[Top 5] SilkRoad Best PvP Class - What’s the Best Class for PvP?

Silkroad Online PvP Classes
A PvP event is where you show off your skills!

We all play games to have fun but what’s better than having the upper hand when facing an enemy?
PvP in Silkroad is all about dominance and choosing the right character and set of items so you have more fun beating others and showing your skills!
PvP can be tricky but In this article, I will be showing you the best PvP characters you can build to have the most fun (and the most PvP wins).

Here are the top five PvP classes in SilkRoad:




5. Wizard/Cleric Class:

Wizard/Cleric Party!

A Wizard/Cleric character is the most common in the game as it’s the best one for leveling up and farming some items. It’s way beyond that though as it can deal lethal damage to enemies while also being a necessary addition to any party during FTW.
Going full INT is surely the way to go on any Wizard class as you can consume a lot of MP.
Some might say going Wizard/Cleric for a PvP is not good due to his lack of defenses, but if you can play a PvP right with a Wizard you can surely win thanks to the high damage output.

Why Wizard/Cleric is Great for PvP:

  • Dealing a great amount of damage.
  • Destroying from a distance, as you can damage your enemy from a safe distance especially if they have a short-ranged character.
  • Having Cleric by your side means you can cast “Pure Offering” which can help you damage your enemy in a lethal way especially if your Cleric is Full Blue.

Pick Wizard/Cleric if:

  • You want to deal a lot of damage in PvP but still want to have a character that you can use for farming.
  • You want to be an important party member in any fight (especially FTW) as you can target enemies and deal a lot of damage as your party member protect you.
  • You are fine with sacrificing your defenses in order to deal lethal damage.




4. Full STR Force Blader:

Respected Blade!

This build was on top of Sro world for a long time! It can deal a lot of damage while still having the advantage of being able to take a beating!
If you want to see the damage numbers go high while still having a shield and good physical defense then you should surely try the Full STR Force Blade class.
Going full STR allows you to build your defenses physically and feel like you can take a beating before going down, but thanks to your blade you won’t be going down easily!
Going Force is surely for PvP purposes as you will be able to debuff the enemy which can help you deal more damage easily.

Why Full STR Force Blader is Great for PvP:

  • Dealing high damage to most enemies.
  • Debuffing enemies using your Force class which can turn around fights.
  • Having high sustain with high HP.

Pick Full STR Force Blader if:

  • You like dealing good damage and enjoy being a Chinese character.
  • You want to annoy the enemy by debuffing them constantly and eventually wait for the right critical to hit.




3. Full STR Glaive:

Shiny Glaive looking impressive and lethal.

This is easily one of the best PvP builds since it has the second-best skill in Hueskal, Soul Spear Emperor.
It provides you low CD, Stuns, and you’re strong as you’re a Full STR character.
Full STR is a must on this Glaive build as it will make you take a beating easily and still survive it. As an STR character, you will have high Physical defense which is always good.
You can go for a Fire/Force build as the Force part will give you an even better chance due to its debuffs on the enemy.

Why Full STR Glaive is Great for PvP:

  • High HP, probably the highest in Chinese characters which means you won’t go down easily.
  • Low Cooldowns and stuns are a great trait with the Full STR Glaive build.
  • High damage especially with the Fire class maxed out.

Pick Full STR Glaive if:

  • You want to be able to deal high damage to most of your enemies.
  • You like playing with a debuffing character as you can land a stun on the enemy and have a better chance at finishing them.
  • You want to win a PvP while also looking fancy and cool as the Glaive build is one of the best-looking builds in the game.
  • You are playing in a Cap 80 server as this build excels in this Cap.




2. Full STR Bow:

The beauty of a Bow can't be denied!

Personally, I love Bow builds! This is a really enjoyable build as you can have the fun of knocking back enemies, attacking them for a distance, and debuffing them until they can’t do anything against you.
Going Full STR as a usual Bow build but the key here is using the Force class in order to have more debuff skills in your pockets. It can be satisfying to knock back the enemy, stun them, and then hit a critical blow that gets them to fall apart.

Why Full STR Bow is Great for PvP:

  • Knockback ability can be so annoying to the enemy and it gives you time to cast a debuff on the enemy.
  • Attacking from a distance can give you the upper hand sometimes as it buys you time.
  • Critical blows that can end fights especially if you have the right items (Full Blue, +7 or more).

Pick Full STR Bow if:

  • You want to have fun watching the enemy suffer reaching you if you land that knockback.
  • You are playing in a server where the Cap is 100 or more.
  • You enjoy the fancy looks of a bow and want to feel the sweet spot of landing a good critical.




1. Warrior/Cleric:

Warrior/Cleric is the ultimate PvP machine!

This build is the absolute bread and butter of the PvP class. 
Apart from being tanky and unkillable at times, you get to debuff the enemy, reflect damage, and deal an insane amount of damage through Critical strikes with the famous skill “Daredevil”.
Surely you would go full STR and enjoy being able to stand your ground against anyone else.

Why Warrior/Cleric is Great for PvP:

  • Being tanky and having high defenses.
  • Having the Daredevil skill which lands a ridiculous amount of critical.
  • Having built-in Physical damage reflect can win the PvP on its own.
  • Very high chances of knockback, stun, and knockdown which can turn around a fight.

Pick Warrior/Cleric if:

  • You like having great charisma due to having a lot of power under your belt with your stuns, physical defenses, and high damage.
  • You want to win a PvP while also being able to participate in everything else in the game as a Warrior/Cleric is an important pillar of any party.
  • You want to combine having a high HP, insane critical, impairing skills, and crazy healing.



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