[Top 10] Hunt Showdown Best Pistols (Early To Late Game)

Hunt Showdown Best Pistols (Early To Late Game)
Our comprehensive list of pistols will take you through early game all the way to the top of the line late game pistols, sure to give you the edge in any situation you run into when venturing into the bayou.

10. Nagant M1895


The Nagant M1895 is THE starting point for new and early game players looking for a reliable and cheap entry into the world of Hunt.  Combining power with cost efficiency, the Nagant is a great all round weapon that also happens to have a dirt cheap cost.

Its six shot barrel ensures you feel like you’ve traveled right back to the 1800s, using your trusty pistol to handle unruly zombies and warring outlaw gangs with its perfect mix of power and reliability.

We love the “Nagant” part of the name as it perfectly encapsulates the power expected from such a revered name.  An example being the Mosin Nagant, widely regarded as one of the most powerful rifles in Hunt, this pistol definitely holds up to that renown.


  • Damage of 91 rivals pistols 2 or 3x more expensive, allowing two shot kills in most situations
  • Effective range of 74m allows for a perfect mix of close to mid range engagements, making for even greater versatility
  • Cycle time of 1.5s is respectable compared to other pistols within its class, making it a perfect choice for beginning hunters


  • At a cost of 28 hunt dollars, the Nagant is the cheapest weapon in the game, perfect for newer players looking for low risk ventures
  • Ammo variants are also cheap, following the bar set by the weapon
  • Overall a great starting weapon, versatile and a sure fit within any beginning loadout


9. Scottfield Model 3


The Scottfield Model 3 is a certified weapon of destruction.  Its long barrel allows for great damage retention and damage over distance, making it a mid range killer perfect for high-risk situations.

The look and feel of the pistol brings you right back to saloon shootouts, and is sure to guide you through the world of Hunt, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake.

We love the Scottfield part of the name, named after the general who was renowned and known for his prowess and effectiveness in battle, which is definitely carried over to this pistol in the form of the destruction it brings to enemies.


  • With 107 damage, the Scottfield is one of the highest damage pistols in the game, making it great for close to mid range
  • The effective range of 85m makes it viable even at long range, functioning as a sort of hybrid sniper
  • A vertical recoil of 9 is nearly negligible, making the gun once again perfect for mid range engagements where accuracy is paramount


  • As stated previously, the effective range and low vertical recoil make the gun great for a situation that requires accuracy the most
  • The “precision” variant only adds to accuracy statistics, making for a perfect midrange beast
  • Overall a great early game weapon for the hunters that want to ensure heavy hits while maintaining high accuracy


8. Bornheim No. 3


The Bornheim No. 3 combines cost effectiveness with technological advancements in the form of a semi-automatic firing system.  This deadly combination makes for a perfect entry into mid-tier gameplay given its excellent and outperforming statistics.

Imagine the firing capacity and speed of a gatling gun, all in the compact form of a small pistol.  The Bornheim combines both of these aspects to make a true work of art, perfect for raining destruction upon your enemies.

The Bornheim part of the name fits the pistol perfectly with its translation to the word “Burn”, as in burn all of your enemies when you kill them in 2 seconds with this gatling gun of a pistol.   It perfectly encapsulates the weapon and is truly a snug fit.


  • A cycle time of 0.2s is the fastest cycle time in the game, making for easy and quick kills in close range situations
  • The magazine size of 6 rounds gives much room for error, meaning even the newest hunters can succeed with this weapon
  • A reload speed of 7.4s, further improved with a stripper clip allows for blazing fast reload speed, perfect for heated situations


  • Multiple ammo variants at cheap costs make it perfect and viable in any situation, basically a jack of all trades type weapon
  • Along with this, Multiple weapon variants such as precision allow for ever more versatility, allowing effectiveness in both close and mid range engagements
  • Overall a perfect entry into the mid game, perfect for players entering 3-4 star MMR gameplay


7. Bornheim Extended


An overall improved version of its similar counterpart, the Bornheim No. 3, the Bornheim extended is made for hunters who might have some… trouble hitting their shots.  A combination of power and speed, the Bornheim extended gives greater room for error in the ever unforgiving bayou.

Imagine, you miss all of the shots in your regular Bornheim magazine, and then subsequently die.  You wish for a bigger magazine, and dream about it all night.  Well, this pistol is a dream come true for you!

The down to earth nature of its title is humorous and admirable at the same time.  Just adding the “extended” to the end of the name gets to the point and encapsulates the no nonsense business of the Bornheim in general.


  • The damage taken from the original Bornheim of 74 is respectable, especially when compared to similarly priced pistols within its class
  • A spread of 25 is nearly negligible when in game, making for a great accurate and reliable pistol for short to mid range
  • An effective range of 62m is also relatively long for the low cost of the Bornheim, making this weapon very cost effective for the power it provides


  • The extended magazine of 9 rounds compared to 6 leaves greater room for misses and error, guaranteeing positive results for even the worst aimers among you
  • A wide selection of ammo variants makes the weapon highly versatile and easily employable in any situation, further amplified with the extended magazine
  • Overall a perfect mid game weapon for 3-4 MMR players looking for a forgiving and versatile weapon to guide you through any sticky situation.


6. Caldwell Pax


The Caldwell Pax is truly a sheriff's pistol.  It boasts unrivaled power and accuracy, all in a compact form.  This mix of deadly attributes ensures a good outcome in any close to mid range situation within mid-tier gameplay.

A perfect pistol for laying down the law, the Caldwell Pax is truly a sidearm every hunter should have.  Its mix of power and accuracy makes for a reliable sidearm in any situation, even at longer ranges.

The Pax part of the name stands out to us, and in a good way.  Pax means “Peace” in Latin, a perfect representation of the silence and peace this pistol brings after you eliminate all enemies within this weapon of destruction’s range.


  • Damage at 110 rivals that of full long barreled rifles as it uses the same ammunition of said rifles, meaning the same power of those rifles in a compact design
  • Effective range of 86m makes the gun perfect for mid range engagements combined with high damage retention
  • Muzzle velocity of 330m/s also allows for engagements at a greater distance, making leading your shots ever easier due to higher velocity


  • With an accuracy rating of 41, this pistol boasts one of the highest accuracy ratings among all pistols within its class
  • Sway at a rating of 87 is also low for other pistols, making the pistol perfect for mid range engagements as stated earlier’
  • Overall perfect for mid tier engagements and those players looking for huge damage potential in a compact design


5. Nagant M1895 Officer


The Nagant Officer is an overall improvement from its older counterpart, the Nagant M1895.  Using a faster cycling mechanism and with overall improved statistics, this gun is sure to deliver in any mid-game engagement.

If it's trusted by a Russian Cossack Officer in the frozen wastes of Siberia, it should be trusted by you.  This powerful gun has deep Russian origins and design that make it a well crafted weapon of destruction.

The Officer part of the name stands out and truly describes the function of the pistol, all in one word.   This pistol carries the class and effectiveness of an officer, all in the compact form of a pistol.


  • A cycle speed of 0.5s makes the Officer perfect for tight close range engagements, as quick succession when firing bullets is paramount for quick kills
  • A reload speed of 12.8s is also respectable when compared to other pistols, truly showing the speed and power of the Officer variant
  • Vertical recoil rating of 5 makes firing in quick succession easy and accurate, ensuring you kill the enemy faster than they kill you


  • With a damage of 91, this pistol can 2 shot a player in under a second when cycle time is taken into account
  • A tight spread of 50 makes this pistol one of the most accurate pistols within Hunt, perfect for close to mid range engagements as stated earlier
  • Overall a great mid game weapon, perfect for hunters looking for speed and power in a single package and compact design at a competitive cost


4.  Caldwell Conversion Uppercut


The Caldwell Conversion uppercut can be defined as the bigger brother of its smaller counterpart, the Caldwell Conversion pistol.  Modified to fit rifle bullets, this pistol is sure to give you the competitive edge and unimaginable power never seen before in a single slot pistol.

With a kick like a mule, the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut is sure to cause pain to not only your enemy, but your hunter’s wrists and hands as well.  This beast's recoil is not to be underestimated, buy at your own risk.

We love the Uppercut part of the name because it perfectly describes what the pistol does to your screen when you fire this weapon of destruction.  It almost feels and looks like you’ve been hit by an uppercut punch from a boxer.


  • At a damage of 126, this guns power is undisputed among pistols in its class, delivering damage only seen by top tier rifles
  • An effective range of 115m makes this pistol viable at even the longest of ranges, capable of raining death on enemies from afar with ease
  • A muzzle velocity of 410 m/s ensures damage retention and ease when leading shots to ensure enemy destruction


The longer barrel of this pistol improves its accuracy enough to rival that of top tier rifles, shown by its low spread rating of 40

A sway of 128 is also respectable when compared to even other top tier pistols, making the pistol perfect for long range engagements

Overall a great entry into end game weapons within hunt, and a great addition into any top tier loadout


3. Lemat Mk2 Uppermat


The Uppermat, following the example of the Uppercut, is the new and improved version of its smaller brother, the Lemat Mk2.  keeping all the benefits of its counterpart, the Uppermat adds both power and versatility to its arsenal, making it a true weapon of destruction.

This pistol is so huge, it has to be carried with 2 hands and takes up a medium slot in the loadout menu.  Talk about bigger=better.

We love the Uppermat part of the name.  Following the success of the uppercut, this title combines the suffix of the uppercut, all while honoring the Lemat through the end part of its name.  How valiant.


  • At 120 damage, the Uppermat is only bested by the Uppercut in terms of damage, making it a no brainer for those looking to deal massive damage to enemies
  • An effective range of 112m makes the Uppermat perfect for mid to long range engagements, giving the power of a rifle in a compact pistol design
  • A spread rating of 40 ensures tight bullet spread meaning easier leading and the overall quicker death of your enemies


  • The shotgun barrel attached makes the pistol good for short range engagements along with mid to long range as well, a true all round weapon
  • The scope of ammo variants available is truly a sight to behold, further improving the versatility this pistol has to offer (slugs, dum-dum ammo)
  • Overall a great end game weapon that is sure to give you the advantage in all forms of combat, from heated CQB to long range sniper engagements


2. Dolch 96


The Dolch 96 is a true work of art, and a prime example of German ingenuity.  A rapid fire semi-automatic firing system combined with a compact yet accurate design make for a great all round weapon perfect for any form of engagement

Hours of design and engineering poured into this pistol make it one of the most reliable and well made pistols in Hunt.  Who doesn't love German feats of engineering?

The name Dolch 96 is an obvious play on the real life pistol, the Mauser C96.  Also a well renowned pistol, the Dolch certainly lives up to the expectations of its real life counterpart.


  • With a damage of 97, this pistol rivals all other pistols in its class, and truly earns the title of top tier pistol
  • A vertical recoil rating of 9 is almost non-existent, allowing for quick and accurate shots when firing even at long distances
  • An effective range of 78m makes the Dolch perfect for short-mid range engagements, and perfect for hitting those head taps on fleeing enemies


  • A magazine size of 10 with the added bonus of stripper clips makes reloading a breeze (6 seconds), perfect for heated close range situations where you need a quick reload
  • At a cycle speed of 0.2s, the Dolch is one of the fastest weapons in Hunt, owed mainly to its semi-automatic firing system
  • Overall a great end game weapon perfect for any engagement, if you are willing to pay the exorbitant cost to acquire this gem of a weapon


1. Dolch 96 Precision


The Dolch 96 Precision variant represents an overall improvement from its smaller counterpart, the Dolch 96.  Improvements to accuracy and versatility make this weapon a true jack of all trades, perfect in ANY situation.

Adding a huge balance stock to the back may seem clunky, but this stock gives you god-like accuracy all while retaining the power and speed of a regular Dolch.  What's not to love?

The Precision title given to this variant is well earned.  The accuracy increases given with this variant are not to be understated, and are sure to give any player the competitive edge in end game Hunt.


  • Retaining the original Dolch damage of 97, this weapon has only upsides in terms of power and accuracy increases
  • A similar effective range of 78m makes this variant ever more viable at long range, considered its bread and butter
  • A reduced spread rating of 20 ensures you won't be missing any shots, even at longer ranges with this beast of a weapon


  • A reduced vertical recoil of 5 makes this pistol one of the lowest recoils among all other pistols, once again making it a perfect fit for any mid to long range engagement
  • A decreased sway rating of 18 makes this weapon practically a sniper, but in compact form, allowing for greater versatility and power than is found in even top tier rifles
  • Overall, THE choice for end game Hunt players.  This weapon will give you the edge in ANY engagement within the bayou, 100% Guaranteed.


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