’ve ever explored as players, Link can climb pretty much any surface in the game. There are limitations, like ultra-sharp angles and the dreaded rainfall that always occurs mid-climb. But the game also gives you the incentive to explore in this rugged, hands-on way with the Climbing Armor. The lore of the set says that Link’s extraordinary climbing capacities while wearing it are due to the gear being made with the use of ancient technology.

Climbing Armor Stats 

  • The set consists of the Climbing Bandanna, Climbing Gear, and Climbing Boots.
  • Each piece in the set has a base level defense of 3 and can be upgraded 4 times at a Great Fairy Fountain to a max defense level of 20 per item with a standard overall max defense of 60 for the set.
  • All of the climbing gear makes Link a better climber on its own, plus the set has a sweet bonus. Link uses less stamina for climbing jumps after all three pieces have been upgraded at a Great Fairy fountain to Level 2. Basically, this set makes any face of the mountain accessible (or any wall, spire, tree, crumbling ruins, stable, etc.-- you get my drift). 

What Climbing Armor Excels In

  • Climbing Armor is Link’s (and your) invitation to get to know the sprawling splendor that is the Hylian realm, and it excels in facilitating adventure. Some of the game’s most joyful and frustrating moments come from Link’s ascents, descents, and attempts to circumvent various obstacles in the environment while climbing. This armor is an opportunity to marvel at the magnificent details and beauty that abound in BOTW’s landscapes. Not to mention, scaling the nearest peak or elevation and paragliding to your point of interest gives you access to as-the-crow-flies shortcuts to all kinds of destinations.

How To Get Climbing Armor 

Each piece is found in separate shrines near the villages of Hateno and Kakariko:

  • Climbing Bandana - Ree Dahee Shrine
  • Climbing Gear - Chaas Qeta Shrine
  • Climbing Boots - Tahno O’ah Shrine 

Climbing Armor Details

Youtube Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbimR_oFk4A

2. Ancient Armor

Best for Destroying Guardians

No Need to Run From Guardians with Ancient Armor Equipped

Ancient Armor is forged by the blue flame of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Made from the inner workings of the guardians you’ve destroyed (and from plenty of your hard-earned rupees), this armor levels the playing field and grants Link the power to face off against Gannon’s army of ancient giants. 

Ancient Armor Stats 

  • The set consists of the Ancient Helm, Ancient Cuirass, and Ancient Greaves.
  • Each piece in the set has a base level defense of 4 and can be upgraded 4 times at a Great Fairy Fountain to a max defense level of 27.
  • Alongside the Soldier set and the Of the Wild set, the Ancient Armor has one of the 3 highest defense stats of the game. When all 3 elements are completely maxed out, this armor has a max defense level of 81 overall. 
  • Each piece by itself increases your resistance against Guardians, but you get a set bonus as well. With a level 2 Great Fairy upgrade for each item, the Ancient Armor activates Ancient Proficiency, which increases attack with both ancient and guardian weapons. 

What Ancient Armor Excels In  

  • Ancient Armor excels in making Link a super Guardian slayer. Seriously, the attack power it grants makes taking down Guardians so easy it’s almost like a cheat. Don’t get me wrong, you pay for it and earn it by the time you have all the necessary parts and rupees (unless you actually use a cheat). Still, it’s almost laughable how little damage Link takes in battle against the Guardians if you take advantage of the upgrades available with this unparalleled armor set.

How To Get Ancient Armor

  • Head for the Akkala Tech Lab, and Robbie will send you back out for round two of carrying the blue flame up the hill. 
  • With the sapphire sparks ignited, Cherry, as he affectionately refers to the ancient oven, will offer you a menu of ancient gear she can cook up for you (including some remarkable weaponry).
  • Here’s what the 3 components of the Ancient Armor will run you in Guardian parts. After you part with 2,000 rupees apiece, that is. 

Ancient Helm 

  • 20 Ancient Gears
  • 5 Ancient Shafts 
  • 3 Ancient Corea

Ancient Cuirass 

  • 20 Ancient Gears
  • 5 Ancient Screws
  • 3 Ancient Cores 

Ancient Greaves

  • 20 Ancient Gears
  • 5 Ancient Springs
  • 3 Ancient Cores

Ancient Armor Details

Youtube Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYgkSk38OLY

1. Stealth Armor

Best for All.The.Time.Everything + Sneak Attacks and Hunting Prowess)

Stalk Your Prey in Stealth Armor

My personal favorite go-to gear for adventuring, in first place on our list, the Stealth Armor. This armor lets Link slink around Hyrule virtually unseen and in utter silence. The stealth armor is also called the Sheika Set, due to being imbued by the mysterious tribe with their signature ninja-like air of invisibility through the use of unique fabrics. Keep an eye on your noise level indicator to see how covertly you’re able to advance on enemies and take out prey, as well as capture wild horses and sand seals alike. 

Stealth Armor Stats 

  • The set consists of the Stealth Mask, Stealth Chest Guard, and Stealth Tights. 
  • Each piece in the set has a base level defense of 2 and can be upgraded 4 times at a Great Fairy Fountain to a max defense level of 17 per item.
  • All that clandestine creeping about has a price, with a max total of only 51 combined, this is one of the lowest defense levels of armor in the game. 
  • Each individual item increases your stealth, but you get an ultra-useful added set bonus of increased movement speed at night once all three elements have been upgraded to Level 2 with a Great Fairy.

What Stealth Armor Excels In

The Stealth Armor is easily one of Link’s most versatile options. Here’s what you’ll be all the more excellent at when wearing the set

  • Sneak attacks. Especially when enemies are sleeping, but even when they aren’t, with this armor, you can get close enough to take out a whole camp of Bokoblins before they even know they’re in danger. 
  • Hunting. Become a master huntsman by donning these covert coverings, and your prey will never see or hear you coming. 
  • Capturing and taming. While you could technically sneak up on a wild horse or a sand seal without the Stealth Armor, it makes both tasks a lot easier. Thinking of taming the Lord of the Mountain or mounting a Lynel? Without your stealth armor, you’re unlikely to get close enough to try either of these feats. 
  • Collecting wildlife. You’ll need sunset fireflies, restless crickets, fireproof lizards, and the like, for various quests and elixir mixing throughout the game. The Stealth Armor lets you grab and go incognito. 

How To Get Stealth Armor

  • All 3 pieces from this set are sold at Enchanted, the clothing shop in Kakariko Village. Shopkeeper Claree rakes in 1,800 rupees in selling it to you.

Stealth Armor Details 

Youtube Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkB4sZg56s&t=342s

All done, now get dressed! These are my personal picks for the Top 5 Best BOTW Armors. With the low-down on what to wear and how to get the gear, you can trek around Hyrule dressed for success. Loved this list of the Top 5 Armors from BOTW? You might also be interested in: 

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