[Top 10] Dark Souls Remastered Best Hammers That Are Awesome

Dark Souls Remastered Best Hammers
Hammer time

Wanna nail your run through Dark Souls? Try a hammer...

The range and litany of weapons in Dark Souls is a huge part of the trechurous yet rigourously addicting journey through Lordran. 

While the weapons below will not be to every taste, many are some of the best in game with their own legend and status. All varied in strength, size, moveset and function, exploring this weapon class is advised to any and evey player.


10. Smoughs Hammer

Should a strength build be the player's path of choice, Smoughs Hammer might be a destination worth seeking. The strength requirement of this weapon is the highest in-game making it a late to new game addition. Yet patience will prove a virtue with devastating scalable damage output.


 What makes Smoughs Hammer Awesome

  • Ultimate pancake weapon
  • Little HP bonus per hit
  • Enjoyable hitboxes
  • You’ll have earned this one…

How To Get Smoughs Hammer: 


9. Large Club

A long-time staple for heavier weapon users of the game’s online community. While its scaling will not hit the heights of others, it starts high and won't leave a player wanting. Heavy attacks that cannot be parried make up for its lack of pace. Its hefty damage output keeps this club a solid choice of a hammer. 

What makes Large Club Awesome

  • A scaling in strength
  • No dexterity requirements
  • Built-in poison build-up
  • Rolling attacks

How To Get Large Club: 


8. Grant

One of the heaviest weapons in the entire game, it boasts monumental strength requirements to boot. Essentially an exclusive strength build weapon, this monster great hammer packs stonking damage output. Heavy weapon staples such as shield battering and flattening enemies are guaranteed with Grant. 

What makes Grant Awesome 

  • Great strong attack
  • Faith and physical damage
  • Very strong strike damage
  • Pancake time

How To Get Grant: 


7. Morning Star

An early staple of any playthrough of Dark Souls. A reliable solid move set comes with very effective damage output for the start of the game. Should the player get comfortable with this, scaling and buffing the weapon can keep its statistics competitive. Great starter weapon for any strength build or play. 

What makes Morning Star Awesome 

  • Get it upon leaving the asylum
  • Sound base damage
  • Great bleed effect
  • Strong start scaling for strength

How To Get Morning Star: 


6. Dragon Tooth

Among the most famous of Dark Souls weapons, this curved great hammer is as powerful as it is distinctive. Wielded by a legend formerly known as Havel the Rock, the weapon’s durability is unmatched. Believed to be harder than stone, wielding it raises resistances to magic and flame. 

What makes Dragon Tooth Awesome

  • Unbreakable
  • Buffable
  • Upgradable
  • It is an actual dragon tooth…

How To Get Dragon Tooth: 


5. Blacksmith Giant Hammer

By no means earned through honorable methods, however, the weapon is a huge gift to players. It doesn’t scale well, it doesn’t upgrade all that well in comparison with other weapons. The pull and lure of this weapon is the split physical/lighting damage that can only be described as phenomenal at its start.  

 What makes Blacksmith Giant Hammer Awesome

  • Solid Base damage of a giant
  • Stonking lightning damage
  • Only 16 strength to wield
  • Buffable with twinkling titanite 

How To Get Blacksmith Giant Hammer: 


4. Warpick

A hammer for a specialist pursuit and use. It does have scaling ceilings yet unlike most hammers, it scales dexterity as well as strength. Its unique attributes don’t end there, it deals mainly in thrust damage, has one of the longest reaches of its class, and is a rare move set. Upgrade away for a competitive uncanny hammer.

What makes Warpick Awesome

  • Fair scaling
  • Good base damage
  • Fun moveset
  • Light 

How To Get Warpick: 


3. Pickaxe

One of the game's many gems that are somewhat hidden in plain sight. This pickaxe is its description, a mining tool primarily. To a wanderer of Lordran, it’s a hammer class weapon with great damage output. Getting hold of one may be a slight grind, but this buffable hammer has a fun moveset.

What makes Pickaxe Awesome 

  • Leo ring complements well
  • Awesome base damage
  • Strong strength scaling
  • Light 

How To Get Pickaxe: 


2. Mace

An iron hammer that those of the cleric class will start the game with. Blessed with a short-range like many in the class, its upsides make up for it considerably. Its A scaling in strength yet remarkable lightness are only two of this highly effective hammer’s upsides. Should this take the player's interest, it can be found easily in the game.

What makes Mace Awesome

  • Stunlock classic
  • Brilliant poise breaker
  • Remarkable base damage
  • Buffable and enchantable

How To Get Mace: 


1. Great Club 

A great hammer similar to its large club cousin but not to be confused. This has a longer reach and is all about pure impact, a natural grand hammer of a weapon. Neutralizing shields and knocking down enemies will be a relative stroll. The player is granted very high damage at its entry stat requirements alone…

What makes Great Club Awesome

  • Colossal damage output
  • Easy knockback and downs
  • Under 30 strength requirements
  • Can be buffed into a monster

How To Get Great Club: 

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