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When looking to play a good fighter, everyone is searching for three key things: engaging gameplay, great graphics, and dynamic characters. Since 1991, when Street Fighter II brought fighters to the forefront, fighters have become a major genre in the gaming community. Ever since then, there have been many hadoukens to be had, fatalities to be celebrated, and smashing to be enjoyed.                       

Since the 90’s, there have been many fighters to enter the fray, ready to give the player hours of satisfying pummeling pleasure. But there are so many out there, and you might be asking yourself: how do I pick which games are worth my time, especially in 2019 when there are so many to choose from?   

Well, fear not reader because I have your list right here! Here are my top picks for addictive fighters to play in 2019!

10) Dead or Alive 6: PS4/Xbox One/PC

Some kickass DoA6 combos and punishments, courtesy of Throneful.

The 6th entry in the Dead or Alive series, this Japanese based fighter created by Team Ninja presents as a well-rounded title. With its amazing graphics, beautiful characters, an easy to pick up but rewarding fighting system, and flashy moves, it has been an amazingly fun game series to play for many for over a decade. Whether it’s fighting against the computer, mauling friends, or decimating online randoms, this fighter is sure to be a winner in your gaming catalog.

  • Beautiful character and level designs, with both grindable and DLC unlockables.    
  • An easy to pick up fighting system that will not only keep flashily juggling your opponents, but allow you to counter those juggles with properly placed parries, holds and break guards, fending off the dreaded juggle and spam loops of other fighters.                    
  • For those new to the game, there are many ways to learn inputs with tutorial, story and quest modes. This can help any novice become an expert in no time.

The cute but fierce Honoka takes down Mila the boxer with ease

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Jann Lee got rocked!

9) Skullgirls 2ND Encore: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android

Hand drawn and artistic, Skullgirls is a great beat ‘em up that has powered through the test of time, video courtesy of Throneful.

A bit of an oldie (but definitely a goodie), this colorful 2D fighter is action-packed and full of walloping action and cool characters to enjoy. Originally released in 2012 on Playstation Network and Xbox Arcade Live, it caught on like wildfire throughout the fighting and geek communities, leading to hours of enjoyment and many a cosplay. As the years went on the team revamped the game, adding DLC and then eventually in 2015 it was re-released to multiple platforms as Skullgirls 2nd Encore. It only just released on Switch in October of this year, bringing a new wave of love and pounding pleasure to Nintendo lovers.                                     

  • Colorful and interesting characters hand animated with unique, dynamic move sets that are fun to play.  
  • Incredibly in-depth tutorials for each character to make sure you’re fighting ready with your favorite character.
  • Lots of different modes to play, such as an intriguing story mode, arcade mode, versus mode, and training modes to hone your skills and online play. Each mode has a team size selector, which is a cool feature. These things keep the game fun and fresh, and keeps the player coming back for more.

Big Band, assisted by Squigly as Cerebella tries to go in for a wallop

Valentine Shredding Ms. Fortune for a K.O.

8) BlazBlu Cross Tag Battle: PS4/Switch/Xbox One/PC

Fluid and fun, gameplay courtesy of Arc System Works aka ArcSys.

Another 2D fighter, BlazBlu Cross Tag battle combines the worlds of Blazblue, RWBY, Under-Night in Birth and Persona4 Arena into a unique game for anime and fighting game lovers alike. ArcSys has yet again brought a masterpiece to the table, as is usually the norm for this amazing development team. With its visually appealing graphics and with an easy to pick up fighting system, this game is a fan favorite among many. Normally, I don’t prefer games that are strictly tag oriented, save for Tekken tag games, but this gorgeous and fun title brings it and knocks it out of the park. It’s not just a fighting game, but a game of strategy.                                              

  • Beautiful graphics and fluid movement as you bash your enemies into oblivion.    
  • Easy to pick up fighting system with a kick: using strategy in order to properly juggle your opponents through tag-based combos between characters, keeping the punishment going.
  • Combines 4 different fan favorite worlds into one package in an enjoyable way, a big hit for those who like both anime and fighters.

Ragna laying the smackdown on Yu

Weiss and Gordeau punishing with an impressive tag team feat

7) Injustice 2: PS4/Xbox One/PC/Android/IoS

Stunning Super Moves, courtesy of PowerPyx.

For fans of the DC universe, Injustice has been a godsend. And even if you aren’t quite a DC nerd, Injustice 2 is a fun game to play. Building on the universe created in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the game is chock-full of engaging gameplay. From sending Harley out with her Hyenas, to screaming your enemies into oblivion as Black Canary, this MK like title (which is no surprise seeing as how it’s been created by the same developers) is sure to be a hit in any fighting game lover’s library. 

  • Brings the DC universe cast to the mat with an excellent fighting system that is both rewarding and enjoyable to play.                         
  • Kickass environmental bounces and hilarious super moves that are entertaining and can keep the juggle of your opponent going, much to the despair of your foe.        
  • The most rewarding aspect I feel about Injustice 2 is the Multiverse. Here you can unlock rare items and level up your fighters, making them even more badass, formidable foes to your opponents. This is also a great addition to those of us who enjoy unlockables and cosmetics without having to shell out beaucoup bucks to do so. You can buy loot boxes, but those loot boxes are lesser in value. Just putting time into the game is the best way to get the best gear and unlocks, which is, to me, an art that has been lost in a lot of games, not just fighters.

Boom! How you like me now Supes?

Wonder Woman should have brought bug repellant…

6. Street Fighter V: PS4/Windows/Linux

Killer gameplay brought to you courtesy of TheBlueDragon.

The fighter that brought fighting games out into the open and into the hands of the public, Street Fighter will always be a must-play for anyone who is seriously into fighting games. It’s 5th installment got off to a rocky start at first, but has after a re-release, come to be a well loved and received game in the series. 

  • As usual, Street Fighter brings and easy to pick up fighting mechanics that, while easy to play, are also hard to master. This alone allows for a lot of repeated playability while trying to master each of your beloved characters and new favorites. You can hone your skills in either training mode, single player, or online.
  • With the re-release with Arcade Mode, now you are able to unlock a lot of cosmetics which is always fun. You can unlock these things in Extra Battle Mode, where you can use battle money and invest time to get the cool stuff you want. This keeps gamers coming back for more.
  • Beautiful animations and graphics in this brawler are exciting and overall enjoyable.

R.Mika takes Ryu for a  spin

Whip it! Whip it good!

5) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Switch

Satisfying final Smash attacks, courtesy of Boss Fight Database.

The Smash series has long been a favorite since it’s first inception, Super Smash Bros 64, in 1994. Since then there have been 4 more games, and the latest installment has been a delightful addition to the series. The ultimate Nintendo crossover brawl-fest, it’s an amalgamation of all your favorite characters in one place. Whether it’s fighting your friends, the CPU, or randoms to the death, it’s always a lot of fun utilizing high intensity battles, cool items and stage elements. The satisfaction you feel when launching someone into oblivion is magical. 

  • With 74 characters and counting (unlockable and DLC), and 103 stages, this game has something and someone for everyone. Just unlocking characters alone can be very time consuming, though rewarding, keeping players coming back.   
  • There are so many ways to play! From single player to online, to customizable games, playing with people close by and even with a story mode, the possibilities seem endless. 
  • The graphics are cartoony and fun, just like every other Smash game before it.

Knock out, drag out fun: talk about splitting the competition!

Kirby mauls the competition with the quickness

4) Dragon Ball Fighter Z: PS4/Xbox One/Switch

Go1 vs. Sonic Fox at 2019 Evo, courtesy of IGN.

Mashing the long beloved Dragon Ball series into a fighting game, Dragon Ball Fighter Z is another well made crossover from anime to fighting game. The battles are fast, furious and keep you at the edge of your seat. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is an amazing game that can be appreciated by even novice players. This 2D masterpiece by Arc Systems, and the latest installment in the DB universe fighting games, is a must play. 

  • Interesting story mode that is enjoyable and fun to play, even for those who are new to the game or even the anime series. 
  • The animations in this fighter are ridiculously well done and beautiful. Even if you aren’t familiar with the series, there is no doubt that this fighter brings it with the visuals and an accompanying roster of fascinating characters.    
  • The fighting system isn’t a complex one to get used to, making it an easy fighter for anyone to enjoy.

Piccolo coming in for the crush? Denied!

A punch to the guts by Android 17 and 18 to Cell- revenge is so sweet

3) Tekken 7: Ps4/Xbox One/PC

Rage Art and Secret Rage Art Finishers in Tekken definitely live  up to the name, courtesy of Zanar Aesthetics.

Tekken has been a staple in the fighting community for years. Tekken’s diverse cast makes for interesting characters, all with their own cool move sets to master. Tekken is all about combo strings and requires a lot of time investment in order to master, but once you have? The beatdowns and juggles are so satisfying they’ll leave you tingling in excitement. 

  • Although a little trickier to get down than previously listed titles, Tekken’s battles are fun, fast and furious once you get the hang of it. And who doesn’t like a good challenge with their gameplay?    
  • Using fight money you earn in various modes, you can obtain many cool cosmetics to personalize your favorite fighters. Work hard? Get cool and fun rewards!
  • The graphics and stages love up to the usual Tekken standard, bringing a gorgeous 3D fighter experience to the table.

Akuma getting ready to take down the competition

Marshall Law, blasting off at the speed of light!

2) Soul Calibur VI: PS4/Xbox One/PC

One of my favorite fight game franchises, Soul Calibur VI does not disappoint, even after its 6-year hiatus. A bunch of favorites are back and ready to rumble in this beautifully crafted fight fest. There are paid DLC characters, but even without them, the gameplay is amazing. 

  • Gorgeous characters and stages that keep you entranced with a balanced fighting system that isn’t hard to pick up, but requires you to pay close attention to your opponent so you can counter, avoiding juggling. The reversal and charge systems are amazing in this and allows for tons of punishment. My only concern with learning the game is this title lacked any real tutorial mode. 
  • A character creators dream, Soul Calibur VI gives you the ability to create amazing characters straight out of your imagination. Create the character of your dreams or a hilarious joke with your favorite character’s move set. The choice is yours!
  • SC6 has two separate storylines that cover the original story from two very different perspectives. It is an engaging plot and fun to revisit from different angles for returning players, as well as cool to experience as a new player to the franchise.


Creativity at it’s finest, a player constructs Morrigan from Darkstalkers using Character Creation mode!

1) Mortal Kombat 11: PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC

Delicious fatalities, courtesy of PowerPyx.

Long known for the past 27 years as the most brutal gorefest in all of fighting, Mortal Kombat has been a must have for every fighting game lover since it’s beginning. I fondly remember playing Mortal Kombat at the arcade and the horrified looks of the parents surrounding me as I ripped out someone’s spine.  brutal, and mistaken usually as a hard game to master, this fighter is well rounded in my opinion. Crushing blows have been introduced in this new installment, and I have to say, it is yet another gory treat to be landed on your opponent. This game is definitely not for the faint of heart, so don’t go blowing holes through people in front of your mother, unless she’s cool and likes to game too.

  • In this installment, I have to give big ups to the team’s tutorial mode. It makes everything easier for a new player to pick up instead of trying to figure it out all on their own. Also, the storyline this time around is actually interesting. I honestly fell out of love with the last game’s story mode, the constant quick-time event like actions kind of grinded my gears, and left me abandoning it. 
  • As usual, the cast of characters are dynamic, bringing back old favorites, as well as semi new characters to the fray. The visuals in this series, from crushing blows to fatalities, never ceases to get more and more graphic, gory and fabulous with every installment in the franchise. 
  • Another cool addition to MK11 is the Krypt, which is a lot like Injustice 2’s multiverse, where you can unlock a crazy amount of skins, gear and techniques for your favorite characters.

Anyone down for a slice of Raiden? I hear it’s good with a side of fava beans with a nice chianti *smacks lips*

Cassie Cage showing some love for her fans!

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I especially love how each entry on your list spans the global demographic of the fighting genre. the genre owes much to the contributions that have come from developers the world over. MK11 and DBZFighterZ are my jam!

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