[Top 10] New Indie Horror Games Released in 2021

10 best indie horror games of 2021
Get ready for the adventures of 2021, the nightmares aren't little here.

If you are a fan of indie horror games and want to catch up on some of the best titles that came out in 2021, you have come to the right place.

Here, we have compiled the top 10 new indie horror games that we think are excellent and would be a fun experience for you. 

10. Forewarned (PC)

FOREWARNED - Official Gameplay Trailer

Forewarned takes an interesting approach to the co-op survival horror genre as players are not dealing with normal house ghosts. Gather your friends and explore ruins filled with relics and ancient mummies that are not supposed to be awake. 

Instead of a normal co-op horror game, Forewarned also gives players the choice for dead ones to help with their mission. On the other hand, players can also choose to become one of the haunted mummies and haunt their once partners to be trapped forever.

9. Nightslink (PC)

NIGHTSLINK | Gameplay Trailer

Another short game that deserves long-lasting attention is Nightslink where the glorious PS1 style is implemented once again. Be the protagonist who delivers old-school cassette tapes to designated locations. Slowly, the truth of what is taking over the world will unfold. 

The gameplay is excellent in luring players to be invested in the characters of the dying world. 

8. Bloodwash (PC)

BLOODWASH Trailer - Retro Laundry Terror

A short trippy ride to your nearest laundromat could not be any more terrifying than the one you will have in Bloodwash. This first-person horror game is styled with the aesthetic of PS1 and low-poly models. Everything simply looks terrifying!

You will be playing as a pregnant woman and you are in luck as you need to survive the night knowing a womb ripper is roaming freely in your neighborhood. The atmosphere and slow buildup of having to interact with other characters will make the task to survive much harder.

7. Inscryption (PC)

The First 19 Minutes of Inscryption Gameplay

Card-based and horror is quite a strange feat for a video game, however, Inscryption has mastered the deck. As the player is trapped and tries to escape from the shadowy figure, the card dealt is the key to breakthrough and solving puzzles.

The deckbuilding roguelike develops the story and mysteries uniquely which leave room for replayability as multiple playthroughs are needed at some point. The sound design and environment created are both eerie as if the player is facing the figure in person.

6. In Sound Mind (PC, PS5, Xbox)

In Sound Mind - Official Gameplay Trailer

In Sound Mind brings a unique horror experience as the environment becomes alive itself and shows different narratives of the victims in an unsolved experimental chemical incident.

As the developers aim to deliver old-school horror gameplay, In Sound Mind is a terrific blend of psychological horror, story and spine-tingling puzzles. Discover the chilling story behind each of Desmond’s patients and even himself.

5. Tormented Souls (PC, PS5, Xbox)

Many have missed the nostalgic atmosphere and gameplay from games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil played on an old console, Tormented Souls has proven to be the cure. Explore a mansion full of mutated monsters and complex puzzles while trying to solve the disappearances of two twins.

On top of an adrenaline-inducing story to be uncovered, players find themselves enjoying the game’s mechanics as they indulge in the ominous atmosphere and sound design. Bring yourself back to the old era of classic horror games with brand-new Tormented Souls.

4. Happy’s Humble Burger Farm (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Happy Humble Burger Farm - Official Gameplay Trailer

The Happy’s Humble Burger Farm franchise started as a prototype in 2020 which quickly gained recognition and great feedbacks that led to the full title being successfully published. Work the night shift at a fast-food restaurant that seems to hold a dark secret about its establishment.

This horror fast food simulator requires you to stay focused and deliver the perfect order or Happy, the restaurant’s cow, would not be so happy. The gameplay aligns perfectly with the story, leaving the mysterious feeling lingering around as you play further. 

3. Little Nightmares II (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch)

Little Nightmares II - Gameplay Trailer 

The grasping atmosphere and astounding art style of the Little Nightmares franchise continue with Little Nightmares II released in February 2021. Despite being the second installment, Little Nightmares II is the prequel to the first game.

Explore the Pale City as you get to discover the truth of some events in the first game with more spine-chilling enemies to match with the critically acclaimed art style and polished gameplay.

2. Mundaun (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Mundaun | Trailer

Mundaun tells the story of the main character who seeks the truth behind his grandfather’s death after finding a burned corpse and an empty grave. You will play as the main character, Curdin, to maneuver around the village and get to the top of the mountain.  

The hand-drawn 3D art style has been Mundaun’s most famous attribute. The grayscale visuals are a new sight in horror games, making it look like you are reading through a sketchbook while having the power to change what is written. 

Although the puzzles are a bit too challenging for some players, the fresh and striking visuals are guaranteed to be worthwhile.

1. Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach (PC, PS4, PS5)

Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach | Gameplay

The Five Nights At Freddy’s series does not need further introduction, gathering the attention of major YouTubers like Markiplier since its first game was released in 2014. Survive the night from a group of animatronic superstars as they become the opposite of children’s sweethearts when the clock strikes midnight. 

One of the massive changes you can witness is the franchise’s first semi-open world roaming gameplay. Although the gameplay and environment are completely different, the horror elements used throughout the series remain as you try to win over a group of animatronics trying to hunt you down.

In sum, we have shared with you the top 10 indie horror games that were released in 2021. The year witnessed some amazing titles being released including co-op games, thrilling survival horror and the revival of PS1-style horror games.

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