[Top 10] Hunt Showdown Best Consumables (Early To Late Game)

Hunt Showdown Best Consumables (Early To Late Game)
Consumables can make or break your Hunt experience.

10.  Dynamite Stick 


The Dynamite stick can be considered the “ol’ reliable” of the Hunt showdown consumable arsenal.  It provides guaranteed damage to a large radius, ensuring you have the edge in any heated close range situation.

Not only is it useful for killing clusters of players, it can also be used for distraction and even as a temporary smoke screen due to the smoke plume it emits when the charge explodes, showing the immense versatility of this simple item.


  • At 500 damage, this item can kill any hunter, namely multiple hunters, in its 8m effective distance
  • An effective range of 20m ensures that even weak-armed hunters can throw this bundle of destruction far enough to kill enemies, even at range
  • Overall a great early game reliable and versatile consumable, a good addition to any Hunters loadout


9. Fire Bomb


The Fire Bomb is a perfect consumable for any loadout, emitting a huge plume of fire when the fragile bottle shatters on the rough bayou soil.  Its great versatility allows it to be used for any purpose, in any situation.

With a longer radius and range than most other throwable consumables, the Fire Bomb truly shows off its versatility and is a nigh perfect fit for any hunter's loadout.


  • Can not only be used to distract and panic hunters, but also to “burn out” downed hunters so that they cannot be revived again
  • Can also be used as a smoke screen due to the immense amount of smoke it gives off when used
  • Available immediately in the early game, overall a great early game consumable if you are looking for a versatile yet powerful addition to your arsenal.


8. Vitality Shot (Weak)


The vitality shot is a syringe that the player can use to instantly restore health when in the heat of battle.  This variant happens to be the “weak” variant, but is immediately available to new players, making it perfect for early game loadouts.

A short use time and instant health grant make this consumable perfect for heated CQB situations where you find yourself a bit short on health, truly showing off the usefulness of this rather cheap consumable.


  • A use time of 2s ensures quick health grant of 75 in even the fastest paced situations, ensuring you gain the edge
  • The cost of 10 hunt dollars is dirt cheap, making this shot available and viable for even the most frugal of hunters
  • Overall a great early game consumable, perfect for newer players looking for quick health in a bad situation


7.  Hive Bomb


Nothing is scarier than a swarm of angry bees bottled up in a tiny jar, especially zombified killer bees.  Perfect for distracting and panicking hunters, this bomb can even kill rather quickly, making it the perfect all round consumable in the mid-game.

A relatively high dps combined with heat-seeking bees that track and follow enemy hunters, this bomb is the ultimate distraction and perfect for 3-4 MMR lobbies.


  • A duration of 30s which also applies poison effect while doing solid damage ensures a panicked and probably dead enemy
  • The fact that the bees follow the enemy hunter is just an added bonus, meaning less hassle for you trying to lead a bomb
  • A great mid game item perfect for low-mid tier lobbies and a snug addition that adds versatility to any loadout


6. Stalker Beetle


While the stalker beetle does no direct damage, unless you suicide it, it does provide valuable intel and is perfect for entering high risk situations and ensuring intel from above.  Perfect for hunters looking for low cost options to gain valuable intel in heated situations.

When deployed, the beetle basically provides a birds-eye view of the situation around you, allowing you to find the position of enemy players and subsequently relay it to your partners, ensuring you gain the competitive edge in any fight.


  • With an effective range of 150m, you will be able to see any enemy hunters in the area, even from afar and at longer ranges
  • A suicide option where you can explode the beetle does both poision and bleed damage, making the beetle ever more versatile
  • A great mid game option for those who want to make a plan before charging headfirst into the heat of battle


5. Frag Bomb


The Frag Bomb is the perfect mid tier item, delivering a mix of power and versatility in a compact and unsuspecting package.  Its large radius and low fuse time makes for quick damage and the subsequent death of any enemy hunter caught in its path.

The shrapnel that is deployed after the initial blast ensures any hunter unlucky enough to not already be dead soon dies to the bleeding effect brought on by the shrapnel after the blast, making this consumable a true weapon of destruction.


  • At 200 damage, the Frag Bomb already has one shot potential, able to kill multiple hunters at once in CQB
  • A bleeding effect applied after the initial blast ensures any surviving hunters are quickly put down
  • A great mid tier item perfect for hunters looking to either kill or panic enemy hunters, making this weapon perfect for 3-4 star MMR lobbies


4. Toolbox


The toolbox is the definition of versatility in a compact design.  When deployed, the toolbox gives 2 consumables (random) to any 2 hunters.  A hunter can carry it around and deploy it whenever new consumables are needed, making it the perfect consumable for the versatile hunter.

Able to be carried around with you as you go, there is no need to go to supply points anymore, as you have all you need in the toolbox.  You can get any consumable in the game from the box, making it perfect for any situation.


  • Any consumable in the game can spawn from the toolbox, making it practically perfect for any situation
  • Given its 2 uses, you and your partner can both get a consumable, with the toolbox itself only taking up one slot
  • Perfect mid game item as it allows you to get consumables no matter where you are on the map, making it good for heated and sticky situations where you need consumables fast


3. Vitality Shot


The Vitality shot is basically the late game version of its smaller brother, the Vitality shot “weak” variant.  It delivers more health with the same use time and only takes up 1 slot.  What's not to love?

Perfect for heated situations where you need health fast, the Vitality shot is a great addition to any loadout, and awesome for any situation where health is needed fast.

Power (For health)

  • This beast restores 150 health, meaning after use you will have full health and will be ready to charge back into the fray
  • A use time of 2.5s, similar to the weak variant, ensures a quick health grant, once again perfect for situations where health is needed fast
  • Overall a great late game consumable that should be included in any loadout, as it is perfect for any situation


2. Sticky Bomb


The Sticky Bomb combines versatility and power, all in a rather scary and crude looking package.  This bomb uses what looks to be nails to painfully attach to any hunter unfortunate enough to receive this package, eventually leading to their… explosive death.

Using this stick mechanism, combined with the damage of a dynamite stick, the Sticky Bomb is perfect for any late game loadout, as it can also easily deal with bigger mobs as well, particularly the meathead and bounty bosses.



  • The stick mechanism allows for attachment to enemy hunters, making it impossible for them to avoid death when stock
  • This bomb can also be stuck to meatheads and bosses to deal massive damage (500), perfect for situations where you need to kill these huge mobs fast
  • A great late game addition to any loadout, mainly due to its versatility and usefulness in any situation


1. Flash Bomb


The Flash Bomb is THE late game consumable.  This versatile bomb blinds enemy players for around 5s, giving you the competitive edge in any CQB situation, and ensuring your timely victory as the enemy hunter shoots widely.

Blinding the enemy for such a long amount of time makes it clear that you gain the edge in any fight.  The bomb blinds not only sight, but also sounds, making a loud ringing noise whenever a player is hit by the blinding weapon.


  • Able to be used in any situation, and with an effective range of 20m is perfect for any situation, even at longer ranges
  • Taking only 1s to throw, it has the shortest use time among all other throwable consumables, making it perfect for quick use
  • This is the perfect late game consumables, used by top Hunt players religiously and ensuring that you have the advantage in any high stress situation


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