The Best PvP Games (Fight Real Humans, Not AI)

Best PvP Games
Look no further for some of the best PVP options available to players today.

The Best PvP Games You Can Play Right Now

The list of PvP games is almost endless. To make it easy to find one you love, we have listed 20 of the most enthralling PVP games available.

Whether you play for respite or for rank, these are games that you can invest hundreds of hours into and play against other players around the world. 

20. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Gameplay

You are dropped into your worst nightmare and must survive  slashers from the best horror movies in history. Dead by Daylight features your favorite characters from multiple slasher movies including Freddy, Mike Myers, andSaw. Five players battle together while one takes on the role of a savage and bloodthirsty killer.The group of five must try to escape, or they will face a gruesome death. To flee the death camp where you are held hostage, you must repair at least four generators to open one of two gates, all while dodging the merciless killer at your heels..

Scour the forest and get ready to fight the most terrifying horror characters in history.

You must escape the ravenous serial killers by repairing the generators—you can run, but you can’t hide for long...

19. Town of Salem

Town of Salem Gameplay

The Town of Salem is plagued with murderers and thieves who attack in the night. Gather the townsfolk,discuss who is guilty, and place them on trial. There are about 40 roles within the game, which include murderers, escorts, doctors, and investigators. Each player is given their role by the host in the lobby of the game. As the game progresses,, players can use their abilities at night to cause chaos. If you are on trial, you must defend your case and be convincing— if you fail to do so, you face the gallows.

Innocent, or guilty? The townspeople shake in their boots as they gather for trial.

Concealed in the darkness, a criminal could strike anywhere...

18. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Gameplay

In this action-packed PVP, survival is the name of the game. Multiple players are dropped into a shadowy forest to hunt down gruesome monsters and each other. To endure the challenges of this game, you must have strategies in place. Make your presence obvious, and you'll alert the other players of your location, making it easy for them to hunt you down and kill you. You can use in-game comms for communication to strategize your course of action, but every move has a consequence—if other players get wind of the transmission, they will be able to find you.

Proceed with caution as you hunt down other players and monsters.

Be ready to dodge and run if you fail to kill a monster. Death is permanent in Hunt: Showdown

17. Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Gameplay

The Norvinsk region has been seized by groups of mercenaries after a devastating war and the surviving locals scattered. The two groups have accepted the fate of the region stayed to loot and build wealth. They will do whatever it takes to build an empire, even if that entails thievery and murder. Get ready to drop into this completely immersive combat-heavy game. Choose from multiple weapons and be ready for misfires and jams. Do you have the guts to obliterate anyone who gets in your way on your journey to wealth and power?

Stake out the land as you wait for your enemies to make their movies.

Make sure your weapon is locked and loaded so you don’t have a misfire in the heat of a crucial battle.

16. Squad

Squad Gameplay

Squad is a tactical warfare game that leverages communication and assets to compete in massive battles. Use the navigation systems in your vehicles and aircraft to get the edge you need to succeed. Build massive barriers and develop your team’s organizational structure to prepare for the battles ahead. The game changes every time you play; no two teammates ever use the same strategies.. Up to 100 players can play in each battle, leaving the gameplay with endless possibilities and hours of everlasting fun.

Immerse yourself in this tactical warfare game.

Build your fortress to keep the enemies out of camp.

15. War Thunder

War Thunder Gameplay

Attack from above in fighter jets or strike below from the ocean with torpedoes. War Thunder has added a new standard for war games. You are no longer forced to fight your enemies solely by foot. You now have the option to take to the air, sea, or ground. Destroy enemy vehicles, planes, or ships in this action-packed PVP game. Choose from 80 maps that are from historic battles.

Annihilate the other team's planes before they get the chance to bomb your base.

Choose from over 1000 aircrafts, vehicles, and ships to obliterate the enemy team.

14. SCUM

SCUM Gameplay

SCUM is the ultimate open-world survival game. Fight to the death for survival, sponsors, and money. The survivors have nowhere to turn on SCUM island where sponsors, agents, viewers, and directors watch the survivors through broadcasted television. The longer you advance and eliminate other players, the more money and gifts you receive, which aid you in your journey for survival. Take advantage of the PVP network events that are available to you at any time.

Plan your journey strategically to survive this combat-filled open world.

Players do whatever it takes to stay alive, including hunting bears..

13. Gloria Victis

Gloria Victic Gameplay

Fight for honor within three nations in this medieval world. Clash and compete in tournaments to gain the respect of your comrades. Conquer lands, overthrow castles, and triumph in wars in the massive open-world, non-target combat game. Choose from multiple classes, including healer or archer, to obtain the glory you all are fighting to achieve. Become an undefeated duelist or a well-respected warrior. The choice is yours when inside Gloria Victis.

Conquer new lands and build a castle to reign over your subjects.

Become a feared duelist.

12. Mordhau

Mordhau Gameplay

Mordhau is another medieval world with battles sporting up to 64 players with mounts, catapults, and castles to be taken over. With a modern twist on an ancient style, Mordhau allows you to use emojis and voice commands. Choose from hundreds of customizable options for your character, including sculpting its face and choosing its gender and body type. Controls promise more than a few sword swipes;you’re able to chain your attacks together and create impressive combos, kick back your opponents with counters, and trick them into different situations. You can view your battle with 240 camera angles all with a flick of your mouse. The environments for your battles are continually changing from barren deserts to icy peaks.

Attack your opponents on horseback.

Choose your colors and fight to the death to defend them.

11. For Honor

For Honor Gameplay

After the devastation, three of the most brutal warrior factions pit against each other. Choose between the noble Knight, ravenous Viking, or silent Samurai as you fight your way through the battlefields. It doesn’t stop at choosing your faction, though. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, you then have even more classes to pick from. The game offers several different arcade modes including 2x2, 4x4, and 1x1. For example,elimination mode is a free melee with victory given to the last man standing. Whatever your PVP preference may be, this game has something for everyone.

Deadly Vikings and Noble Warriors clash vehemently.

The Samurai strikes meticulously and silently; their victims may never know what hit them.

10. Black Ops 4 

Black Ops 4 Gameplay

Black Ops is one of the most well-known zombie-infested multiplayer warfare games out there. Zombies feature all-new characters and storylines. Enjoy the biggest map in Call of Duty history. Your favorite characters are back in this all-out survival and elimination style game. Proceed with caution:this is the first Call of Duty game that does not include automatic health regeneration, bringing a whole new level of tension and strategy to the game.  Without a campaign mode, the game places heavy focus on the multiplayer PVP battling. However, if you’re still craving a little character development, they did add a solo mode that provides a little backstory..

Choose from and master hundreds of weapons during your warfare struggle.

Follow through solo mode for an incredible story or choose the PVP option and attack fellow soldiers.

9. Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow Siege Gameplay

Destruction is the name of the game;running away hiding will not save you. There are enemies around every corner. In Rainbow 6 Siege,nothing is off limits. Teams and the utilization of the environment are  crucial in this game, and you must strategize with them to win the game. The hope of respawning doesn’t exist in Rainbow 6 Siege, so as soon as you die, it’s over for you.. Prepare for the most brutal 5x5 matches you have ever encountered.

Choose from over 30 operators and build the best team possible.

Plan your every move—one misstep, and the game could be over.

8. Rocket League

Rocket League Gameplay

Rocket League, in an unlikely but harmonious fusion, combines stylish, rocket-powered battle cars and soccer. Choose between numerous high-powered booster vehicles and score goals to change the course of the game!  Players conveniently have the option to split the screen with up to four people locally or online. You can customize your battle car with up to 10 million combinations. Eight players can score at all once in the multiplayer mode.

Rocket-powered cars speed to score goals.

Compete with players around the world to score goals and take home the victory.

7. Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter Gameplay

Street Fighter 5 is the newest entry from one of the most prominent fighting game franchises. With all new mechanics to master, you will be able to test your might against players from around the world in online battles. Bring out the classic Ryu and Shoryuken your way to the top of the leaderboard by playing Ranked Battles. Alternatively, keep it casual and learn a brand-new character such as Menat in Casual Battles. With their worldwide tournament tour, you can take your Street Fighter skills to the test and compete with the best in the world.

Kolin uses her V-Trigger I, one of the new mechanics introduced into Street Fighter 5.

Invite your friends to an online group battle and see who is the ultimate Street Fighter.

6. DragonBall FighterZ

DBFZ Gameplay

Another fighting game that is sure to induce some nostalgia is DragonBall FighterZ. Unlike Street Fighter, this is a 3v3 game allowing you to choose up to 3 different characters to team up. Be ready for finger cramps with fast-paced, high-flying fighting action and combos that can surpass 100 hits! Dragon Ball was a standout game from 2018 that has taken the world by storm. It won’t take long before you’re itching to level up.

Master the moves of your favorite classic characters.

Practice a brand-new character like Android 21 in Training Mode.

5. Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Gameplay

Starcraft 2 takes place in a war-torn intergalactic future, where you control the big picture of your army and combat. You have three races and four models at your disposal. Gather materials and construct a base for your armyin the fight to best your opponents and gain control over the galaxy. Compete closely with friends in the StarCraft 2 versus mode, where you can choose from 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 battles.

Build your base well, or it may not last.

Control your unit on a micro or a macro level.

4. Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

Explore Tamriel through this ever-evolving game, where patches and updates are constantly running to improve gameplay. Indulge and explore by searching and harvesting  the forest or ocean for loot. Create unique characters with numerous races and classes. In the next update, Necromancers and dragons will be added to the game to create an even better gaming experience.  Engage in enthralling PVP battles against otherplayers, or explore the dungeons with your friends in one of thousands of available quests. 

Compete with or against your friends to save Tamriel.

Choose between countless races and classes to create your tailored gaming experience.

3. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Gameplay

Conan Exiles wastes no time in dropping players into action; the game starts with you being cut down from the Corpse Tree by Conan the Barbarian himself. From there, you must outlast sandstorms, endure scorching temperatures, and hunt animals that may otherwise hunt you. You’ll be swept into an adventure starting in the desert and traveling all the way to snow-ridden mountains. Sacrifice enemy players on the Altar of the Gods to create power in your favor. . Fight against enemy players to dominate the lands that await you.

Vanquish horrendous monsters in your battle to take over the exile lands.

Kill monsters for food to keep yourself alive in this arid realm.

2. Leage of Legends

League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends boasts legendary characters that battle head-to-head in this fast-paced, competitive game. Form your strategy and topple towers before your opponents. The game will automatically match you with groups of comparable skill sets.  At the end of every match, players have a chance to equip and level up their characters with new skills and specials. You can choose to play PvP or against bots as you learn the feel of the game.

Have a strategy to destroy the other team's towers before they destroy yours.

You may have an attack plan—but did you prepare a defense plan?

1. Defense of the Ancients 2

DotA 2 Gameplay

There are two sides to choose from in DOTA, and the end goal is to destroy one of two ancients, which are large structures on either side of the map. Choose from hundreds of players  from the original DOTA series to find your ideal balance of strength, agility, and durability. You will be playing 5X5 during your battles. Not sure how to stock up? The game suggests items you should purchase to aid you in your endeavors. Choose your path wisely.

Choose from hundreds of characters that all specialize in separate attacks.

Earn coins and use them to purchase helpful items and special abilities to get you ahead.

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