[Top 10] Zelda Breath of the Wild Best Things To Sell For Fast Money

Come at me! I'll sell your parts for money.

How effective is selling items for money?

Selling items for money can be very effective if you know what to sell and who to sell to. Some of these items only get you a large amount of money if you sell to the right NPC. Some items can be sold at any vendor for a set amount but in some side quests NPCs can give you more than a vendor for specific items.

What items are best to sell for money?

The best items to sell are gems, bugs and pretty much anything that you can get an abundance of like monster parts and apples. Even if the item isn't worth much, it adds up fast because of how many you can get. Here are some more specific examples: 


1. Baked Apples

A baked apple looks just like an apple except slightly browned, as pictured here. 

Baked apple is a simple recipe that just uses apples, which can be found almost everywhere. They can also be cooked quickly in eldin if you just put them on the ground. While baked apples are not worth much to a normal vendor, to Juley in Rito village, they are worth a lot. After you complete the quest “apple of my eye” if you give her 100 baked apples at once she will give you 1200 rupees.

  • Quantity: Apples are everywhere. And cooking them isn’t hard. If you don't want to cook them one at a time just throw them on the ground in Eldin and they cook on their own.
  • Quest: The quest to get the most money for baked apples isn't hard. You just need flint and baked apples.
  • Simple: the recipe for baked apples is probably the easiest meal in the game. You just cook a single apple.
  • Apples can be found on apple trees which can be found in most forested areas. Baked apples can be made by just cooking one apple or placing the apple on the ground in Eldin.


2. Flint

Flint looks kind of like a grey conch shell, as pictured here. 

Almost every time you go mining, whether it is common ore deposits or rare ore deposits, you can get flint. If you mine every deposit you see you will amass quite the collection of flint which you can sell to Jugo in Rito village. Depending how much you sell to him at once will depend on how many rupees he gives you.

  • Quantity: this is probably the most common mineral found when mining any stones.
  • NPC: The amount of money you can get for this item is increased with a specific NPC, Jugo in Rito village.
  • Beginner: easy to find early in the game.
  • Flint can be found in any ore deposit.


3. Luminous stones 

Pictured here,  is a luminous stone ore deposit. It looks like most ore deposits during the day but at night it glows this green-blue color. 

Luminous stone is another easy to find mineral. Luminous stone deposits glow so in the dark they are easy to spot. They are also very common so you get a lot very quickly. You can trade them with someone in Rito, 10 luminous stones for a diamond, which you can sell for 500 but if you just sell the 10 stones you will get 700.

  • Easy: easy to find, glows in the dark.
  • Quantity: most commonly found, these ore deposits are pretty much everywhere.
  • Beginner: easy to find and get early in the game.
  • Luminous stones can be found in luminous ore deposits. They glow blue at night and during the day they are a dull blue-gray. 


4. Sapphire 

Sapphires are dark blue rocks, as pictured here. 

Sapphires are good to sell in the beginning of the game because you don't need them for clothes upgrades until later in the game. You can however sell the Sapphires to get rupees to buy clothes as well as to unlock great fairies. 

  • Price: Sapphires are the most expensive gems, under diamonds, at 260 rupees each.
  • Beginner: you don't really need these gems early in the game so you can just sell them.
  • Monster: these gems are ones that monsters drop so not only can you mine for them but you can get them from white monsters too.
  • Sapphires can be found in rare ore deposits. They look like common ore deposits but have gold highlights.


5. Ruby 

As pictured here a ruby is a bright red rock. 

Rubies are another rare gem that are great to sell in the beginning of the game because you don't need them for upgrades until later. Again, you can sell them for rupees which can be used to buy useful armor and unlock fairies. 

  • Price: this gem is 210 rupees, the third most expensive.
  • Beginner: another gem you don't really need in the beginning of the game so you can just sell them.
  • Monster: these gems are also dropped by white monsters as well as the stone talus’.
  • Rubies can be found in rare ore deposits. They look like common ore deposits but have gold highlights.


6. Topaz 

As pictured topas is a gold stone. 

Topaz is the last of the rare stones that I will talk about here. They are great for beginners to sell because you don't need them until later and can use the rupees for clothes and fairies. 

  • Price: though it is the least expensive rare gem it is still 180 rupees and probably the most commonly found rare gem.
  • Beginner: another gem that isn't much use early in the game so you can just sell it.
  • Monster: another monster drop from white monsters and talus’.
  • Topaz can be found in rare ore deposits. They look like common ore deposits but have gold highlights.


7. Energetic rhino beetle 

The Energenic Rhino Beetle is a bright yellow beetle, as pictured here. 

Energetic Rhino beetles are worth the most out of all the beetles. You can trade the beetles with Beetle for different items but these beetles would be best just sold to a basic vendor for30 rupees each. 

  • Price: The most expensive beetle in game.
  • Beginner: the beetle is not really useful in the beginning and unless you have a specific armor set you can just sell them.
  • Visible: it is bright yellow so, while rarer it is easy to see.
  • The beetles can be found on trees and in the grass in Akkala and West Necula. 


8. Monster parts

Pictured here is a Bokoblin, which is a common type of monster that will give you monsters part that you can sell. I looks like a pig with a human form. 

Monsters are everywhere and each monster drops at least 3 parts and if you kill every monster you see you get a lot of monster parts very fast. Though the common ones aren't worth much, the amount does add up very fast. Plus the more rare monster parts are still pretty common and worth more.

  • Quantity: the amount of monsters you defeat is very large and you get about 3 parts per monster so while the parts are not all very expensive they add up fast.
  • NPC: Kilton is an NPC that deals in monster parts and while he doesnt give you rupees he does give you mon which can be used to buy useful things from his store like armor.
  • Price: while the more common monster parts like moblin horns and fangs the rarer monster parts are worth much more but still pretty common.
  • You can find monster parts by destroying monsters.  The monster parts will drop and depending on the monster you can get other loot too.


9. Meat Skewer

Pictured here is the full recovery meat skewer that is worth the most money. It looks like all meat skewers, meat on a stick, the expencive part is the full recovery bonus. 

The specific meat skewer pictured above is the one worth the most. This meat skewer is not only good to sell but to replenish hearts too. Hunting is relatively easy for bigger animals, which is where you get the meat for this skewer, you just need to be sneaky and use a good bow and arrow and aim for the head.

  • Common ingredients: the meat used in this meat skewer is very common- wolves.
  • Simple: the recipe is very simple. You just need 5 pieces of raw gourmet meat or for a little less rupees 5 pieces of raw prime meat.
  • Beginner: hunting for meat is something any level of player can do. From early in the game to late in the game.
  • You can find the raw gourmet meat from the bigger animals and you need 5 to make this skewer to sell for 310 rupees.


10. Ancient parts

Pictured here is the most common gaurdian, often found in shrines. If you kill one of these it will give you parts that you can sell for money. 

Guardian parts are great for getting rupees fast because of how many you get. The guardian scouts are very common in shrines so you get a lot of parts very quickly by just exploring. You can also get them from decaying guardians and destroying other guardians. Though you can use the parts to get weapons and armor from Robbie after unlocking the Aklala tech lab, until then, you can sell them. 

  • Common: guardians are enemies that you have to fight one way or another and the parts you get might not be worth a lot but the amount adds up fast.
  • Unavoidable: the guardians can be found in shrines which all players need to go through to get stronger in the game.
  • Beginner: the guardian scouts are relatively easy to defeat enemies so players just starting out can get these parts pretty quickly.
  • You can find these from decayed, decaying guardians, walking guardians, and guardian scouts.


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