All Tekken 8 New Characters That We've Seen So Far

Tekken 8 New Characters That We've Seen So Far
Victor appears to be able to use the force like Professor X

With a starting cast of 29 returning characters and 3 new fighters,  Tekken 8 has already overtaken the base roster size of recent releases Mortal Kombat 1 (24 fighters) and Street Fighter 6 (18 fighters). From old favourites such as Jun Kazama and Raven to new and original fighters like Reina and Victor, there truly is a character for everyone. Tekken 8 is already releasing an impressive base roster with a further four DLC characters to be announced in 2024, but who are the new fighters getting ready for the next battle?


Render of Azucena

See Azucena in action:

Azucena was the first new character revealed for the Tekken 8 line-up, it’s safe to say fans were left amazed. Excitement for the Peruvian, self-proclaimed “Coffee Queen”, spread rapidly after fans saw her unique fighting style focusing around mixed martial arts. 

With an ecstatic personality and the ability to flawlessly evade incoming attacks, eager fans couldn’t wait to try her out in battle. After the Tekken 8 closed beta, the overwhelming love for Azucena’s energetic persona and creative move set was even more apparent. However, the reveal of Azucena wasn’t the only focus in her gameplay trailer with her came a brand new map for players to brawl it out in. 

Located on Azucena’s family farm in Peru, Ortiz Farm quickly became a favourite for all. Including: breakable floors and walls, farmers spectating your battle from afar and a hidden golden temple, Ortiz Farm provided an exciting and lively environment for fighters. With UFOs appearing in the background and alpacas strolling around the arena, this new addition to the Tekken 8 map pool made the hype for Azucena grow even further.



See Victor in action:

After Azucena’s  thrilling announcement, Tekken fans were keen to see what else Bandai Namco had up their sleeves for the newest instalment in the franchise. Soon enough the impressive trailer for Victor, Tekken 8’s second new character, astounded fans once again. Modelled after and voiced by French actor Vincent Cassel, Victor elegantly slashes, shoots and stabs those who oppose him. 

Teleporting above his opponent and mercilessly impaling them with his energy powered katana, Victor provides players with an exciting new moveset to utilise. With revealed character relations to Raven, it’s easy to get excited for further possible interactions between them in the game's story mode. 

With Victor came the reveal of yet another gorgeous new stage! Drifting down the Seine river in Paris, the deck of a spectacular  river boat is a   new fighting ground for players.



See Reina in action:

Arguably the most hyped for new character, Reina was announced with a jaw dropping rageart and move set that left fans shocked.

Rumoured as the “Daughter” of the late Heihachi Mishima, Reina amazed fans with a moveset featuring a combination of Tiado and Mishima style fighting karate. Oh and did I mention she has an Electric Godfist?! Despite fans only being able to speculate Reina’s backstory, her reveal trailer shows interactions with Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima that help support the theory about her relation to Heihachi. Brutal attacks like dragging her opponent through the ground and a visually stunning rage art are only a few of the many reasons fans are so excited to play as Reina. 

Reina appears to be the final new fighter being added to the Tekken 8 roster before the games release in January 2024. However, with the announcement of DLC characters next year it is more than possible for more new faces to join the king of iron first tournament.

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