The Top 25 Best Platform Games (Best Platformer Games of Today)

best platform games
What are the best PC games that feature the platforming genre? We'll let you know!

25 Best Platformers To Play Right Now

Platform games have been the backbone of gaming since nearly the beginning.

What Super Mario Bros popularized back in the NES days started a revolution that continues to this day, and if you're a PC gamer, there are a lot of platforming games to play.

Check out our list of the Top 25 Best Platform Games Ever Made for PC.

25. Expandabros

If you're looking for an over-the-top platforming and shooting adventure, then you need to look no further than Expendabros. A spinoff of the popular Broforce, and in conjunction with The Expendables 3 (starring numerous action film legends), Expendabros gives you all the characters from the Expendables, but in Bro form.

What's more, you're actually going to go through the plot of the Expendables 3, but with a video game twist or two. For example, you can team up with three of your friends to take the levels together.

Pointless? Irrelevant? Dang fun? The answer to all of these is yes. With seven different characters, lots of ammunition, lots of bad guys to kill and freedom to be won, why not play Expendabros?

When the world needs saving, only the Bros can rise up to stop evil. Pick your Bro, then let the bullets fly!

The Expendables are now the Expendabros! Who's your favorite?

24. Starbound

For those who want a more laid back and open-ended experience, then Starbound is the title for you. This popular platformer puts you in the role of a character who just lost their homeworld, and has to crash land on an unknown planet so that they can survive.

After you scavenge for resources, what you do next is up to you, and you alone. Starbound loves giving you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Are you the heroic type? Then go and find out who destroyed your home, and stop them from doing so again.

Do you just want to live a quiet live? Then build your home, make it nice, make it something you'd be happy to live in. Or, go and search the cosmos for the perfect planet to call your new homeworld.

Don't want to play by yourself? Then go into multiplayer! Or if you think the game needs that little something extra, then mod the game as you see fit!

Starbound is literally a place of universal possibilities, which is why it's on our list.

The universe is yours to explore, and your path is determined by you and you alone. What will you do when the options are limitless?

The skies above and the world below, where will you go?

23. Guacamelee

Who says platformers can't be inspired by the cultures of nations? Guacamelee is a beloved platformer that puts you in the role of a masked Luchador, who uses his two fists to vanquish evil from his land. You will face many challenges, but as long as you don't forget who you are, and what you fight for, you will emerge victorious!

What makes Guacamelee so special is that it seamlessly mixes the platforming aspects you'd expect with intense melee action worthy of a luchador. What's more, some of these wrestling techniques can help you solve puzzles and platform even higher. Add to that intense boss fights that are pulled from the history of Mexico and you have something special.

Speaking of special, you can help customize your luchador with a cool outfit unique to you, and then share it on the Steam Workshop. And that still only scratches the surface of what this game does to shine.

Plus, Guacamelee 2 is coming! So you'll definitely want to play this one before the second one comes.

For honor, for glory, and for your home! It is time to vanquish evil as only a Luchador can!

Unlock new moves so that you can deliver even more powerful strikes!

22. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

The Assassin's Creed franchise is full of wondrous locations to go to, and now, you can go to China in the latest entry of the Chronicles saga. You play as Shao Jun, the last assassin of the Brotherhood who resides in China. You must take revenge on those who have killed your brethren!

This 2.5D version of the Assassin's Creed franchise has you playing in a whole new way, use the depth of the level to your advantage as you stealthily attack your targets, or evade them to ensure you're not seen. With loads of weapons and parkour skills, you're going to need all of them to complete your mission.

Seeing Assassin's Creed in China is pretty cool, and the team makes full use of the location. Plus, with multiple characters to play as, you get a weaving story that has different elements to it.

You ready to journey across the Great Wall?

You are the last of your kind, are you ready for what's coming?

21. Dead Cells

Prepare to enter a Roguelike game unlike any other. Where the permadeath aspects is fused with the level design of a Metroidvania game! This is Dead Cells!

In Dead Cells, you'll work your way through an interconnected world consisting of 11 levels. But, how you progress through the game is up to you. Just remember, every time you die, you start over. That's ok though, because you'll enjoy ripping through enemies with a variety of weapons and getting the satisfaction of getting the whole game done.

If you're like me and played Roguelikes, then you know there's a challenge and thrill to the game. But, with Dead Cells, they take it to the next level via the level design. This is something very special, and with so much variety, you'll likely be playing it over and over again even if you don't die.

What awaits you within the castle?

You will likely die, just remember, death makes you stronger.

20. Broforce

The world is in danger, and you need a team that'll get the job done with deadly force. Who do you call? The Broforce!

This over-the-top action game set the gaming world on fire when it released, and it's not hard to see why. The old-school look and gameplay mechanics lets you relive your arcade days. Then, you'll get to choose your Bro and let loose with an arsenal of weapons designed to blow up the enemy and make them not exist.

One of the coolest things about Broforce is the world. It's totally destructible, which gives you both a cool gameplay mechanic, and a strategy tool. Add to that, you can team up with friends to deal double the damage! What's not to love?

Bros unite! It's time to save the world!

With these weapons? Nothing can stand in your way.

19. Vagante

A dangerous world, a rumor about treasure, and a quest to claim your fame! Are you prepared for the dangers that are approaching?

If you like Roguelikes and platformers, Vagante is for you. You'll travel through a massive and dark fantasy world to reach a cave that is said to have unfathomable treasure. But, you have to make it there first. The procedurally generated world ensures that every playthrough is different, so be on your toes at all times!

Vagante is a pure type of Roguelike where everyone can have fun simply by trying their options. Want to pick a specific class? Great! Do it. Want to make yourself strong in a certain area? By all means. The freedom and flexibility mixed with the world that has plenty to look into makes this a memorable experience.

There's a lot of things in this world, will you be ready to take them all on?

Before you enter, ask yourself, is any amount of treasure worth the danger you'll be putting yourself through?

18. Dungreed

When a town is destroyed by a mysterious dungeon, and its people captured by it, you must save them! Brave the dungeon and rebuild your home!

Dungreed takes roguelikes to new heights, and depths. For this time, you're going deep into a dungeon that somehow destroyed your town, and took its people! This dungeon is every expanding and evolving, and so must you if you're going to save everyone and end this madness. Train yourself to be strong, then brave the dungeon and save the day!

The story aspect is really clever here, as you're braving this dungeon for a noble purpose. And seeing the town rebuilt as you save the townsfolk is very rewarding.

The town needs you! Save them!

What kind of a dungeon has a forest in it?

17. Hollow Knight

There is an ancient kingdom beneath a ruined town. This kingdom houses many things, including secrets, and dangers. Now, you will be the latest to search out this kingdom to see what's in it.

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania style game that adds a very deep story to the mix. Through this massively interconnected world you'll find friends and foes as you fight and platform your way through many areas and dangers. The world of Hallownest has many paths to victory, and your quest to rise through it will make you stronger.

The size and scope of Hollow Knight is what made it appealing to so many. There are loads of enemies, 30 different bosses to fight, loads of powers to get, and more. Plus, much of the game was hand-painted, giving this a very unique look.

What wonders does this lost kingdom hold?

Image Caption: A stunning take on visuals helps make Hollow Knight Unique.

16. Rogue Legacy

What will your legacy be? Fight through the castles of your world and see how your offspring take up your mantle!

In Rogue Legacy, permadeath is only the beginning of your adventure. For each time you die, your offspring takes your place. Each castle brings new dangers, each offspring brings new strengths and challenges. Find out how it'll all work out by playing it yourself!

Roguelikes always have permadeath, but this one is very unique. The idea of offspring continuing your quest is cool, and like each person, each one is unique, and seeing how they're unique is quite cool.

 How many offspring will it take to go through all the castles?

What challenges will this castle bring you? Go in and find out!

15. Lara Croft Guardian of Light

Lara Croft is back! And in this new downloadable title, you'll brave a Mayan temple to find the Mirror of Smoke!

One of the leading ladies is back, and this time, she's brought some new tricks. With a deep story, puzzle-solving, exploration, platforming elements, and character progression, Guardian of Light may just be one of the best Tomb Raider games ever made.

Lara Croft is at her best when a good team is behind her, and the team at Crystal Dynamics definitely put her best foot forward with Guardian of Light. The scale and scope of the areas are wonderful, and with no load times, it truly is a seamless world waiting to be explore.

She's back! Are you ready for Lara's next adventure?

There are lots of ways to take on this temple, are you prepared to think outside the box?

14. Mark of the Ninja

You are a ninja, silent, deadly, precise. Rise up to take on the challenges in a whole new way!

Mark Of The Ninja makes you a true ninja, and then cranks it up to 11! You'll slice, dice, maneuver, hide, sneak, and everything else that a good ninja does in order to complete the story. And even then, that's just the beginning of your quest.

This game is one of the most respected ninja titles out there. With a depth of challenges and an epic visual style, there's a reason why people love Mark of the Ninja.

What does being a ninja mean to you? You'll find out soon.

With special tattoos, your ninja instincts are even better than you realize.

13. Metal Slug 3

Run, gun, and blow stuff up! SNK proudly presents their masterpiece known simply as Metal Slug 3!

Work your way through five epic stages that give you the freedom to go up and down them as you wish. As you do, blow stuff up, kill bad guys, and watch your score climb!

There's something primal about these run & gun games that makes them so fun. You're shooting stuff and it goes boom. Plus, there's a depth of modes that truly makes Metal Slug 3 a classic.

Bigger guns? Better attacks? Ok!

Find new paths to discover new areas!

12. Ori and the Blind Forest

The forest is dying. Now, you must save it from the darkness that is crushing the light out of it. Are you ready, Ori?

Experience one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking games of all time, as Ori and the Blind Forest as you platforming and puzzle-solving through a beautifully drawn world. There are dangers here, but if you are strong, you will make it through.

Ori and the Blind Forest mixes visuals, sound and story together in a way like only a few can. This game isn't just a game, it's an experience.

The forest is beautiful, but that's also what makes it terrifying.

Love and sacrifice are the name of the game, you'll understand before it's over.

11. Apotheon

When the gods on Olympus abandon humanity, what are you to do? You take up the spear and you go take down the gods! Only then will humanity survive.

In Apotheon, you take the role of a Greek who must take down the almighty gods of Olympus so that humanity doesn't die out. You'll travel throughout Mount Olympus and battle Greek Mythologies' greatest creatures, monsters, and gods. Use the weapons you have to strike them down, or get struck yourself.

As a fan of Greek Mythology, I love this title on concept alone. But when you add in the visual style, the unique way everything is shown, and the depth the team went to incorporate all the Greek elements? That's worth way more than the price of admission.

The gods have abandoned you! Make them pay!

Get out your history book, cause history is about to attack you!

10. Guns, Gore, and Cannoli

In the 1920's, gangsters reigned supreme. But not like this! For in this world, you're a gangster living underneath a city full of zombies. Witness the rise and fall of Vinnie as he tries to make his way through the world.

A gangster shoot'em up mixed with zombies? Sounds like fun. You'll need to use your machine gun, platforming skills, and your wits to weave your way throw a story that'll have you deal with zombies, betrayal, lost friends, and greed of the highest order. All the while letting you shoot up a city that probably deserves to burn.

Gangsters are classic, as are zombies, but when you mix them together with a story that no one expected to be this deep? Yeah, that makes it a classic. Plus, I love the visual style of the game.

All these zombies are wiseguys! Teach them a lesson!

The world above and the world below hold many secrets for you to discover.

9. Platformines

When your spaceship lands on a planet, and you try and find supplies to fix it, you're going to find a lot more than that. Mainly, things that go BOOM!

Explore various underground worlds full of mines, traps, treasures, and more. All the while shooting your way through danger, getting stronger with each new level and jumping to make sure you don't end up dead. Build your character from the ground up, and then get going!

Platformines has you taking risks to ensure you get what you need, and there's something cool in that. Plus, it fully embraces the 16-bit era and gives you a simplified control scheme so that you don't get overwhelmed.

There's danger! Where? Everywhere!

With multiple levels of difficulty, think you can conquer them all?


A game so deep, so secretive, even the developers won't give a true preview of it. Are you ready to wander the realm of Limbo?

A young boy, a sister who is lost, a journey that must be taken. Wander the realm of Limbo and see what awaits you, but know that this journey is one of darkness.

Limbo is by and large one of the most beloved video games of all time. Between its simplistic yet deep graphics, its use of gameplay and story, and the fear it makes you feel, this is one of the all-time greats.

What is out there? Are you sure you want to find out?

The love of family can make you overcome any fear that Limbo throws at you.

7. Shovel Knight

A tribute to the classic 8-bit era, Shovel Knight has you going on a platforming adventure to save your land and to save your love, Shield Knight.

Yacht Club Games delivers a refined platforming experience with true fun and flair. You'll use your trusty shovel to attack, block, jump, bounce, and platform your way through a massive kingdom that's been overrun by the Enchantress and the Order of No Quarter. Prepare for a journey!

Shovel Knight recalls memories of the good old days of platforming titles like Super Mario brothers, but without the need for old consoles. The game recently crossed 2 million sold, and Shovel Knight himself is now an icon in the gaming world.

Honor the code of Shovelry!

Many unique enemies await you in Shovel Knight.

6. Spelunky

A roguelike platformer unlike any other, Spelunky gives you the freedom to have endless adventures as you try and get treasure through underground locations.

If you're the exploring type, then Spelunky is definitely for you. The procedurally generated world and simplistic gameplay style makes this a fun adventure from start to finish. Just know that your choices affect how the game treats you, which can make things very difficult.

With 20 different characters you can be, several modes to play, loads of endless journeys to partake in, and more, it's not hard to see why Spelunky is so high on this list.

Watch that first step!

The dangers are all around you, but that's what makes exploring fun!

5. Trine 3

When three powerful beings realize their lives have been controlled by artifacts, they seek to remedy the situation, but make the world worse in the process! Play as three characters who try and repair the world!

Trine 3 takes you even deeper into the world that the previous games took you to. And with new puzzles, a deep new story, new action to be had, and many different ways to play. This is one story you'll want to finish.

Whether you're playing alone, or with friends, you're going to have a lot of fun in Trine 3. Plus, the fantasy world is just breathtaking to behold.

There's a beautiful world waiting for you if you are willing to go to it.

Choose your path, and write the wrongs of the past!


One of the original ninjas is back! Play as Strider Hiryu on a journey of action and revenge as he slices and dices his way through numerous enemies.

When you play as the ultimate ninja, you get all the tools and moves that go with it. Use his plasma cypher, his robot companions, and other tools at his disposal to ensure that all his foes die a lightning-quick death.

Strider was great as a regular 2D game. But now, with 3D graphics? It's even cooler to be the ultimate ninja.

This is no place for amatuers.

No escape. NINJA!

3. Shoot Many Robots

When robots take over the world, it's up to humanity to fight back. That times in Shoot Many Robots! Time to team up with your friends and put them all down.

In this fun co-op shooter title you'll fight an army of evolving robots that are determined to wipe out all of humanity. Your goal? Reach the factory that is making all of these robots. Get to it, shut it down, and go have some beer.

The title says it all really, and the story pokes fun at itself by having the most unlikely heroes rise up to save us from the robots. That's pretty cool in my book.

Shoot many robots, huh? Ok!

Team up with friends to make sure no robot survives!

2. Terraria

The world is yours to explore and grow in. Build, fight, expand, seek fortune, seek glory, seek whatever you want. Its your world, do with it what you will.

The freedom of Terraria is what makes the title beautiful. You'll start in a random place in the world, then start your own quest to do whatever you want. You can live the simple life, or explore to find out what truly lies within the world itself. Fight monsters to improve your battle skill, or get more resources to prove your building skill. Whatever you want, you can do.

Terraria is beloved for many reasons, not the least of which is because of its large open-ended world. Every time you start a new game you'll be doing something different, giving you lifetimes of gameplay options.

The world is yours to do with what you will.

Think you can make that building bigger?

1. Salt and Sanctuary

A lost sailor stranded on an island he knows nothing about. He must seek out the truth about where he is, and destroy the evil that permeates the land.

Blending 2D style combat with RPG elements, Salt and Sanctuary delivers a massively deep experience. There are over 600 weapons that you can get in the game, and you may need them all to defeat all the foes that are coming your way. What awaits you at the end? You'll find out.

It may seem out that such a dark and grim game would top some of the lighter entries on our list. But, Salt and Sanctuary delivers a very special experience from top to bottom. Seriously, go check this game out.

A dark land, a dark past, and a new soul to figure out what happened.

Do not be fooled, there are dangerous things all around you.

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