[Top 15] Best Platformer Games for PC

[Top 15] Best Platformer Games for PC
In Bloodstained, explore gothic 18th century England.

  Check out if your favorite platformer make the list.

If you need to refresh yourself on the origins of video games, no genre maintains its connection to the past as clearly as the platformer. It has continued to be a popular genre since Super Mario Bros on NES revitalized the industry. Many years later, developers have found new and more exciting ways to make platformers. And to think that these games come from one single idea, a jump. 

15. Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge Catalyst gameplay

Jump from rooftop to rooftop of this futuristic city. Control Faith through a first person perspective to uncover the secrets that will free her home. 

Faith can also wield weapons to fight off the soldiers that try to capture her. 

14. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy 

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy gameplay

Welcome once again to the zany adventures of Crash Bandicoot. Remade from the PS1, the jungles and castles have never felt so alive and so treacherous. Jump over pitfalls, crush boxes, and die over and over again.

Crash must save his girlfriend from the evil Doctor Neo Cortex. 

13. Bloodstained

Bloodstained gameplay

From the great mind behind the Castlevania series, comes a spiritual successor. Fight horrific knights and demons throughout gothic, 18th century England. With her body crystallizing, Miriam must defeat her old friend, Gebel, in order to save herself and all of humanity. 

Throughout her quest, she will not only encounter many creatures blocking her path but a plethora of weapons to use against them. 

12. Cave Story+ 

Cave Story+ gameplay

You wake up in a cave and make your way over to a village. But when it’s too late to save them, a mad scientist modifies this group of peaceful, bunny-like villagers into ravenous creatures. Explore the maze like caverns to find the mad scientist and return the village back to normal. 

Cave Story implements a unique mechanic of when the player takes damage, the weapon he uses downgrades in it’s abilities. 

11. Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO gameplay

Slice and dice your targets in this neon colored platformer. Subject Zero is a katana wielding assassin who has no shortage of killing jobs. Complete your mission and find out the source of the nightmares that haunt Zero every night. 

Subject Zero can also deflect bullets and use environmental traps to kill his enemies. 

10. A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time gameplay

When the fuel to her spaceship scatters on a nearby planet, this girl with an oversized top hat must search every crevice of an unknown world to return to her space voyage. An adorable aesthetic and terrific voice acting make this game hard to forget. 

A Hat in Time is designed to never get boring, with areas like an express train and a giant parade.

9. Sonic Generations Collection

Sonic Generations gameplay

As an ode to Sonic’s 20th anniversary, this game puts together different Sonic gameplays into one experience. Enjoy the uber speed of modern Sonic with the easy to learn and satisfying homing attack. Mixed in, classic Sonic plays reminiscent of the Genesis Platformers with it’s iconic feel 2D speed. 

Every area in Sonic Generations Collection contains levels where you play as modern Sonic levels and classic 2D levels. 

8. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay

Placed during the epic 9 movie Star Wars series, Fallen Order follows a warrior wanted dead by the law of Order 66. Survive the Empire by using Force abilities to capitalize on enemy weaknesses. Travel through many worlds to return peace to a fallen galaxy. 

With every new ability gained, your character will be able to find new pathways in familiar areas. 

7. Spelunky

Spelunky gameplay

Underground never looks the same in Spelunky. Survive the many traps and monsters to find great treasure. When you die, the levels you once knew will completely change, bringing a fresh experience every time. 

The spelunker, your character, can jump on enemies to dispose of them but he can also whip them like Indiana Jones. 

6. Celeste

Celeste gameplay

Dash and jump your way to the top of Celeste mountain. Celeste provides many difficult challenges to take on and tons of collectable strawberries to find. Play as Madeline as she overcomes the climb and the inner demons that linger. 

The dash in Celeste makes Madeline play much different than many other platformer heroes. Her hair changes color to remind the player that they have used up all of their dashes in that moment. 

5. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy gameplay 

No other platformer on this list gives the player the tools to see their skill improve. Every level has a timer and a feature to see all your past attempts fail all at once. No game will make you as mentally exhausted or proud as Super Meat Boy.

Meat boy, the player, leaves blood on platforms he touches. He also leaves blood on the saw blades that kill him. 

4. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest gameplay 

The guardian spirit, Ori, must revive the withering forest. Experience this luscious platforming adventure with sprites vividly animated and backgrounds hand painted. Collect the lights of the elements and bring life back to the forest. 

Ori having no relation to its blood family was adopted by a forest creature. That creature starves to death which pushes Ori to save the forest. 

3. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove gameplay

Shovel Knight and his companion Shield Knight used to travel the land. On one adventure, Shield Knight is lost forever which makes Shovel Knight live life in exile. That is until the Enchantress promises to bring evil to this world, it prompts the Knight to wield his shovel once again. 

Each level in Shovel Knight has its own boss at the end. This kind of structure is pulled from the Mega Man series. 

2. Cuphead

Cuphead gameplay

Let this game send you back to the 1930s. Cuphead features a classic cartoon art style that will remind you of animations like Felix the Cat. Fight tons of bosses with unique attack animations and character designs, not to mention a controller throwing difficulty. 

Cuphead has two types of levels. One where you run and shoot. The other has Cuphead encounter a boss that he must defeat. 

1. Hollow Knight 

Hollow Knight gameplay

With it’s somber and gloomy atmosphere, this game pulls you into a kingdom of bugs. An infection spreads and takes control of the kingdom’s residents. The traveler you play as must explore the land and find a way to stop the infection. 

In Hollow Knight there are multiple endings so be thorough when exploring the Kingdom. 

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