World of Tanks Best Chinese Tanks for Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Chinese Tanks
Sovie... Sorry Chinese Tanks in Jungle

Hello tankers

The copier of the world. Gaining experience from others. Our copier country, China.

They are usually Soviet tanks with different modifications. Even nowadays they are doing the same thing. Not just by tanks, but also with planes, other vehicles, guns, etc.

At least they’ve got something great to play. Some modifications make great tanks. 

Usually, they prefer not to use Soviet tanks as models. But they have their own ore in them. 

Let's give them a chance after this article. Here are the best Chinese Tanks in the World of Tanks.


Tier IV


  • DPM— 2086 HP
  • Penetration— 128 mm
  • Aim time— 1.63 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m
  • Top Speed— 45 km/h
  • Camouflage Values— 20.12 / 4.79
  • View Range— 320 m



  • Our first friend from the Chinese tech tree. It’s a tank destroyer that has no armor. It’s like a moving anti-tank gun. But do not underestimate this gun capable of lots of things.
  • This gun has excellent DPM (best in tier IV). Great aim time and penetration values support it perfectly. But very poor dispersion value can cause some bad shots, especially in the long range. 
  • Horizontal arc is great for non-turret design. 15 degrees both is useful, especially for moving targets. Dispersion is a bit low because of the rear-mounted gun. 
  • Mobility is great for a tank destroyer; it can reach its top speed easily.
  • As I mentioned, there is no armor. HE shells can penetrate and deal huge damages. HP is a bit much for survivability.
  • As a result, we can say this moving gun is capable of lots of things. Give it a chance.


Tier V

Type T-34

  • DPM— 2312 HP
  • Aim Time— 2.3 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.34 m
  • Top Speed— 55 km/h
  • View Range— 350 m



  • One of the copies. It’s a T-34 with better terrain resistance and traverse speeds. DPM is 3 degrees worse than the original T-34.
  • Its gun is a 57 mm Soviet gun, its name is different but all of the stats are the same. Which means excellent DPM, accuracy. Average aim time and dispersion. Alpha damage is a bit low.
  • Hull armor is sloped and can bounce shells, a very handy design for sidescraping. Thickness is not excellent, can be penetrated from direct shells, always use angle.
  • Great camouflage values increase this tank’s functionality way much. Acceleration is not perfect, it takes time to reach top speed.


Tier VI


  • DPM— 1893 HP
  • Penetration— 138 mm
  • Aim Time— 1.92 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m
  • Top Speed— 60 km/h
  • Power-Weight Ratio— 27.77 Hp/t
  • View Range— 360 m



  • The 59-16 is a tank that has a Soviet view with its own features. Inverted bowl shape turret with sloped frontal hull…
  • Its gun is useful. Great penetration and aim time. Average DPM increases in 1v1 situations. In the long range it’s not useful. Very poor accuracy makes it hard to hit every target. The bad depression angle makes situations worse.
  • But relax, it has excellent mobility. Very agile, very aggressive. With a low silhouette and compact size, excellent camouflage values, it’s a light tank you are searching for. 
  • Excellent radio range for many tanks, but view range is a bit poor. Especially for a light tank, it can cause big problems.


Tier VII

T-34-2G FT

  • DPM— 2569 HP
  • Penetration— 192 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.88 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m
  • Top Speed— 50 km/h
  • Camouflage Values— 25.31 / 4.81
  • View Range— 360 m



  • A tank destroyer is based on a light tank. Reminds me of the badly armored SU-122-44 sometimes.
  • Its 100 mm gun is very great. Excellent DPM, good penetration with average aim time and dispersion. Gun arc is a bit low, for moving targets you have to move all of the hull.
  • Excellent mobility stats thanks to light tank chassis. It can reach its top speed with ease. Capable of taking position faster than the enemy team. With a low silhouette and great camouflage, it is a real tank destroyer.
  • But a light tank chassis brings bad features too. It has no armor. Even a very angled design can’t help survivability. Low HP makes everything much harder. 
  • A bad view range is not great for a non-armored tank destroyer. But great camouflage suppresses this feature.




  • DPM— 2005 HP
  • Penetration— 189 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.21 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m
  • Top Speed— 64 km/h
  • Power-Weight Ratio— 28.79 Hp/t
  • View Range— 380 m



  • WZ-132 is like grown 59-16 with great features.
  • It has a 100 mm gun this time. With expectable penetration, aim time, and DPM. Accuracy, especially in the long range, is very poor. Like Soviet or Chinese tanks, it has poor gun depression.
  • Great on-the-move accuracy, for a light tank it’s an excellent feature. 
  • Excellent mobility. Great top speed, excellent acceleration, and traverse speeds. You can circle enemies easily, and change targets with no effort. 


Tier IX

WZ-111G FT

  • DPM— 2607 HP
  • Penetration— 290 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.40 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m
  • Top Speed— 35 km/h
  • Camouflage Values— 14.71 / 2.1
  • View Range— 380 m



  • It's our bulky tank destroyer friend from tier IX. Saying hello with its huge 152 mm gun.
  • Talking about the gun, it has excellent penetration and alpha damage. DPM is great too. But I can’t say the same thing with accuracy. Aim time is acceptable. 
  • Its other great feature is its armor. Excellent armor on the front. Very tough and thick. The gun mantlet can save lives. But the side and rear are outrageous. 
  • With poor mobility, it is very vulnerable to flanking, tracking, etc. Its bulky design makes everything harder.
  • The last problems are its fuel tank and ammo rack. They are getting damaged frequently, so stay with a repair kit.


Tier X

WZ-111 5A

  • DPM— 2737 HP
  • Penetration— 250 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.4 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.37 m
  • Top Speed— 50 km/h
  • Hull Armor— 140 mm
  • Turret Armor— 300 mm



  • Our last friend from the Soviet… Sorry from the Chinese tech tree, our heavy friend WZ-111 5A.
  • Its 130 mm gun has excellent DPM, very useful, especially for 1v1 situations. Aim time is acceptable, but accuracy is poor especially in the long range. Penetration is not great for a tank that is facing heavy tanks. For a Chinese tank great gun depression.
  • It has a Soviet pike nose design. It can bounce lots of shells but it can be your worst nightmare too. In direct positions when lower glacis is not a target, it is very strong. But within side scraping positions its shape makes difficult situations. 
  • But do not worry, there is excellent turret armor. 300 mm thickness with great shape. It’s impenetrable, excellent for hull-down positions.
  • But in short ranges, two cupolas on the turret are vulnerable. They are on both sides so it’s hard to hide them.
  • Excellent top speed and acceleration for a heavy tank. Easy to take game-changing positions, flanks, etc. Turret traverse is a bit slow.
  • Low profile is great for camouflage, but facing a taller tank it’s not useful. Making armor angles vulnerable or non-effective.
  • The ammo rack, fuel tank and engine can get damaged frequently. 

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