World of Tanks Best Italian Tanks for Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Italian Tanks for Every Tier
Italian Heavies on a campaign.

Hello, tankers!

Everybody likes pizza, don’t you? We love Roma, we love Pizza Tower, we love Venice. They are all including taste, beauty and love. 

But we are missing something more important than them! You should feel it in your tanker veins. Yes! Italian tanks and Italian revolver-type autoloader mechanism.

They’ve added much more different gameplay in our game, much fun and pain at the same time.

For people who haven't checked it yet. They have different types of autoloaders. Casual autoloaders are capable of loading all of the shells. Italians are having the opportunity of loading them one by one. That future is balanced with increased loading time for every shell. They usually have low DPM than normal tanks. But no problem they are excellent anyway.

So here are our best Italian tanks for every tier.


Tier VI

P.43 bis

  • DPM— 1920 HP
  • Penetration— 140 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.4 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.4 m
  • Top Speed— 50 km/h
  • Thickest Armor— 80 mm
  • View Range— 360 m



  • P.43 bis is a non-autoloader like its successor. It’s like a classical medium tank with great features.
  • Which is its cannon. Its 90 mm cannon is a great success.  Great alpha damage and DPM altogether. A bit of average gun depression is helpful. The non-helpful things are a bit of poor accuracy and low shell velocity. 
  • Mobility is a bit of trouble. Traverse speeds are excellent for important maneuvers but its top speed is low, especially on bad terrain. Poor power/weight ratio making it harder to reach top speed. 
  • The armor thickness is great on paper. But armor angles are not enough to bounce shells. It's not practical for facing enemy shells.



Tier VII

P.43 ter

  • DPM— 1877 HP
  • Penetration— 165 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.3 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.38 m
  • Top Speed— 55 km/h
  • Thickest Armor— 100 mm
  • View Range— 380 m



  • Likely other P.43’s, not much gaining but there are few improvements.
  • Its gun is 90 mm like before but has better penetration, aim time and dispersion values. Interestingly the same caliber with a higher tier lowers DPM. Depression is not the best but enough for hills. 
  • It has better penetration, but within tier VII it sometimes is not being much helpful. Shell velocity is bad like before.
  • The armor is better than before. 120 mm on the turret, 100 mm on the front hull. Turret armor is not very effective, but the hull’s upper glacis can bounce shells from coming tier VII and below. Higher than tier VII won’t have any problem penetrating it.
  • Mobility is great for accelerating especially, power/weight ratio increased. This time traverse speeds are a bit worse than other medium tanks.




P.44 Pantera

  • DPM— 1877 HP
  • Penetration— 212 mm
  • Reload Time— 7.67 / 9.59 / 10.55 secs.
  • Clip Size— 3 Shells
  • Clip Damage— 720 HP in 5 secs.
  • Top Speed— 60 km/h
  • View Range— 380 m



  • Here is the first researchable tank with a revolver-style autoloader tank. Our bulky friend P.44 Pantera. Added tech tree much more enjoy, no doubt!
  • It has a great 90 mm gun with good penetration, aim time and dispersion values. Great for any target from any distance. The problem is its automatic reloader system (which should be its best feature), if you shoot shells more than one in a clip, DPM decreases very much. Via experience, it will be a real danger to the enemy, be sure about it.
  • Mobility is great. Excellent top speed. The problem is its size. It’s a huge tank with no armor, it’s too hard to bounce shells with that armor. You have to be careful about your size and make plans without thinking about it.



Tier IX

Progetto C50 mod. 66


  • DPM— 1925 HP
  • Penetration— 242 mm
  • Reload Time— 12.46 / 13.42 / 15.34 secs.
  • Clip Damage— 1200 HP in 7 secs.
  • Top Speed— 45 km/h
  • Turret Armor— 130 mm
  • Hull Armor— 195 mm



  • This time we have a heavy tank in our hands.
  • Progetto 66 is a great tank overall. Its 120 mm can be capable of lots of things: great burst damage, great accuracy, depression values. But 120 mm gun have poor penetration values. 105 mm gun has better penetration but other values, especially DPM is very poor for lower caliber. 120 mm gun has not have excellent DPM either.
  • Its armor is a bit of a different story. Turret armor is not that thick but can bounce lots of standard shells because of a great slope. But gold shells can penetrate it easily and should use hills and depression for better effective armor on turret. 
  • Hull armor is not trustable. Can be penetrated even in side-scraping angles. Don’t use hull armor, use hull-down positions for better protection.
  • Mobility is great especially for a heavy tank, it can take position fast with ease.



Tier X

Progetto M40 mod. 65

  • DPM— 2252 HP
  • Penetration— 268 mm
  • Reload Time— 9.59 / 11.51 / 15.34 secs.
  • Clip Size— 4 Shells
  • Clip Damage— 1440 HP in 7.5 secs.
  • Top Speed— 65 km/h
  • View Range— 400 m



  • Last tank from our Italian friends. A fun-to-play medium tank with an Italian autoloader mechanism.
  • Progetto 65 has 105 mm armor with excellent penetration and burst damage. Aim time and accuracy are not the best but still decent. Reload time is a bit slower than usual 105 mm guns but its autoloader can avoid that shortcoming. The great gun depression makes it much more useful. DPM is not excellent like before.
  • Mobility is better than expected, 65 km/h top speed is as much as light tanks. It can take a position very fast and give enemies hell from anywhere.
  • The armor is not that great, sometimes upper glacis can bounce but other than that there is not such armor anywhere. Very vulnerable, be wise while taking positions and reloading.

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