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If you're looking for 10 of the best weapons to bring with you into the bayou, then you've come to the right place. Here are my 10 best weapons in Hunt: Showdown.

10. Romero 77

The classic break-action shotgun with a long barrel. Has to reload after every shot. The Romero is a solid budget option that does great damage and has the best pellet spread of any shotgun. With a 15m range, it has the longest range of all the shotguns in Hunt. Very strong and reliable in close quarters. Can use slugs to increase the range to 25m. The stats for this weapon are listed below.

Cost: $34

Capacity: 1/12

Damage: 200

Effective Range: 15m (25m with slugs)

Rate of Fire: 30 rpm

Handling: 92%

Reload Speed: 3s

Muzzle Velocity: 450m/s    

9. Caldwell Pax

This iconic single-action six-round revolver needs no further introduction. This was a close one for me but, I just feel like the Pax is an underrated sidearm that deserves to be on this list. The Pax is powerful, accurate, and a great gun to use for so many loadouts. The Pax is my favorite handgun to dual wield as it has excellent accuracy and good range. I find myself being able to land headshots with dual Pax better than any of the others. The Pax is a great gun for many different builds.

Cost: $100

Unlocks at: Level 10

Capacity: 6/12

Damage: 110

Effective Range: 86m

Rate of Fire: 46 rpm

Handling: 60%

Reload Speed: 11s

Muzzle Velocity: 330m/s

Ammunition: Medium

8. Sparks LRR

Ah, the Sparks. The gun that single-handedly raised my K/D back in the day. It’s a single-shot, high-powered rifle that has great sights and enough range to kill from as far away as you can possibly be. The Sniper variant is a solid option if you prefer scopes over iron sights. This is a great long-range option for all levels.

Cost: $130

Unlock Condition: Level 26

Capacity: 1/16

Damage: 149

Effective Range: 347m

Rate of Fire: 38 rpm

Handling: 73%

Reload Speed: 4s

Muzzle Velocity: 533m/s

7. Crown And King Auto-5

The semi-automatic Crown And King is capable of wiping an entire team in a matter of seconds. With its high power and an amazing rate of fire, the Crown and King is no doubt one of the best shotguns in the right hands. Be wary of the huge recoil, as spamming your shots can result in a quick death. It was a close one between the Crown and the Specter but, I gave the edge to the Crown for its faster rate of fire and being more friendly to players than the Specter, which people have trouble finding the timing of the pump-action Specter.

Cost: $600

Unlock Condition: Rank 82

Capacity: 4+1/6

Damage: 185

Effective Range: 12m (25m with slugs)

Rate of Fire: 100 rpm

Handling: 89%

Reload Speed: 10s

Muzzle Velocity: 425m/s

6. Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

The Caldwell Conversion Uppercut has a long barrel, great iron sights, and gives you more range than any other handgun. It’s a powerful handgun that uses long ammo, meaning your reserves will be lower than other pistols. Since the release of Hunt, the Uppercut has been one of the most consistent weapons used in all of the bayou. It’s my favorite handgun that goes well with just about any loadout.

Cost: $275

Unlock Condition: Earn 3000xp with any Caldwell Conversion Pistol variant

Capacity: 6/9

Damage: 130

Effective Range: 96m

Rate of Fire: 40 rpm

Handling: 57%

Reload Speed: 15s

Muzzle Velocity: 410m/s

Ammunition: Long

5. Caldwell Rival 78

The classic, break-action, side-by-side shotgun that can deliver two shotgun blasts in rapid succession. The Caldwell Rival is my personal favorite shotgun to use, and I have hundreds of hours using this trusty weapon. To me, the Caldwell is one of the best and most reliable shotguns you can bring with you into the bayou. Powerful and deadly up close, you can easily kill two hunters in rapid succession with the Rival. You can also buy slug ammunition to increase your range to 25m.

Cost: $100

Unlock Condition: Rank 18

Capacity: 2/8

Damage: 175

Effective Range: 12m (25m with slugs)

Rate of Fire: 90 rpm

Handling: 87%

Reload Speed: 4s

Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s


4. Lebel 1886

The Lebel 1886 is a bolt-action rifle that has a 10 round magazine, capable of firing accurately placed shots at a long distance. With good power and handling, the Lebel is one of the best long-range weapons in Hunt, especially if you enjoy using sniper variants.

Cost: $397

Unlock Condition: Rank 52

Capacity: 10/5

Damage: 132

Effective Range: 347m

Rate of Fire: 34 rpm

Handling: 83%

Reload Speed: 18s

Muzzle Velocity: 630m/s

Ammunition: Long

3. Dolch 96

Even after the recent Dolch nerf (it was long overdue), there’s no denying it’s still the best handgun in the game. The Dolch is a semi-automatic pistol that has exceptional accuracy and good stopping power. While you may not be able to efficiently spam this gun like you used to be able to, it’s still a weapon that can clean the server with ease. I don’t typically use the Dolch because of the enormous price of $750! The Dolch is an extremely high-risk, high-reward pistol that is still an amazing pistol to have on your side. Be wary though, that using this gun will bring a lot of hate towards you as most of the player base despise this gun and its existence within Hunt: Showdown.

Cost: $750

Unlock Condition: Rank 68

Capacity: 10/10
Damage: 97

Effective Range: 78m

Rate of Fire: 164 rpm

Handling: 61%

Reload Speed: 6s

Muzzle Velocity: 440m/s

Ammunition: Special

2. Mosin-Nagant M1891

That’s right boys and girls, the Mosin at #2! I’m sure many disagree with me here but, I’ll explain why I believe the number 1 gun edges out the Mosin. The Mosin is no doubt the best long ammo rifle in the game, with terrific iron sights, a quick rate of fire, fast reload, and great power, you can’t go wrong with bringing this along. With an enormous range, the Mosin is most deadly at medium and long-range. A popular among the high-level population, the Mosin is an amazing rifle.

Cost: $490

Unlock Condition: Rank 72

Capacity: 5/10

Damage: 136

Effective Range: 250m

Rate of Fire: 34 rpm

Handling: 75%

Reload Speed: 3s

Muzzle Velocity: 615m/s

1. Winfield M1873

Shocked? You shouldn’t be! The Winfield M1873 is the best bang for your buck weapon in all of Hunt: Showdown. To me, the only knock against the Winfield is the range, which is 95m. If it had any more range, though, it’d be overpowered. You’ll need to lead your shots when fighting at a distance, something you’ll get used to with practice. The Winfield has great iron sights, incredible handling, and a great rate of fire. And when you add levering to the equation, now the Winfield is deadly scary in close-range shootouts. The Winfield is a gun that can take you from zero to hero.

Cost: $75

Unlock Condition: Rank 20

Capacity: 15+1/20

Damage: 110

Effective Range: 95m

Rate of Fire: 50 rpm

Handling: 87%

Reload Speed: 16s

Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s

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