Dead Space Movie: 11 Movies To Watch If You Like Dead Space

dead space movie
Here are some movies Dead Space fans must see

Looking for a good Dead Space movie?

The Dead Space franchise has taken on a life of its own in recent years. The fan base has turned into a virtual fan-verse and in the Dead Space universe there are a number of related movies that fans absolutely must see. Here I have compiled a list of must see films for lovers of Dead Space listed in order of lowest rated to top rated films. I’ll give a synopsis of the film, I promise no real spoilers, and give you an idea of why these films relate to Dead Space fans. So sit back and enjoy the countdown!

11. Alien: Covenant (2017)

Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 

Directed by Ridley Scott, Alien: The Covenant is rumored to answer some of the questions left behind by Alien Resurrection. The Covenant is a colony ship that is exploring the galaxy and happens upon what its believes to be an uncharted paradise, but in all actuality is a dark, desolate world inhabited by one android named David who survived the Prometheus Expedition.

Alien: Covenant Movie Poster

Leaked still of an alien from the film

10. Last Days On Mars

The Last Days On Mars - Official Trailer

Directed by Ruairi Robinson, this intense thriller is a must see for Dead Space fans. On the last day of a very long manned mission to Mars the crew of the Tantalus Base are a bit disheartened by not having much to show for their time exploring the red planet. However, at the last minute they discover something astounding; fossilized evidence of bacterial life. Unwilling to let the relief crew get all the glory, one member of the team disobeys a direct order to collect the samples. But his hubris will cost the crew more than just time.

Unlike Dead Space this film takes place on mars, nowhere near Jupiter. There is significantly less gore putting this film firmly in the thriller category. Like Dead Space there are some stark psychological changes that occur with the crew as the story progresses. There is also an infection that causes human beings to behave violently; sound familiar? This infections ability to infiltrate the human body and warp the mind is reminiscent of the effects the Marker had on humans in Dead Space. Fans of the series will find that this film does not disappoint.

The movie soundtrack definitely sets an ominous atmosphere throughout the entire film and the visuals make this film a delight for the senses. You can expect plenty of jump scares to make up for the lack of gore. All in all I give this film a solid 7 out of 10.

Official Movie Poster

Marco, a member of the Tantalus crew, has become a zombie

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