[Top 10] Hunt Showdown Best Loadouts (For Early and Late Game)

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What is a loadout and why does equipment matter in Hunt:Showdown? 


Hunt: Showdown is a bounty extraction shooter, where you have to fight off dangerous boss monsters, along with equally dangerous player hunters who all want what's yours, the bounty. Equipment is everything in Hunt:Showdown. From your guns, to traps, and drug syringes, bringing the right tools for the mission is a matter of life and death. 

Everything in Hunt:Showdown wants to kill you (possibly even your teammates if they are rowdy) so being prepared for everything is half the battle. The other half is making sure not to spend all your hard earned Hunt Dollars. Everything is dangerous but every piece of kit allows players to become just as, if not more dangerous, than even the scariest bosses the game has to offer. One disclaimer: There is no equipment that will help you with your fear of The Spider boss, a nightmare monstrosity that will haunt you forever once you see the little face in its mouth. My therapist says it is not real and can't hurt you, if that helps. 


1. Winfield M1873C/Nagant (Early Game) 

My therapist, Dr. Katrine Johnson has volunteered to model our wonderful loadouts today. Let's give her a hand folks.

Hunt offers up a bevy of useful weapons and items from the start, and this is a great bread and butter loadout for a first time hunter. This loadout also gets a good start on progressing items, as the more you use certain categories of equipment, the more variations you unlock. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • The Winfield M1873C- This rifle is so versatile that this article very well could have been Top 10 Winfield Loadouts for Hunt:Showdown. This gun can do a little of everything in its basic form and even more as you unlock the different variations. From laying down multiple shots quickly, to picking off a clean headshot at medium range, The Winfield weapon tree is a great choice for gun fights at close and medium range. The only downside is the compact ammo that it uses falls short of damage at longer ranges. 
  • Nagant M1895- this pistol is one of the more diverse weapon trees, so this is a good option for getting xp and unlocking the different variations and ammos. Pairing with the Winfield allows for stacking more ammunition, which can come in handy for beginners just getting a feel for the shooting in Hunt. 
  • Knife and Medkit- As far as your tool bar goes in Hunt, two things you can never leave home without are a medkit and melee tool. The medkit has obvious benefits of restoring your health bar and the melee tool for stopping mobs from taking that health. The knife is a great all around tool for monsters, as it is quick and deadly, but beware the Immolator, as breaking this enemy's skin causes a fiery explosion and no one wants that. Best use the butt of your rifle for that fella. 
  • The Electric Flashlight- Poor little Electric Flashlight is more or less a means to an end but it is useful in darker areas and can even blind foes in a basement gunfight, but the real reason to take one with in your beginning loadout is to unlock the next item in the flashlight tree, the Fusees, which we’ll talk about later.  
  • 3x Weak Healing Syringes and 1x Fire bottle- Consumables in Hunt are fairly straightforward, giving you buffs and extra abilities. The buffs in question are extra healing provided by the syringes, while weak they come in handy for quick healing in the heat of battle and are a great start to unlocking more useful syringes. Fire in Hunt is one of the more useful elements, being good for cutting off areas and burning bodies of enemy hunters. Burning an enemy hunter is  good for applying pressure to their teammates, but the Fire Bottle also comes in handy if you need to cut off an area from enemies, as the fire will last 2 minutes before fading.  


9. Springfield/Scottfield (Early Game) 

Like my father, this loadout is impressive for just how many bottles of flammable liquid it can fit inside. 

Drawing from Hunt’s plethora of beginning weapons, this loadout packs a bit more of a punch with its medium ammo pairing, but does have slower firing rates than other options. Ammo can be a big deciding factor in Hunt, with all weapons (besides shotguns and special weapons) running off of Compact, Medium or Large bullets. This loadout settles right in the Mama Bear slot of Medium and is all the better for it. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Springfield 1866- What this rifle lacks in firing rate, it more than makes up for with its use of medium ammo and ability to carry different types of ammo. The Springfield offers clean sights and a range of variations including Scopes as well as bullets that make enemies bleed ( a dastardly but useful trick) and even explode, for when you're feeling more loud.
  • Scottfield Revolver- Unlocking at level 1, this revolver is quintessential if you’re looking to pack more punch and want to look like Dirty Harry doing it. Pairing it with the Springfield gives you that extra ammo you may need in a pinch and using it early gets you started unlocking its more interesting variants that fire faster and even have brass knuckles fashioned to the handle, making this a useful gun and melee weapon. 
  • Melee Weapon and Medkit- No hunter worth their salt leaves on a mission without these bread and butter items. Medkit for the obvious healing benefits, this loadout also features the knife for enemies but also for close range engagements. The Scottfield works great for close up, but the knife can drop an enemy hunter with one good heavy swing at the chest or head. So do not be afraid when an enemy hunter draws near, as it may be you who stays standing. 
  • Fusees- This item is fairly easy to unlock from the start, as it only takes 2 successful extractions with an Electric Flashlight equipped to get this useful item. Fusees are more or less road flares great for silently taking down pesky enemies like Armored or Hives from a distance. This will make traversing the bayous of Hunt much easier and quieter, allowing for easier ambushes or escapes. Being a light source these items also come in handy for temporarily lighting up hard to see areas, or silhouetting enemy teams hiding in the dark. 
  • 2x Weak Healing Syringes and 2x Fire Bottles- Syringes area must in early game, as the more you use them, the more useful syringes you unlock. So the earlier you start bringing these the better you'll be in the long run. The fire bottles provide your best bet at controlling zones in the early game. Burning for 2 minutes, this can mean closing off an avenue of attack for an enemy hunter, while also giving you the option for burning a dead hunter, should the need arise. The need will usually arise, so best to be prepared. 


8. Romero 77 Shotgun/Scottfield Revolver (Early Game)

I asked Dr. Johnson if that was the safest way to hold the loaded gun, but she had a point and "I am not a doctor". 

Rounding out our Beginner Loadouts, we have one of the best shotguns in the game and a loadout that is loud and mean. That's not a lie either, you can get one of the best shotguns in Hunt at level 1 but you still have to be able to use it effectively. This loadout packs a close up punch with its shotgun and can return fire at longer ranges with its medium ammo backup revolver. With its tools and consumables this loadout ensures you can make effective pushes and be able to adapt to any situation that comes at you. As long as you can hit your shots, that is. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Romero 77 Shotgun- Unlocked at level 1, this shotgun has the most range,and can do it all at a fraction of the price of fancier late game shotguns. This single fire gun may be slower to reload, but it allows it to carry more ammo types giving you more options down the road. From sawed off versions, to a recent semi auto contraption that allows for faster firing, this shotgun is one of the best options to start working on at the beginning level. 
  • Scottfield Revolver- Also unlocking at level 1 this revolver will carry you through many tough fights in the beginning stages of Hunt. Its medium ammo allows it to keep up with enemies outside the range of your Romero and can punch through wood surfaces at close distances, allowing you to get that final lucky hit that can change the momentum of a firefight. 
  • Knuckle Dusters and Medkit- There is no word of a lie in my previous entries, these are your mainstays as far as tools are concerned, a melee tool for quiet kills on enemies and medkits for fixing mistakes. The Knuckle Dusters are the better option with this loadout, as you have a shotgun for close encounters, these come in handy as a versatile tool that can clear crowds of zombies quickly, or take down the feared Immolator without exploding yourself and the team. 
  • 2x Dynamite and 2x Fire Bottles- Subtlety is not this loadouts specialty and nowhere is that more apparent than in the consumables. 2 dynamite sticks for chasing an enemy out of a corner for a quick shotgun blast, or for taking down a pesky Meathead trying to slow down your aggressive shotgunning. The 2 Fire Bottles are for burning hunters and applying pressure to surviving enemies, as closing off areas of escape can be a death sentence for aggressive players. So some of the same items can be brought as other loadouts, but for much different reasons. 


7. Winfield M1873C Vandal/Romero 77 Handcannon (Mid-Game)

Hunt: Showdown is actually scared to let you hold two half rifles in each hand, so this is as close as you can get. 

As we get into more mid game equipment, players have more equipment to choose from and more variants of weapons they are familiar with. This loadout pairs some of the more common weapons, with more mid game equipment, in a way that allows the player to be prepared for just about anything the game has to throw at them.

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Winfield M1873C Vandal- The Vandal variant of the versatile Winfield rifle allows for great medium and close range with that reliable firing rate players have come to love. Cutting it down to half size cuts some range and handling, but allows for the carrying of a second weapon of similar size. The few shortcomings this variant has can be countered neatly by High Velocity ammo or the Scoped variant, so players are not that hurt by this weapon's lower range and handling. 
  • Romero 77 Handcannon- Size isn’t everything and rounding out these loadouts weapons is the shorter stubbier cousin of the Romero 77. Its single firing frame allows it to carry multiple ammo types and provides a quick close range option should you need to make a quick push or get moved on by more aggressive players. 
  • Knife, Knuckle Dusters, and Medkit- Same rule as other loadouts, medkit for mistakes but one more melee tool to cover what this loadout lacks. You may have noticed a distinct lack of gun butts, a great source for blunt damage. This is fixed by bringing an extra pair of Knuckle Dusters along with your knife. Knives are very fast at dropping enemies and the dusters pair nicely for more specialized enemies. 
  • Fusees- These get another slot in our loadouts because of their usefulness in silently and quickly taking down the more troublesome enemies at range. Doing this allows players to move effectively and quietly through the bayou without wasting time getting close for a punch or stab. 
  • 1x Weak Healing Syringe, 1x Weak Stamina Syringe, 2x Waxed Dynamite Sticks-  Bring your Weak Syringes for extra healing in a pinch but unfortunately getting into the later stages of Hunt brings about a few bad habits, one of them being Stamina addiction. The Weak Stamina shot gives you 5 minutes of unlimited stamina and is unlocked after using your healing syringes a certain amount. The hardest part of using Stamina syringes is trying to live without them, as once you get a taste for speeding through the bayou, they can be hard to quit carrying. The waxed dynamite sticks should be effective for clearing out pesky enemies without worrying about the dynamite getting put out by water. Hunt takes place in the swamps of Louisiana after all, and even a puddle can ruin a perfectly timed dynamite throw. 


6. Winfield M1873C Silenced/Caldwell Conversion Pistol (Mid-Game) 

Before posing for this loadout, Dr. Johnson informed me the official name for the silent gun is "Pshew Pshew"

I promise I’m not being paid by a company called Winfield to promote their gun, it really is just that adaptable. Ammo pairing isn’t just for beginners either, who doesn't love letting loose with all the bullets ? This loadout can clear just about any monster quietly, allowing for quick movement to boss lairs and effective escapes with bounties. Silent and chaotic, this loadout gives mid game players a taste for the trickier side of Hunt. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Winfield M1873C Silenced- The epitome of “Silent but Deadly”, this weapon is far more than a flatulence pun. Its built-in silencer quiets the already reliable Winfield, making it the bane of any enemy zombie or Hive that gets in your way. The gun also has quite an accurate hip fire, so it can even be reliable in close range situations. 
  • Caldwell Conversion Pistol- Waiting until mid game is well worth it for this effective and sturdy pistol. Arguably the most adaptable pistol in the game, equipping this also allows you to get started unlocking some of its more important variations, specifically the Uppercut, its long ammo using older sibling. This model using light ammo also allows for more ammo carried for your silent primary, which will see a lot of use. 
  • Heavy Knife and Medkit- Never leave home without them, your melee and  medkit are your most basic lifeline in the swamp. The heavy knife is equipped for more of a close range enemy hunter option, as most AI enemies can be easily dispatched with either end of your rifle. The Heavy Knife can swipe an enemy hunter dead or a couple very close zombies so it is a great option for covering your close range bases. 
  • Decoys and Choke Bombs- Decoys are great if you’re feeling a bit tricky. Thrown by hand, they make a distinct footstep sound wherever they land, so they are great for confusing enemy hunters and AI alike. They can also be used to silently break a lantern when the need arises, like ones above a loud chicken coop. Choke Bombs are a must have for team hunters and solo players alike, as they emit a cloud of fire and poison killing gas that stays in positon for a while. The benefits of this seem apparent but there are secondary benefits, such as the ability to make enemy hunters cough and shake while aiming, so they can be essential tools for controlling zones and stopping aggressive pushes. They can also be handy for killing an Immolator in a pinch, as they suffocate the smokey bois immediately. 
  • 2x Strong Stamina Syringes and 2x Weak Restoration Syringes- The Stamina addiction continues, and we are onto stronger stuff hunters. The Strong Stamina syringe will give you enough unlimited stamina to speed straight to the boss lair, and another for speeding right out as each shot gives you 5 minutes of unlimited stamina. As for extra healing, the Weak Restoration shot gives you a few minutes of regenerating health that will allow you to passively heal while sneaking and decoying your way into enemy territory. 


5. Martini-Henry IC1/Bornheim No. 3 (Mid-Game)

Martini Henry isn't just the saddest lounge singer you ever heard of. 

As our levels grow, so too must our bullets and this loadout has just about every base covered. The weapons cover all ranges our tools and consumables have us speeding straight to the objective with time to spare. Utilizing one of the more underutilized guns in the game with the Martini also allows hunters to get more familiar with long ammo weapons.  As the later the game the more money you’ll have and more expensive equipment will be, this loadout will get you more familiar with more pricey, dare I say “bougie” weaponry. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Martini-Henry IC1- A bit of an underdog weapon, its counterpart does do 149 damage after all. The Martini packs all the long range punch of other long ammo platforms, but also allows for more interesting variations of the weapon as you progress. What I’m getting at is if you've ever wanted to slap a sword on the end of your gun, the Martini is the gun for you. 
  • Bornheim No. 3- “Pricey but fast and nasty, like your dad” is the name of this gun’s game. While it may hurt your wallet at $201 Hunt Dollars, this little gun packs a big punch. The idea is to hit them hard with your rifle, then pull out this little guy to send the finishing shot. Holding 6 bullets and firing them fast allows this gun to save your life in a close range fight as well. 
  • Heavy Knife and Medkit- Your close range fights are covered with your pistol but a backup option never hurt anyone and the heavy knife is one of the best for backup. Also because of the lack of multiple healing shots, the medkit is even more paramount in this loadout. 
  • Decoys and Choke Bombs- Decoys are a great additon to any loadout, for trickery or quieting the occasional chicken coop, you cant go wrong using these and unlocking further variants. Choke bombs are useful for zone control and giving your enemies a wicked cough if they come into the clouds they cause. They can also put out a burning teammate, should the situation arise. 
  • 1x Strong Healing Syringe, 2x Stamina Syringes, 1x Firebottle- Strong syringes are great for restoring a full health bar in the heat of battle, so keep this around for emergencies. Stamina Shots are always great for getting around quickly but will also give you a good option when it comes time to kill a boss monster, as swinging melee costs stamina. So the more shots you bring, the more hammers you can swing. Keeping a firebottle adds to this loadout’s zone control but can also come in handy should an enemy hunter or AI need burning. 


4. Crossbow/Caldwell Pax Revolver (Mid to Late Game)

Whlie taking this photo I tried to explain to Dr. Johnson what The Walking Dead was and she charged me for full priced a session. We're good friends. 

One of my personal favorites, this more specialized loadout can carry you from mid game all the way to the end. The strong and deadly crossbow allows for quiet kills on AI and enemies alike, so if you're a solo player who rotates like a lazy susan, this loadout is for you. The Caldwell Pax is arguably the most reliable pistol in the game for the price of around $100 Hunt Bucks. This loadout also brings a quick way to kill most bosses and enough healing to keep you in multiple fights, should the situation get sticky. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Crossbow- This easy to use, hard to master weapon is all about fast, quiet takedowns. Killing enemy hunters in one shot to the chest is a great option in any fight, and can also deal fast damage to bosses and AI alike, making your day in the swamps go that much smoother. 
  • Caldwell Pax Revolver- Mid range in price, this revolver gives you way more than you pay for. With its medium ammo range and clean sights, this pistol is one of the best all around weapons in the game. Whether as a close range backup or medium range headshotter, this gun delivers on all fronts. 
  • Knuckleknife and Medkit- Healing with a medkit should be second nature to you mid game so bringing this staple is a must. The Knuckle Knife goes along with the versatile but tricky to use nature of this loadout, allowing for punches to Immolators and strong stabs to other baddies. Just don't mix up your swings, or you could end up stabbing an Immolator, which is bad news for everyone. 
  • Throwing Knives and Choke Bombs- Getting rid of AI long range is a great job for throwing knives, but the added benefit of being able to retrieve your thrown knives makes these one of the better options for mid game loadouts. As usual the Choke Bomb performs well at keeping enemies at bay by blocking a path or saving a downed teammate who has been burned by another team. 
  • 3x Weak Healing Syringes and 1x Sticky Bomb- Healing can get expensive so this build utilizes the cheaper healing option, for fast restoration while the bullets are flying. Unlocked later down the dynamite progression path, the Sticky Bomb is an amazing damage dealer for bosses. Just as long as you can stick it to them, that is. 


3. Lebel 1886 Marksman/Nagant Officer (Late Game)

Dr. Johnson kept making inappropriate JFK jokes during this photo shoot so we moved on quickly from this one. 

This loadout is for hunters getting more comfortable fighting at long ranges. The sniping in hunt allows for long ammo weapons to be deadly from some truly staggering ranges, so the long ammo/scope combo is the cheapest option for those wanting to shoot hats from across the map. With its fast firing backup pistol covering your close ups, and allowing for you to confuse and expose enemies with its diverse toolset. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Lebel 1886 Marksman- Boasting the one of the biggest long ammo magazines in the game, this rifle tree allows players to fight from even the longest ranges effectively. Using the scoped variation allows for pinpoint accuracy on enemies flushed out by your tools and decoys. 
  • Nagant Officer- Fast fire rates come pretty pricey in Hunt, and this gun is the cheapest all around of the quick pistols. Not hurting your bank is nice after splurging on your primary, so this gun fits perfectly as a quick firing close range weapon or for quick finishing hits on tricky enemies. 
  • Knife and medkit- As the old saying goes, “ if it aint broke dont fix it” and this combo is as unbroken as they come. This is a common pair for any hunter, early or late game. 
  • Flare Pistol and Pistol Blank Decoys- Flare guns allow you to shoot flares that function similar to the fusee, allowing for burning a quick Armored or for lighting dark areas for your sniper. Pistol blanks function similarly to regular decoys, but make a pistol firing BANG upon impact. This is useful for getting your enemies confused as to your position, allowing you to get the angle with your scope. 
  • 2x Strong Restoration Shots, 1x Strong Stamina shot and 1x Frag Bomb- This loadout has you fighting at long range, so the passive healing of the Restoration shots allow you to keep moving and shooting without having to slow down to heal. The stamina shot is a good option for dealing with bosses or for quickly escaping the swamps with a bounty. Finally the frag bomb is great for chasing off enemy hunters or chasing them out of their hiding spots. Plus if you kill them, you’ll feel really cool. 


2. Mosin-Nagant M1891/Caldwell Uppercut (Late Game)

This loadout is dedicated to Fetty Wap and his Trap Queen, hope they're happy. 

This loadout is for hunters at the top of their game. Later levels mean more money and that means splurging for bigger guns and bigger bullets. Packing enough punch to headshot an enemy from long range, and punish foes who dare get close. While one of the more expensive loadouts on the list, you get more than what you pay for with enough traps and passive healing to hold your ground for the entirety of a match. 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891- One of the best rifles in the game, the Mosin doesn't come cheap but boy is it worth it. Fast firing bolt action and paired with our secondary allows you to send long ammo down range at a devastating pace.
  • Caldwell Uppercut- One of the only pistols in the game carrying long ammo makes this pricey pistol a must for late game. Being able to carry extra long ammo is a huge perk when paired with our primary, but it also packs a mean punch for anyone who comes close. 
  • Knife and medkit- The gruesome twosome is back again and more useful than ever with the heated long ammo battles you will experience in late game Hunt lobbies. Knife as always is a good emergency option for anyone getting close. 
  • Concertina Tripmines and Poison Tripmines- This loadout is about holding your position and planting your feet, so setting up punishing traps to cover your position is a must. The Concertina mines release a bushel of barbed wire when tripped and the Poison mines emit a cloud of poison gas. For added effectiveness try placing one of each close together, doubling a careless enemy's pain. 
  • 2x Strong Healing Syringes and 2x Strong Restoration Syringes- In order to effectively hold a position over multiple team fights, healing has to be the name of the game. Coming loaded with these allow for passive healing and emergency full heals, so intense late game fights should be no problem for this loadout. 


1.Sparks Pistol/Cavalry Saber (Late Game) 

For this photo, Dr. Johnson wanted to be called "Captain Jack Spussy". I refused and we parted ways shortly after. 

This late game loadout is for those of us who’ve been in the bayou too long and need to feel like a fearsome maniac. The one shot pistol is perfect for showing off the shooting skills you’ve acquired over your long progression in Hunt. And who doesn't love a sword? 

Loadout Attributes and Benefits:

  • Sparks Pistol- The Spussy is a recent addition to Hunt with its latest event, Serpent Moon. This one shot pistol is for those wanting to have a backup or even main pistol that packs a punch. The added flex of it holding only one bullet at a time is great for those late game players that want to mix things up. 
  • Cavalry Saber- One of the longest reaching melee weapons in the game with its heavy stab gives this melee weapon a great advantage against anyone foolish enough to get close. The saber also serves as your main way to take out AI, killing most things quickly and quietly. 
  • Knuckleduster and Medkit- Only being able to slash and stab with a sword means you’ll need the dusters for any Immolators or crowds of enemies you may encounter. Medkit is your main source of healing in this loadout, so it is more important than ever. 
  • Alert Tripmines and Pistol Blank Decoys- Hunts maps are full of that good old video game staple, explosive barrels. The alert tripmines set off a loud flare, which lets you know when they're tripped but also will instantly explode any barrel you place the mine close enough to, so this adds to the chaos this build brings. The Blank fire decoys will confuse your enemies but also be able to explode barrels instantly, should you need to. 
  • 2x Strong Stamina Shots and 2x Frag Bombs- This loadouts bread and butter is mayhem, and the prolonged stamina will help with your running and sword swinging. Two shots should cover your sword antics for bosses and firefights, and two frag bombs allow for a lot of mayhem for your enemies. 
  • Get to shout “AAARRRGGG” at your enemies for added pirate style. 


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