[Top 3] SilkRoad Best Chinese Builds That Are Excellent

Silkroad Online Chinese Map.
You probably can't read it, because it's the Chinese map.

Most would say European is strong in Silkroad but no one can deny the fact that Chinese characters are the most fun and they even look cooler!
If you are planning on having the most fun while also being among the strongest players then you should think about making a Chinese character.
In this article, you will be introduced to the best Chinese builds that can bring your fun to a whole other level!


Here are the top three Chinese Builds in SilkRoad:



3. Pure INT Sword/Shield Nuker:

Sword/Shield Nuker but looking fancy in Christmas avatar!

One of the strongest Chinese builds due to the insane damage output!
If you want to dominate your PvE game and farm easily then the Nuker is the best option for you.
Going for Sword/Shield gives you some extra durability if you have a proper block ratio on your Shield.
Having a Nuker character can be so beneficial especially if you’re on a private server as you can make it your primary farming character.
The damage output can compensate for your weak defenses but if you’re aiming for PvE then you shouldn’t worry about it that much.

What Pure INT Sword/Shield Nuker excels in:

  • One of the highest damage output characters in the game.
  • PvE King! As you can eliminate monsters easily with your damage and your knockdown ability can help you avoid some of the damage dealt by monsters.
  • Being a farm king as you can one-shot many monsters which means you can farm faster and safer too.

Pure INT Sword/Shield Nuker Full details:

  • Full INT is a must as you need all the damage you can get and you’re also MP hungry so the extra points in MP will surely help.
  • Fire, Bicheon, Cold, and Light is the best combination as you can have a taste of everything.
  • Both Armor and Protector work really well on this build.




2. Full STR Glaive:

How a super cool and lethal Glaive looks like.

The Glaive is a strong build especially in private servers as fun is the sole goal!
You can have almost everything done well, you would do great in PvE and even better in PvP.
You will also be rocking a cool look as Glaive is one of the most attractive characters.
This build grants you great physical defenses and amazing PvP power, you will be able to take a hit while also having the fight in your favor.

What Full STR Glaive excels in:

  • Most HP out of all Chinese characters which makes you tanky as a rock!
  • Damage king in PvP, granting you a lot of wins and glory.
  • High critical strikes, making it easier to kill monsters or excel in PvP.

Full STR Glaive Full details:

  • Full STR as you need all the defense you can get as it’s a signature for Glaive.
  • The perfect build would be Heuskal, Fire, Lightening, and some points in Cold. 
  • Garment is a perfect choice as it reduces your MP consumption which is huge if you’re a Glaive character. It also grants you movement speed and good magic defense.




1. Bow Fire/Force:

The Bow looks cute right? It's as cute as a small lion, it looks sweet but it can cut you in half.

This is the best Bow build in my personal opinion. From dealing a lot of damage as a Bow with your critical strikes and being tanky to being a god in PvP.
If you are looking for farming then the bow can be good for you, if you are looking for PvE then you surely have it, and if you’re a PvP lover then this build will surely suit you!
Having great physical defense, debuffs, and Res ability can give you everything you need.

What Bow Fire/Force excels in:

  • PvP god. Fire is a great damage source while Force will help you turn fights by debuffing your enemies.
  • Being essential in all parties as you are always needed for your buffs and Res ability.
  • Holding places in the FTW and this can help win them eventually.

Bow Fire/Force Full details:

  • Full STR is a must as you need all your defenses.
  • Go for Pacheon, Fire, and Force as you can guarantee damage with Fire, Knockbacks with Pacheon, and all sweet debuffs with Force.
  • Use Garment to make sure you have enough movement speed and magic defense.
  • As a PvP tip, you need to knock back the enemy first to buy time so you can cast your debuffs on the enemy.




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