[Top 5] Dark Souls Remastered Best Armor And How To Get Them

Dark Souls Remastered Best Armor
Prepare To Die indeed...

Whats the deal with all the armor?

Wandering the landings, gullies and many intimidating locales of Lordran can be intimidating for any player.

Yet, despite Dark Souls notoriety for brutal difficulty and punishing enemy encounters, being equipped with the right armor can make the world of difference. 

This list tips players off to some of the most well known, beloved and most of all, effective armor in the game. Here are 5 vital armors to aid any Dark Souls Remastered player.


5. Havel’s Set

One of the most valuable armor sets in the entire game. A wicked blend of aesthetically pleasing, a huge boon to players, and great use of lore and storytelling. While there are other heavy armor sets to be collected across the game, Havel’s set is arguably the most memorable and certainly the strongest. Be warned, armor designed for fighting dragons may weigh you down a bit!

Why Havel’s Set is great 

  • It’s made of rock – the highest defense in the game
  • Highest poise in the game and high curse resistance
  • While the Stone Armor set is close is defense stats, Havel’s durability blows it away
  • The full set includes a ring which SIGNIFICANTLY eases the weight burden
  • This armor set’s weapon is a dragons tooth… 
  • Solid for newbies

How to get Havel’s Set:

This set is available from about the mid-game point in Anor Londo. One should head to the lowest possible floor/basement level of the main building that leads to Gwynevere. One needs to find a room with a fireplace and an illusory wall. Beyond this is a room full of chests, one containing Havel's full set of armor. Heads up though, one of those several chests contains a mimic…


4. Gold-Hemmed Black Set

An elegant-looking and highly effective light armor set. A player may not want to equip this for the duration of a playthrough, yet there are sections of the game where this armor set can save a player. Boasting some of the highest resistances to fire, poison, and magic in the game, make it a must-have. While not outstanding, its physical resistance is respectable for its weight class.

Why the Gold-Hemmed Black Set is great:

  • Fire and poison projectiles needn’t be your bane
  • Effective for builds
  • No need to upgrade
  • High mobility
  • You’ll never look more Ringwraith

How to get the Gold-Hemmed Black Set:

To acquire this set, the player needs to get to the Demon Ruins area. The player must head to the boss fight with Ceaseless Discharge. The set is found on a corpse at the far end of the area the boss fight takes place in. Collecting the armor triggers the boss fight, though it doesn’t have to be a fight you know…


3. Xanthous Set

The most unique-looking armor in the entire game. The player is given the chance to bound through the game with what appears a giant bandaged spoon on their head. A light armor despite a huge and starkly visible headpiece and searing yellow tone. Xanthous Set’s flamboyance is only matched by its high resistances and effective stats.

Why Xanthous Set is great:

  • High magic and solid lightning defense
  • That staggering headpiece has the highest curse resistance in-game
  • That staggering headpiece has the highest strike defense in-game
  • The waistcloth is balanced well for defense and weight
  • Great set to make builds with

How to get the Xanthous Set:

The player must summon and defeat Dark Phantom, King Jeremiah in the Painted World of Ariamis Unlike other dark phantom battles, this set is not found on the body of the slain Jeremiah but behind the boss battle room of Crossbreed Priscilla. (This is irrespective of whether she is engaged with or not.)  


2. Giant’s Set

You'll be laughing with the this armor set...

As the title implies, – this is some big, heavy, weighted armor. The player will see this on the many large sentinels guarding Anor Londo. Its astonishing physical defense capabilities will tax the player's weight and stamina regeneration capacities. Yet this set for giants is right up the alley of any ‘strength’ build players or any looking for robust heavy armor.

What makes the Giant’s Set great:

  • Mega high defense
  • Ludicrously high poise
  • It’s a heavy armor that can be upgraded…
  • Fully upgraded outperforms Havel’s set
  • You’re a giant now – you can ‘tank’ me later

How to get the Giant’s Set:

The Giant blacksmith located in Anor Londo has the armor available for purchase for 26,000 souls. Get saving, farming, grinding.


1. Ornstein’s Set

Arguably the game's strongest medium armor set and one that can only be called well earned. It is birthed from one of the game's most memorable and unique boss fights. This armor is all-around well-balanced and gifted with strong resistances across the board. Though it comes from a choice of sets, technically speaking, Ornstein’s is the pick of the two in terms of weight class ranking, and appearance.

What makes Ornstein’s Set Great:

  • Strong lightning resistance
  • Strong bleed resistance
  • Strong fire resistance
  • Strong poise
  • Strong slash defense
  • You look like you could haunt a nightmare in this thing…

How to get Ornstein’s Set:

During the boss fight with Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough – make sure you kill Ornstein second. Simple enough? The armor is then purchasable from Domhall of Zena found in the Sewers.

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