[Top 15] Dark Souls Remastered Best Weapons That Are Awesome

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A Call to Arms

Once any player has put a handful of hours into Dark Souls they will probably realise there is more to it than merely surviving its touted difficulty. Infact, part of Dark Souls charm is a remarkably accesible leveling and weapons system in its archetypal RPG structure. 

As varied as they are plentiful, Dark Souls selection of weapons is a tapestry of brutality. Below is a collection of some of the very best worth any players interest and time. 


15. Quelaag’s Fury Sword

A spiked, stylish sword requiring the soul of a defeated boss to obtain. Made from a reinforced curved sword, speed and flurries are this weapon’s strength ., This slash attack weapon has a high dexterity bonus to boot, as well as high elemental damage. Its most unique feature is a potential increase in power from humanity held by the player.

What makes Quelaag’s Fury Sword Awesome 

  • Not hard to obtain
  • Upgradable and remarkably powerful when done so
  • Potent fire damage
  • Fast and light, great chain attacks
  • Very effective for ‘hugging’ bosses

How to get Quelaag’s Fury Sword: 


14. Crystal Halberd

A halberd is a wise choice of weapon for any player looking for reach and power. If upgraded and infused with crystal, its damage output makes it competitive for any weapon in its weight ratio. Learning to wield and effectively use this mix of spear and axe may not feel natural but doing so can grant dynamic attacks. Breakable yes, but not rare and very useful for a disposable weapon.

What makes Crystal Halberd Awesome

  • Upgradable for greater output
  • Thrusts and swings
  • Reach aids both attack and defense
  • Power attacks can knockdown many an enemy
  • Low parameter requirements

How To Get Crystal Halberd: 


13. Silver Knight Spear

These can be seen on the knights around Anor Londo. A powerful thrust is matched by a varied move set suited to a lighter mobility-oriented play style. Surprisingly, the large powerful swings it offers are rare and not on every spear the game offers. Durable and effective, this spear does demand notable dexterity from the player.

What makes Silver Knight Spear Awesome

  • One of the best move sets for a spear in the game
  • Offers good mobility
  • One of the longest weapons reaches in the game
  • Upgradable
  • Brings ‘turtle’ tendencies out of the AI

How To Get Silver Knight Spear: 


12. Drake Sword

One of the most beloved weapons in the game for a variety of reasons. It has a powerful output, looks cool, and can get in the player’s hands relatively early in the game. Crafted from a dragon's tail and acquired most charmingly, this powerful straight sword is a must-have for any run of Dark Souls. 


 What makes Drake Sword Awesome

  • Early game advantage
  • High damage output
  • Powerful single or dual handed
  • Dual handed holds a special attack ability
  • Respectable durability

How To Get Drake Sword: 


11. Black Knight Greatsword

A fearsome weapon from a high-caliber weapon set. This greatsword is pure power with high damage and high impact. For a playthrough hoping to stagger enemies and knock shields from grasps, look no further. Its move set is not the easiest to use and its power comes from considerable size and weight. However, with mastery and timing, landing its humungous blows is wholly satisfying.

What makes Black Knight Greatsword Awesome

  • High damage output
  • Upgradable
  • Watch powerful enemies stagger and fall
  • Effective in PVP and boss battles
  • Acquirable early in the game

How To Get Black Knight Greatsword: 


10. Dragonslayer Greatbow

One only needs to take a single look at this weapon to grasp its title is no gimmick. This huge monster bow requires being anchored into the ground beneath to be used. To many a player, this may seem an auxiliary or specialist item, but for those looking to master long-distance and projectile combat, it’s a connoisseur treat.

What makes Dragonslayer Greatbow Awesome

  • It’s a bow to kill dragons
  • A boss eater when upgraded
  • A PVP wonder weapon when upgraded
  • Decent parameter bonuses
  • Special arrows for a special bow

How To Get Dragonslayer Greatbow: 

9. Greatsword of Artorias

A brilliant weapon that demands all-around high stat requirements to wield effectively. Its damage output is split between physical and magical. This is a slow weapon, with strikes that take time yet with modifiers and patience its damage can be game-changing high. This is arguably an NG+ weapon thanks to its requirements, yet with such effect, you’ll be left fearing none.

What makes Greatsword of Artorias Awesome

  • A divine and cursed version is available
  • Highest divine damage modifier in the game
  • Cursed version can block ghost attacks
  • Maybe the strongest all-around weapon for all-round builds

How To Get Greatsword of Artorias Name: 


8. Dragon Tooth

The weapon of choice for a man named Havel The Rock, this literal dragon's tooth is a huge great hammer. Appreciated for its ‘fashion souls’ appeal alongside its colossal damage output. The Dragon tooth requires massive strength to wield and is one of the heavier weapons in-game. Its mighty physical attack is more than enough to compensate for the wait to get hold of it. 

 What makes Dragon Tooth Awesome

  • Can never be broken
  • Can be enchanted
  • Ups fire and magic resistance to the holder
  • Has a 2 handed roll attack that cannot be parried
  • Very high damage, no split

How To Get Dragon Tooth: 


7. Giants Halberd

A big split damage weapon that tears into opponents with its size, weight, and lightning effect. Potentially avoided for its heavyweight class and the split in its damage, the overall output of this huge halberd is worthwhile for any player. Patience and mobility brought to a two-handed use of the Giant’s Halberd can leave a player near unstoppable.

What makes Giant’s Halberd Awesome

  • You’ll get more than one across a game run
  • Remarkable upgrade paths
  • Solid defense in dual wield
  • A strength/dex build classic
  • Start stats are solid

How to Get Giant’s Halberd: 


6. Velka’s Rapier

A  pure thrust/needling weapon had to make the list and Velka’s Rapier is the choice. Light, nimble, and providing a fencing stance out of the player, this sword is for lighter more nimble combat styles. Requiring an equal build of dexterity and intelligence, this thrust specialist is worth a tour through the DLC to get hold of!

What makes Velka’s Rapier Awesome

  • Dark occult effect
  • High parameter scaling for intelligence
  • High, high critical attack damage
  • Black Knights and Silver knights do not like this weapon
  • Equip the hornet ring for unbelievable critical attacks

How to Get Velka’s Rapier: 


5. Black Knight Halberd

For many players, this may be the best weapon available in Dark Souls Remastered. An absolute gem for any player of any style. Its weight leaves it one of the games heavier halberd’s but its damage output outclasses most. Its thrust and slash moves can devastate, its backstabs can be operatic in damage.

What makes Black Knight Halberd Awesome

  • Easy to flurry with
  • Fast for weighty weapon
  • Intensive poise damage
  • Rolling attacks can dead angle
  • Can get stronger and stronger with upgrades

How to Get Black Knight Halberd: 


4. Zweihander

A remarkably popular weapon in the game, its availability and effectiveness place it on the list It made a name for itself in the annals of PVP with pretty consistent usage. Equipped with raw power, a long-range, and for its ultra greatsword class, it's fast. Wanna see enemies fly? Try two-handed attacks, just like the name says.

What makes Zweihander Awesome

  • You get given one essentially at the start of the game
  • You can feel the power and weight of the swings
  • For such a big weapon, it is not the slowest
  • Healthy parameter bonuses
  • Requires strength building, but not too much

How to Get Zweihander: 


3. Claymore

A quality large sword that can carry a player through the entire game. It is well worth investing in and trialing its move set. The hefty weighting is offset by good mobility and a great diversity across thrusts and slices. Far from impossible or difficult for a player to get hold of during the game, it also possesses solid output in both single and dual hand use.

What makes Claymore Awesome:

  • Combos
  • Parameter bonus for both strength and dexterity
  • Has workable pacing of swing speeds
  • Can dead angle
  • Damage output can build through upgrading

How to Get Claymore: 


2. Moonlight Greatsword

For those looking to build their intelligence stats, an intelligence build if you will, this may be the weapon for you. More of an NG+ weapon with how it is acquired and the stats needed to wield it, what the player gets in return is special. A combo-friendly move set accompanies robust high-end damage. Effects and parameter bonuses send this weapon into rarified air.

What makes Moonlight Greatsword Awesome

  • 'S’ parameter bonus for intelligence on upgrade
  • Heavy attacks fling blades of magic
  • Raises magic defense significantly
  • Damage Scaling with intelligence stats
  • Great Acquisition task…

How to Get Moonlight Greatsword: 


1. Great Scythe

This fun dexterity choice weapon hosts a near-unique move set and therein playstyle. A vertical downward attack is for its standard and a horizontal slash for its strong attack; movement and agility are vital to master the weapon. While not a traditional weapon per se, once learned, very few are as entertaining and light for their size.

What makes Great Scythe Awesome

  • Big ol’ reach on this thing
  • Mobility runs/players could have a ball with this
  • A bleed effect ratio matched by very few weapons
  • Respectable base damage
  • Serious upgrade paths

How to Get Great Scythe: 

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