[Top 10] Dark Souls Remastered Best Strength Weapons That Are Awesome

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A Show of Strength

For whatever reason, be it the bleak landscape, theme of eternal death or just horrible monsters - strength is an attribute and class in Dark Souls that many a player and run through has gravitated towards.

Enemy encounters will show players that there are some big bad weapons weilded by many a foe and for a player to weild them, Strength is often a go to requirement. Below are some of the very best and achievable strength weapons avaialble in Dark Souls. 


10. Smough’s Hammer

A whopping 28 units of weight accompany wielding this monster hammer. That being said its impact should have players connecting hits with substantial hundreds in damage. The 58 strength requirement will blow most players' minds and that is fair. Yet should strength-building be the player's decided style and goal, consider this weapon the pinnacle of that mountain.

What makes Smough’s Hammer Awesome:

  • The heaviest weapon in-game, a strength build exclusive
  • Hit a shield, gain health
  • Great reach
  • Good move set

How To Get Smough’s Hammer: 


9. Grant

Another great hammer that demands high stat requirements from the player. Not only a huge build of strength but also a considerable build of faith. Grant will require some mastery with a slow strike style. Strong split magic and physical damage equip this specific build weapon.

What makes Grant Awesome:

  • High parameter bonuses
  • Effective against the Dark
  • Unique 2 handed strong attack
  • Easy to stun opponents

How to get Grant: 


8. Dragon Tooth

One of the most recognizable and iconic weapons in the game. A strength build staple and a milestone to reach for such a playthrough. The Dragon Tooth possesses high damage output and unparalleled durability. The journey to gain this weapon alone will likely leave a lasting impression in the player's mind.

What makes Dragon Tooth Awesome:

  • This doesn’t break
  • Scales with one’s strength statistics
  • Comes with added resistances
  • Reliable, solid move set

How to get Dragon Tooth: 


7. Giant’s Halberd

Any player on their way with strength building could soon find this Halberd as a favorite weapon. A fun move set, the defense/offense bonus of great reach and sizable damage output make it a quality acquisition. Perhaps most charmingly, turning this weapon in its bearers in Anor Londo makes considerably easy work of them.

What makes Giant’s Halberd Awesome:

  • Stuns on the second hit without fail
  • Light for such a big weapon
  • Considerable lightning damage
  • Two-handed play is a real gem

How to Get Giant's Halbeard: 


6. Demon’s Great Hammer

A powerful, heavy weapon that a player can get hold of during the very start of the game. While not necessarily the easiest of acquisitions so early, its wielding requirements signal the player has found a strength build classic. No special abilities or power come with it, this weapon is for a player looking for brute force and power.

What makes Demon’s Great Hammer Awesome:

  • Stamina breaking is powerful
  • Poise breaking is powerful
  • Solid strength parameter bonus
  • Strong attack equals flattened enemy

How to get Demon’s Great Hammer: 


5. Great Club

An achievable and acquirable weapon for any strength and power style builds and playthroughs. With strength requirements within reach in a playthrough and parameter bonus to boot, this great hammer class weapon stands as a good introduction to any player. There are heavier and stronger strength weapons, yet this stands as a reliable template or starter.

What makes the Great Club awesome:

  • Most satisfying leap attacks
  • Make some enemy pancakes
  • Upgradeable, in-fusible
  • Whoop boss and PVP encounters

How to get Great Club: 


4. Golem Axe

Acquirable after a solid boss fight, comes a usable fun, heavy weapon. While it can be expensive on durability used, it’s a heavy weapon with remarkable mobility single and dual-handed. A short-reach weapon with a distance attack gives it a dynamic move set. The Golem Axe is a serviceable weapon with a decent range for its standard axe class of weapon.

What makes Golem Axe Awesome:

  • A wind blade attack
  • Double damage available through such an attack
  • Achievable requirement parameters
  • Lure and bait with moveset

How to get Golem Axe: 


3. Demon’s Greataxe

This formidable-looking axe equips the player with the most devastating strength weapon in the game. No other has a higher physical damage output than this weapon. Tanking through enemies with hits that beggar belief can only be advised with this surprisingly fast great axe. Such dominance requires earning with a diligent strength build.

What makes the Demons Great Axe Awesome:

To repeat… The MOST powerful weapon in-game

  • Superb scaling advantages
  • Great poise breaking
  • Great stunlocking
  • There is an incredible uppercut on this thing…

How to Get Demon’s Greataxe: 


2. Zweihander

This series staple makes the list on the grounds of its consistent popularity and what that popularity is grounded in. It can be buffed to the moon, it's reliable, it's accessible early in the game. Certainly, the Zweihander is a strength starter weapon with accomplishable requirement parameters. The varied move set only compliments its storied reputation.

What makes Zweihander Awesome:

  • Lightest ultra greatsword in-game
  • Solid parameter bonuses
  • Great damage output
  • A PvP legend…

How to get Zweihander: 


1. Butchers Knife

A controversial choice to some, yet the Butcher Knife has a form of series iconography having intrigued many players. Pre-cursed by Demons Soul’s Meat Cleaver, this weapon doesn’t hold the same overpowering output but remains popular. An axe in class, the reach is surprising and its capacity to stun opponents should not be overlooked.

What makes Butcher Knife Awesome:

  • It does look pretty cool
  • Doesn’t demand huge strength stats
  • Unique and brutal move set
  • Little HP rise for every hit

How to Get Butcher Knife: 

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