[Top 10] Dark Souls Remastered Best Dex Weapons That Are Awesome

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There's nothing like nimble

With its dark fantasy setting and onlsaught of grim opponenents, lightness, agilility and skill wielding weapons only aid a player in Dark Souls. There are many weapons that do not require specific building of specfic skills, yet many that do and require dexterity specifically.

As a 'build' and class, Dextirity is a path the leads to some of the game's most interesting weapons with some of the most unique movesets. Below is an introduction to some of the very best.


10. Great Scythe

One of the most stylish weapons available in Dark Souls, the Great Scythe is a popular choice among players. A great dexterity weapon should give a player a unique and dynamic  moveset, specific for them to master. This Scythe is no exception, an awesome and accessible dexterity weapon. Reach and power makes up its lack of speed or mobility.


 What makes Great Scythe Awesome

  • Tremendous reach
  • Horizontal and vertical crowd clearing capacity
  • Solid damage output
  • Fun particular moveset

How To Get Great Scythe:


9. Estoc

The requirements for getting the Estoc are considerably low. Moreover, this weapon is not hard to find for a player making a great Dexterity starter weapon. Its pliable slash and thrust move set has made it a famous weapon in PVP. The speed of the Estoc is worth seeing and trialing by any dexterity-building player.

What makes Estoc Awesome

  • Accessible as early as New Londo Ruins
  • Great Dexterity parameter bonuses
  • Great ‘turtle poke’
  • Versatile move set even for Dex standards

How to Get Estoc: 


8. Uchigatana

One of the most awesome upsides of any Dexterity build or focus is the potential to wield katanas. The Uchigatana is a fantastic weapon for the first half of the game  and can be built and buffed for the rest. Able to register damage output comparable to greatswords , this Katana is a dexterity build classic of speed and strength slash attack weaponry.

What makes Uchigatana Awesome:

  • Brilliant Dexterity scaling
  • Solid bleed damage
  • A fast, effective moveset
  • Feel like a samurai, move like one too

How to Get Uchigatana: 


7. Quelaags Furysword

This unique curved sword comes with a pacey move set to match its apparel and lure. Promising a great split damage output, this flurry attack weapon holds a great capacity for stunning enemies. Perhaps an easier weapon for dexterity builds to get a hold on, its standard attack spamming makes easy work of most in-game enemies.

What makes Quelaag’s Furysword

  • Longest range of curved swords
  • Brilliant chain attack multipliers
  • Fast swinging weapon
  • Fire damage output as well

How to get Quelaag’s Furysword: 


6. Murakumo

A large curved sword, demanding more strength than dexterity. Wide swings make this a very useful weapon.  It’s Running attacks are near unable to be parried. This big, imperious weapon may be best considered for the strong player that is looking to break into the dexterity style of play.  

What makes Murakumo Awesome

  • Not a huge dex requirement
  • Strong bonus parameters for dexterity
  • Greatsword damage potential
  • Dead angling is prevalent

How to Get Murakumo:


5. Claw

What may look novelty from a distance are very effective weapons when applied right. This super-light dual wield weapon is for combat styles of mobility and agility. Boasting some of the best roll attacks in-game this is a rapid slash attack weapon blessed with amazing speed. Throw in the relatively low stamina cost of its move set for added advantage in flurries.

What makes Claw Awesome

  • Very light
  • Good scaling in Dex
  • Hornet ring capability, huge bleed to build-up
  • Great rolling attacks
  • X-Men fans may get a kick out of this one

How to Get Claw: 


4. Ricard’s Rapier

Rapiers are among some of the most enticing dexterity weapons in the game. The rapier in question holds the light thrusting move set, adept for patient and critical strike play with great advantages to its use. Requiring a considered dexterity level, buffing, and building Ricard’s Rapier will make a solid adversary of any dexterity build.

What makes Ricard’s Rapier Awesome

  • Great to inflict poison with strong attacks
  • Becomes greatly powered with buffs
  • Thrusting sword moveset
  • Great dexterity scaling

How to get Ricards Rapier: 


3. Balder Side Sword

A much-celebrated and affectionately nicknamed weapon in the PvP community, the Balder Side Sword is a sound choice for any player. It is equipped with a brilliant damage potential that can be buffed to the moon from its promising base damage. The statistic requirements are very achievable and its move set is familiar for its straight sword class yet specialized for the better.

What makes Balder Side Sword Awesome

  • Strong attack reach
  • Fast standard and strong attacks
  • Hornet and Leo ring power it up
  • Stuns and staggers easily

How to Get Balder Side Sword: 


2. Priscilla’s Dagger

Yeah, it's short, real short considering it’s a dagger. This playstyle takes some getting used to and a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ method is the player's only course of action. Yet, the seeming microdamage with each hit is instantly redeemed with the weapon's incredible bleed-out capacity. No doubt a weapon for the specialist, or the patient… but those willing to master it will reap the rewards.

What makes Priscilla’s Dagger Awesome

  • A 50% bleed out…
  • S scaling in dexterity!
  • Light as light can be
  • Longest dagger in-game

How to get Priscilla’s Dagger: 


1. Falchion

A very popular curved sword among the soul's community. Easily acquirable in the game and has low stats to wield. The speed and pacing of its slashes make up the lasting appeal of the falchion. While the reach of a curved sword is nothing to celebrate , this weapon is a dream for those looking for combos and chain attacks, single or dual wield.

What makes Falchion Awesome

  • Fast attacks
  • Stun lock galore
  • Flurry, flurry, flurry
  • Get buffing for ‘easy mode’

How to get Falchion: 

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