The Best Online Fighting Games

Looking for the best online fighting games?
Kazuya vs Heihachi in Tekken

Looking for the best online fighting games?

Fighting games are stooped in competition, whether it’s at a huge event, or just in your friend’s house, fighting games can get competitive. So where can you get some of this heated competition, right from your own house? Well today we’re going to run down some of the best online fighting games, so you can go toe-to-toe with some of the best fighters online.

1. Mortal Kombat X (2015)

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Mortal Kombat X, the tenth installment in the popular franchise of fighting games, pits you against people and creatures from all different realms of the MK universe. You could be fighting a four-armed creature like Goro, or a fictional serial killer like Jason Voorhees. You can choose from 33 different fighters, all with their own unique styles of play.

You can take these characters and quickly go online to fight against others. You can easily just play a 1v1 online, fighting against another person in a quick match, or you can participate in some of the game’s new modes, like Faction Wars.

Faction Wars lets you choose one of the five factions, and earn points for that faction by competing in online events. You earn points by beating other players in singles matches, and these points will help your faction to win, and also grant you skill points and personal ranks.

Mortal Kombat has many unique factors, one being its gore. It was known in the early era of gaming for its extreme gore, and now this game has stepped that up even further. So if you get sick easily, this one is not for you, because there is sure to be some blood and guts.

Raiden delivers some powerful lightning.

Kotal Kahn devastates his opponent.

MKX Gameplay

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