[Top 10] BOTW Best Recipes and How to Get Them

BOTW Best Recipes
He can fight AND cook?

He may not look the part, but given the right ingredients, Link can be a regular Gordan Ramsey! Okay, maybe not that good, but the Hero of the Wilds can certainly give it a shot. In Breath of the Wild, there’s plenty for Link to chop, sear, and freeze into one-of-a-kind recipes, and this article will be the cookbook for the most impressive meals. Well… get cooking!

10. Hearty Simmered Fruit

These pointy guys pack a punch!

There will be times on your adventure when your max hearts just aren’t enough, whether it be because of boss fights or strong Lynels. These Durians, when cooked together, will increase your health beyond its maximum. Be careful, though: you can’t regenerate these extra hearts!

Why Hearty Simmered Fruit is Great:

  • Extra hearts!
  • All those hearts come with a maximum health regen!

Hearty Simmered Fruit Details:

  • You can get the same effect from Big Hearty Radishes.

How to Make Hearty Simmered Fruit:

  • You’ll need Hearty Durians, which can usually be found around Lake Floria.
  • Even just one will give you extra hearts, but you’ll get more the more Hearty Durians you use

9. Electro Elixir

Shocking surprises!

One of the most dangerous types of enemies in all of Hyrule has to be electric enemies. They’re powerful, they’ve got enormous range, and sometimes there are just too many in one area. If you go in without an Electro Elixir, you’ll get zapped into another 100-year slumber. It’s dangerous to… actually, you know the rest.

Why Electro Elixirs are Great:

  • They make you resistant to electricity...go figure!
  • With the right ingredients, they can even restore some health.

Electro Elixir Details:

  • Electric-type monsters will drop lots of ingredients for elixirs.
  • Remember that you aren’t Immune to electric damage; you should still be careful.

How to Get Electro Elixirs:

  • Combine monster parts and insect parts to get elixirs.
  • At least one component needs to be electric.
  • The rarer the ingredients, the better the elixir

7. Sneaky Mushroom Skewer

They’ll never catch you…

There be plenty of times you’ll need to sneak around to get to hard-to-reach places, or maybe just get the jump on enemies. Thankfully, you can use sneaky foods, like the always reliable Sneaky Mushroom Skewer, to accomplish this. Don’t mix food effects, or you’ll get nothing from your meal!

Why Sneaky Mushroom Skewer is Great:

  • Filling meal that restores lots of hearts
  • You can get lots of places quietly.

Sneaky Mushroom Skewer Details:

  • There are a lot of Sneaky Mushrooms all around Hyrule, so you won’t run out of ingredients.
  • You can use meat in this recipe for more restored health.

How to Get a Sneaky Mushroom Skewer:

  • Cook up as many Sneaky Mushrooms as you want when you find a pot

6. Fish And Mushroom Skewer

There’s nothing like being full up on health.

Let’s be honest, in BOTW, you’re not always gonna have the right equipment, and that can sometimes leave you in bad way when it comes to health. Instead of limping to the nearest inn, you should always have some decent restorative food with you, and this variation of Fish and Mushroom Skewer is an essential part of your arsenal.

What’s Great About Fish and Mushroom Skewer:

  • You can make it out of any fish and any mushroom.
  • Great for heart restoration

Fish And Mushroom Skewer Details:

  • Not all skewers are created equal. My favorite has Staminoka bass, Zapshroom, and Fleet-Lotus Seeds.

How to Get Fish and Mushroom Skewer:

  • Fish can be found in most bodies of water, and mushrooms are all around Hyrule.

5. Tough Milk

Pesky Lynels

Some enemies are gonna pack a punch if they hit you, and sometimes your armor might not be up to the challenge. In the case of this, defense bolstering recipes can save your skin during these battles. Tough Milk seems kind of… odd, but trust me, it’s worth it.

What’s Great about Tough Milk:

  • Boosts defense for about three minutes, which is fantastic.
  • You’ll restore a few hearts too.

Tough Milk Details:

  • It took some researching (and some Game Over’s) for me to find the value in defensive food while I was playing. Don’t make my mistake!

How to Get Tough Milk:

  • Unfortunately, neither ingredient in Tough Milk can be found in the wild. You can buy Pumpkins in Kakariko Village and Milk from most stores around Hyrule.

4. Mighty Elixir

Hit ‘em with the one-two combo!

I know, I know. We just went over defending ourselves. But come on, sometimes the rush of battle is too great to ignore. Sometimes it’s the only way forward. Instead of chipping away slowly at HP, lay that dude out!

What’s Great About Mighty Elixir:

  • Grants a power boost to wreck enemies
  • As always, using a fairy will give a max health boost to your elixir.

Mighty Elixir Details:

  • As you can guess, any bug that says it deals with attack power can be used.
  • Fairies, if possible!!

How to Get a Mighty Elixir:

  • Using a Mighty Horned Beetle tends to give decent results when used in the recipe, but any Mighty insect will do
  • Make sure you use decent monster parts.

3. Energizing Glazed Meat

Some of this work sure is draining.

In BOTW, there’s lots of physical activity, from climbing to running to swimming (a full workout). If you get caught with your stamina gauge depleted, you can fall from dangerous heights and even drown! If you’re ever in a pinch, you can eat some stamina replenishing food. These meals can be hard to come by, so stock up when you can.

What’s Great About Energizing Glazed Meat:

  • Restoration of stamina, a hard-to-find boost!

Energizing Glazed Meat Details: 

  • With any meat-related meals, the better the cut, the more hearts you’ll get back.

How to Get Energizing Glazed Meat:

  • You can get meat from wild animals.
  • Scare bees away from their nests with fire (be careful not to burn the nest!) and grab the hive.

2. Spicy Pepper Seafood

The cold ain’t no joke!

It’s unfortunate how there isn’t much in the way of cold weather gear in Hyrule, but luckily you don’t have to rely on just peppers to keep warm. Spicy Pepper Seafood is a great way to stay warm in the colder parts of Hyrule. Like always, you can use any fish, but some fish may suit your needs better than others.

What’s Great About Spicy Pepper Seafood:

  • You’ll get much-needed warmth in frozen parts of Hyrule.
  • Three minutes of warmth, to be precise.

Spicy Pepper Seafood Details:

  • Spicy Peppers tend to pop up in forests and around frozen parts of Hyrule.
  • You can use any fish for this, but Hyrule Bass is probably the easiest.

How to Get Spicy Pepper Seafood:

  • Hyrule Bass can be found just about anywhere, so grab some fish and peppers and get cooking.

1. Fairy Tonic

Can you guess where the balls of light hang out?

This excellent tonic can come in handy in a pinch, especially if Mipha’s Grace hasn’t been unlocked or recharged. Aside from the standard full restore that potions with fairy magic have, You get an extra six hearts on top of that. How considerate of them!

What’s Great about Fairy Tonic:

  • All the extra health you could wish for!!!

Fairy Tonic Details:

  • While it won’t give you anything in the way of special effects, the health is nice.
  • You can only carry 11 fairies at a time, but that should be plenty.

How to Get Fairy Tonic:

  • Fairies hang out around Great Fairy Fountains, so sneak up on them to collect them.
  • The other items are standard drops when fighting Bokoblins (Horns and Fangs)

After All This Food Talk…

When the cooking is done, and bellies are full, you’ll feel all powered up for your adventure. The thing is, there’s a whole bunch of other recipes out there. Why not make it your journey to become the ultimate chef?

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