[Top 10] Ark Survival Evolved Best Dinos You Must Have

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The best dinosaur is worth all the taming effort


10. Megalosaurus 

Megalosaurus in action 

Megalosaurus is an aggressive carnivore, mostly found in caves. Taming this incredible dinosaur is surely a challenge, but the risk is worth the reward. He becomes formidable during the night, improving all its attacks. Its bite can deal 94 damage, compared to 35, during the day. To make taming faster, use its preferred food: the special kibble. 

Why is the Megalosaurus great: 

  • It’s the perfect mount for night battles 
  • Amazing taming assistant because it can clamp to other creatures
  • Gathers Drake eggs
  • Has 4 powerful attacks

Megalosaurus details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Megalosaurus 

How to get Megalosaurus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t6I-2KJiIc&ab_channel=Tecorsuh

9. Deinonychus

The colorful Deinonychus

If you are wondering what’s your next target for taming, the Deinonychus is an excellent choice. He is a fierce fighter, possessing various unique attacks that can take any enemy by surprise. These creatures are specialized in hiding, climbing, and attacking at the last moment. One important detail about them is that they can’t be tamed in a classic way. You actually need to get an egg and raise it. And as the Deinonychus is one of the most territorial creatures when it comes to its eggs, the process is quite chaotic. 

Why is the Deinonychus great: 

  • Screen ability provided a temporary buff to other pack members
  • Extremely agile, charged jump & climbing 
  • Perfect for PvP
  • Farms kibble

 Deinonychus details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Deinonychus?so=search 

How to get  Deinonychus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lGl7k9pRAw&ab_channel=Fresonis

8. Therizinosaurus

The king of harvesting: Theri 

Wild, the Therizinosaurus is not such a powerful combatant, compared to other predators. It hunts solitarily and its medium to small size doesn’t give him much of an advantage. However, when tamed, this dinosaur can be the key to advancing in Ark effortlessly. Known as the king of harvesting, the Theri can possess 4 types of harvesting abilities: power, delicate, bite, autonomous. Even more, it gives you a considerable advantage when it comes to combat power. It has some scary claws, after all. 

Why is the Therizinosaurus great: 

  • Damages both mounts and riders 
  • A harvesting machine for almost every resource
  • Power harvest for wood, various meats, chitin, hide, and even organic polymer
  • Delicate harvest for many resources, including thatch, plant species Z and Y, element dust from corpses

Therizinosaurus details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Therizinosaur?so=search 

How to get Therizinosaurus:


7. Yutyrranus

One scary & useful dinosaur: Yuty 

Creatures with feathers tend to be highly underestimated in Ark. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this dinosaur. The Yutyrranus is an amazing Mid-Game tame, and if you know to use its skills well, it can get you far. This fierce predator scares enemies with a single roar. When tamed, it can be used for both offense and defense, doing its job flawlessly. It can be tamed to induce fear in its enemies and also attract allies. Cliffs, flying mounts, or a Brontosaurus are the best strategies for taming this beast.

Why is the Yutyrranus great: 

  • Boosts the attack of allied creatures by 25% and reduces incoming damage 
  • Its roar induces fear
  • Makes wild Carnos fight on its side 
  • Corrupted creatures are taunted by its special Roar called “Fear” Roar
  • Combat mount 

Yutyrranus details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Yutyrannus

How to get Yutyrranus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a07l_tMaok&ab_channel=Tecorsuh 

6. Snow Owl 

Gorgeous and dangerous at the same time

Besides the fact that it’s gorgeous, the Snow Owl is a massive creature that can be used as an impressive tame. Its white colors are perfect for camouflaging in cold areas. These creatures travel in groups of 2-3, so taming might be difficult. Use its only disadvantage: the wide turning radius and circle around it to make taming faster. This majestic creature brings so many advantages that I don’t know what to start with. It’s an excellent means of travel, it can be used as a battle mount and even healer. 

Why is the Snow Owl great: 

  • Freezing and healing ability 
  • Snow Owl Pellets are used as food for Gatcha 
  • Perfect as a support for your tames 
  • Fast and agile, dive-bomber 
  • Decent carrier 

Snow Owl  details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Snow_Owl?so=search 

How to get Snow Owl:


5. Ankylosaurus

A builder's best friend: Anky

Finally, a peaceful herbivore. Well…almost peaceful. Its bite attack and enormous, heavy tail suggest that it’s not that innocent after all. Compared to the Snow Owl or the Yutyrranus, the classic Anky may seem to be placed a little too high on the list, but I consider this dinosaur an indispensable metal harvester when it comes to advancing in this game. Apart from this, it can be used for clearing terrain for building, as an excellent tank, and as an efficient harvester for many other resources, including Stone, Obsidian, Flint, and Crystal. 

Why is the Ankylosaurus great: 

  • 85% weight reduction to raw metal 
  • It can mine underwater 
  • Exceptional gatherer
  • Perfect for clearing large areas with its tail 

Ankylosaurus details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Ankylosaurus?so=search 

How to get Ankylosaurus:


4. Griffin 

The creature raised by Gods

An ancient, mythic creature with 4 types of powerful attacks is the type of thing that impresses any player. The Griffin is one of the best tames in Ark Survival Evolved, for both its land combat skills and utility in the air. It has the ability to dive from the sky, dealing damage to any dinosaur or player that stands in its way. A wild beast is hard to tame and command, but some Exceptional Kible combined with a flawless taming strategy should do the job. 

Why is the Griffin great: 

  • Excellent combatant both on land and air 
  • Incredible speed while diving 
  • Perfect for collecting Wyvern Eggs 
  • Can be used for taming other creatures 
  • Its position in midair allows you to shoot Tranq Arrows easily

Griffin details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Griffin 

How to get Griffin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU42ir5gTgo&ab_channel=nooblets.com 

3. Reaper King 

Who's the evilest of them all? 

This one is already Late-Game. It gets to be in the third position as despite its breath-taking characteristics, getting one of these is truly a headache. Their utility? These creatures are probably the strongest mounts in the entire game. A Reaper King can reach up to level 313 in Single Player and it’s an available strategy for fighting Rockwell. It can be used in an incredible variety of ways, having 5 combat abilities to support its power. It can deal 75 damage with a bite and fire 5 poisonous projectiles at once. 

Why is the Reaper King great: 

  • Great for exploring the irradiated areas of Abberation
  • It can store valuables while buried
  • It can slow down any creature for about 10 seconds 
  • The best combat mount 
  • Steals Drake Eggs 

Reaper King details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Reaper#Reaper_King_2 

How to get Reaper King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nuv_UjDrbk&ab_channel=Phaedread 

2. Giganotosaurus 

One giant to conquer the map: Giga 

With similar or even better abilities than the Reaper King and an easier taming process, Giga is one of the most appreciated dinosaurs in the entire game. Its main attack, Gnash, affects the enemy’s health by 1% per 5 seconds. Along with its other skills, Giga is a deadly, enormous predator than can become the most useful tame. As preferred food, the Exceptional Kibble works wonders when taming it. Use the Giga as an exceptional battle mount, alpha hunter, or even Titan killer. 

Why is the Giganotosaurus great: 

  • A group of Gigas can battle with Titans (The Forest Titan)
  • Excellent for guarding against natural threats
  • Protects orbital drops 
  • One of the best defenses against Rock Elemental 
  • The best meat farmer 
  • Alpha hunter 

Giganotosaurus details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Giganotosaurus?so=search 

How to get Giganotosaurus : 


1. Rock Drake

Splendid & fearless, the best companion there is 

Here is the crowd’s favorite: the Rock Drake. Besides the fact that it’s impossible not to be fascinated by a drake and its gorgeous colors, this creature is the best tame you can get from Ark Survival Evolved. Its powerful claws and efficient camouflage are just one small reason to love it. It can use 5 types of attacks with almost no stamina cost. Although it’s not commonly used in End Battles, this dinosaur will take you far in the game and will be a pleasure to have by your side at any moment. 

Why is the Rock Drake great: 

  • It can travel through all the existing terrain of Ark
  • Turns itself and its rider invisible 
  • Detects Reapers 
  • Perfect for collecting Nameless Venom 
  • Both primary and secondary riders can use weapons 
  • Egg thief 

Rock Drake details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Rock_Drake 

How to get Rock Drake:


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