The Top 5 Best Super Mario Games for PC

Best Mario Games for PC
Emulation is risky. Never forget to delete your Bowser History.

The Top 5 Best Super Mario Games for PC

Everybody and their grandmother knows Mario.  Not everybody however has the time or money to track down and purchase every Nintendo console and their exclusive games.  Fortunately for such a demographic, emulation is a free, albeit risky alternative. Below are the best Mario games to emulate on PC.

This list of “must-play” Mario games ranges from the NES era of games to the Nintendo 64.  This signifies the early years of Mario, and the games that established him so well.  In addition, these emulators are much less demanding on any given computer.

Links will also be included to present websites in which to download the emulators, and ROM’s necessary to play.

5. Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3 Gameplay Video

Mario Party 3 is the last of the Mario Party games to be released on the Nintendo 64.  With a larger cast, and more minigames than the first two Mario Party games, Mario Party 3 is arguably the best of the bunch.  It also added a Duel Mode to separate the Super Stars from the Bowsers.

Mario Party 3 is the first game in the series to add more characters in the form of Waluigi and Daisy.

Mario Party 3 has a total of seventy-one minigames. More than any Mario Party before.

Nintendo 64 Emulator:

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