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Time for the ultimate clash

Looking for the Best Fighting Games to play on PC?

A good fighting games gets our blood pumping.  Whether you like that down to the finish fighting or a complete blow out to make yourself feel unstoppable.  We all enjoy that rush of adrenaline when the foe finally goes down.  Take on one formidable enemy or bring the pain to a bunch, we just want that feel.  And that is what makes a fighting game good, that unstoppable rush.  So here are fantastic fighting games found on PC when that will get your heart racing.

1. Street Fighter 5

After the defeat of M. Bison, Charlie Nash wakes up in a tomb.  Instructed by a woman named Helen, he seeks out an item that will help destroy Bison for good.  Meanwhile, a group called Shadaloo creates seven satellites called the Black Moons to send the world into turmoil.  Fighters must hunt down the pieces that control the satellites before M. Bison takes over the world.

The legendary fighting game returns in its fifth installment, along with fighting veterans like Ryu, Chun-Li, and M. Bison.  Old and new fighters come to the game for a diverse roster, offering a wide variety of fighting styles for the players to choose.  New battle mechanics focus on the V-Gauge and EX-Gauge that builds a layer of strategy.  Utilize the V-Skill, unique to each character, and turn the tide of battle with the V-Reversals, counterattacks that make use of the V-Gauge stock.  Then finish off the opponent with the EX-Gauge in the form of Critical Arts.

For the first time in franchise history, fight your friends on either the PS4 or PC to see who is the best streetfighter.  Rise up the ranks in the Capcom Pro Tour, the go-to place for competitive fighting.  With constant Downloadable Content with new characters and additional story mode, the game will keep players glued to their controllers.

The classic street fighter feels with a beautiful new look.


2. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is an eternal battle arena where the greatest warriors in history compete to prove who is the best fighter that has ever existed.  Each match is an epic battle that puts skills, strength, and speed to the ultimate test.  Victory brings eternal glory and bragging rights until the end of time.

Not just a simple fighting game, as these brawlers have access to different weapons and gadgets. Fighters race for the sword, axes, rocket launchers, and more to get that extra edge.  Weapons change the play style and battle options for the player.  Items like mines and bombs bring danger into the arena, allowing the tide of battle to change with a good throw or a well-played trap.  Each character has their own skills and fighting style, giving the battlefield unpredictability as players fit themselves into the best style.

In true Smash Brothers fashion, players can have four players free for all that turns the battlefield into complete chaos.  Or they can test their skills personally in one-on-one fights to claim untold levels of glory in Brawlhalla.  And the game is continuing to evolve with more updates along the way.

Drop the hammer and send opponents flying off the stage


3. Dragonball Xenoverse  

Demons are interfering with the timeline in the Dragonball Z Universe, and is damaging history.  A group of warriors under the leadership of Trunks travel back in time to set things right.  In order to defeat the demons and the Demon God Demigra, Trunks uses the Dragon Balls to wish for a warrior strong enough to save the timeline.

For those who have grown up watching Dragonball Z, many have dreamt of joining Goku and the others to fight the forces of evil.  Now those dreams can become more of a reality.  Create your own Dragon Ball character utilizing the different species found in the anime.  Train under one of the main characters of the series to develop skills and techniques. With this master system you can build your custom character with fighting styles you see fit from the vast pool of heroes in villains from the show.

Once you have your character it is time to dive into battle.  Fly across the battlefield at high speeds to meet your opponent head on in a fist of brawls.  Or keep your distance with energy beams.  Charge up your kai in order to unleashing devastating attacks, including your ultimate attacks based on the flashy anime-style strikes found in the show.  Transform to become even more powerful, becoming even a Super Saiyan God.

There is multiple downloadable content available.  Two packs of characters are based on the Dragonball GT series, which include characters like Pan, Super Android 17, and Super Saiyan 4 Goku.  There is also new transformations based on the Resurrection of ‘F’ movie including Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta.  And also look for Dragonball Xenoverse 2 coming later this year.

It is up to YOU to save the world.


4. Street Warriors Online

It is time to tighten the knuckle tape as you enter endless street brawls.  In this unique fighting game compete with players around the world using realistic close combat fighting styles.  In this game there are no magical beams or hidden weapons.  Only fists and flying kicks.

Create and develop your own unique characters.  Prepare your own fighting style from a list of attack sequences that suit your own battle tactics.  Spend attribute points to achieve the best results and deal the most damage.  Using the Power Cards mechanic, alter their combat skills to make them your own uniquely powerful force.  Keep your opponent’s on their toes by developing up to eight different characters with their own classes and attributes.

Control the character in TPP mode using the Dynamic Combat System that allows for quick attacks and blocks as opposed to the average MMO game.  Utilize the environment to your advantage when straight up force is not enough.  Characters can throw heavy objects like garbage bins to strike multiple enemies at once.  Light weapons like pipes and planks are at your disposal for one hand weapon combat.  When in a pinch, utilize energy drinks which grant different effects.

There are multiple game modes available and up to eight fighters can face each other at a time.  Play together with a friend in a 2-person group or go all out in free for all.  Climb up in the rankings to unlock special rewards.

Use what you can to get ahead in battle


5. WWE 2k16

It is time to jump into the ring.  The prestige of WWE video games makes a return.  With it comes fun, authentic, and hard-hitting action like that takes players directly into the wrestling world.  All the great game modes return, and brand new features make the game the best in the franchise.

Step into the shoes of one of the 120 different playable characters, including Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Each crowd favorite includes their own fighting style that brings variety to the gameplay.  Or create your own with in the Story Mode.  Along the way to the championship, unlock legendary characters, entrance and ring gear and match types along with other things to make your own WWE experience.  For the first time, Superstars can be assigned to multiple shows, allowing the player to have a deeper experience.

A lot of downloadable content is available for players that unlocks different characters like Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and WWE legends like Big Boss Man.  Obtain the new moves pack with over thirty new moves from the Corner Enzuigiri to the Avalanche Ram.

Put on a show while delivering punishment to your opponent

6. Paint the Town Red

Originally, the game was developed during the 7-Day FPS Game Jam, an event where game makers create and produce games within a week.  South East Games decided on Day 6 that they wanted to continue developing the game.

Put up your dukes in this first person melee combat game.  Travel to different locations and periods in history in this quirky designed fight game. 

Voxel-based enemies can be punched, bashed, kicked and sliced open using anything in the room at your disposal.  Keep a steady head in epic brawl fights and utilize everything in the room to not end up splattered on the ground.  Different locations include a biker bar, prison, disco, and many more.  Each with their own unique set of enemies and weapons to name a few.  Once you are done squashing the hordes of enemies, take on the boss.  Boss enemies have their own challenge to them, but offer great rewards.  In Arena Mode, different challenges are frequently implemented to show who is the top fighter.  Hone your skills in the Sandbox level to get a better feel of the weapons and mechanics. 

The game is in early development with many new features promised to be coming along with updates.  A rouge-like mode with character progressions.  Online co-op modes.  Level editor with Steam Workshop support.  And, of course, many more weapons and enemies.

Use what you can to fight off the endless mob.


7. Batman: Arkham Knight

On Halloween night, a terrible alliance of villains comes together to drown Gotham in fright.  Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight, and Deathstroke join forces to unleash a fear toxin on the city and unmask the Batman.

It is time to become the caped crusader and defend the streets of Gotham.  Be the Batman with all the gadgets and abilities at your disposal, including the Free Flow Combat system, stealth, and the Batmobile.  Driving around in the high-tech tank allows players to drive throughout the game world in high speed pursuits and then transform into all out military grade battle mode.  The vehicle is stocked with enough firepower to bring down the entire city.  Utilize missiles and machine guns to take down opposing vehicles while being quick to avoid attacks.  Once you are done blowing things up, take down your opponent’s with the polished fighting mechanics.  In the Free Flow Combat System, create a volley of blocks, blows and stunning attacks to takeout hordes of enemies before disappearing into the shadows.  If straightforward fighting is not your forte, there is a utility belt filled with bat-a-rang and grapnel gun to launch the Batman at the opponent to get the drop on them.

After the disastrous bugs that crippled the game upon release, Rocky Steady studios were forced to pull the game and apply patches to fix major glitches.  The last patch occurred this year in March, and has repaired the game for PC.

Free Flow Combat allows you to punish your enemies


8. Punch Club

On a dark, stormy night you watched as your father was brutally murdered.  Twenty years later, you must train diligently and earn your place among the Punch Club ranks in order to find the man who ended his life.

A tycoon management game where you train prepare yourself as a fighter,  revenge is the name of the game, but there are different ways achieving it with multiple branching storylines.  Players can rise through the ranks honorably or take a dark and seedy route.  To develop your fighter, you must follow the Way, the martial arts that will determine your fighting style.  You can go the Way of the Tiger, or develop your own with an extensive skill trees that will determine skill, speed, and strength.  Also it is not just about pumping iron.  Players will have to juggle training and relationships, which ultimately affects you when it comes to throwing down.

Use your time to train and become stronger


9. DEAD OR ALIVE 5: Last Round

A military patrol is ambushed, and the soldiers are cut down by a hooded figure with inhuman speed.  The mysterious assailant seems to dissolve into thin air.  One of the survivors, Bayman, goes out to seek revenge.

Become one of 34 different fighters and jump into the action fighting game.  Gameplay is based off the Dead or Alive 3 game mechanics with some improvements.  Fights are based off a triangle system where strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes.  Tag team fights also make their way back to add a deeper layer to the fighting, allowing players to discover which combination of styles works best for them.  A new feature is the Power Blow which enables players to knock opponents away with a powerful blow, but only when their health is low.

Make use of the stage by tossing players into the Danger Zones, or get thrown over a cliff in one of the multiple-level stages.  With this comes a few feature called Cliffhanger, cinematic quick time events to inflict even more damage.  The Critical System allows players to deal stunning attacks, powerful combos, and the Critical Bursts that renders the target completely defenseless.

New downloadable content is also available that has new characters and costumes.  It can be purchased in a bundle with the DLC “Samurai Warriors”.

The hooded figure will cut you down


10. Streets of Fury EX

The streets of Paris are littered with crime.  Join with up to four players to face off against the gangs in this classic beat ‘em up. 

Join with four others in co-op play or fight against each other.  Taking the classic side-scrolling style of gameplay, players can select up to 17 playable characters to take down hordes of enemies.  Characters have their own arsenal of moves.  Fight enemies with ground and aerial combos, dodge moves, furies, and special moves.  Gain even more by unlocking new characters, game modes, and move pools.

Engage in an expansive number of modes.  With story mode, take to the streets of Paris and hunt down gang leaders across different districts.  Or become the gang leader in alternate story mode.  In versus mode fight your friends to see who is the best brawler.

The game uses camera shots to create the characters, and features famous YouTube star Benazaie as the fighter Hard Corner. 

Use powerful moves to take down the gangs

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