World of Tanks - Best Artillery for Every Tier

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World of Tanks – Best Artillery for Every Tier

Artillery, Self – propelled guns (SPG), Arties, Dirty Clickers, are just some of the names for this category of vehicles. Their main purpose is to support the team indirectly throughout the fire, normally from a big distance. It is safe to say that they represent the most hated class in World of Tanks.

The reasons for this are the exaggerated use of XVM mode, low skill cap needed for an efficient play, etc. Nevertheless, the SPGs form part of this game, so the sooner we accept their irritating existence, the more we’ll enjoy playing the game.

What are the best artilleries for Every Tier?


Tier II

Best Tier II Artillery – SU - 18

The SU - 18 is a Soviet Tier II artillery. No doubt, the best vehicle of this category in Tier II. Rate of fire, DPM, aim time – this vehicle has got it all.

What makes SU – 18 awesome:

  • Rate of fire – 7.5 rounds per minute;
  • 1350 damage per minute;
  • The most accurate artillery in its tier – 0.76 of dispersion;
  • Aim time – 4.5 seconds;
  • Mountable ventilation;


Tier III

Best Tier III Artillery – Sturmpanzer I Bison

The Sturmpanzer I Bison is a German Tier II artillery. It is armed with the mighty 15 cm s.I.G. 33 L/11. The biggest alpha damage in the Tier allows you to one-shot the vast majority of your opponents.

What makes Sturmpanzer I Bison awesome:

  • 35mm of penetration with 400 alpha damage;
  • 700m of radio range;
  • Explosion radius value – 6.50 – cogently the best in Tier II;
  • The only artillery in the Tier that can stun;


Tier IV

Best Tier IV Artillery–Pz. Sfl. IVb

Pz. Sfl. IVb is a German Tier IV artillery. This vehicle is the brightest gem of the Tier – the most accurate SPG in the Tier, and one of the most accurate SPGs in the game.

With decent crew, Rammer and Enhanced gun lying drive, it will convince you to keep it in your garage.

What makes Pz. Sfl. IVb awesome:

  • 410 alpha damage;
  • Solid aim time – 5.27 seconds;
  • Dispersion – 0.69 – the most accurate artillery in the Tier (with Birch – gun);
  • 782.14m of radio range;
  • 70 degrees of gun elevation;


Tier V

Best Tier V Artillery – 105 leFH18B2

105 leFH18B2 is a French Tier V premium artillery. “LaFalaf, LefHaash, Deathduck”, call it whatever you want – this thing is simply overpowered.

Occasionally, Wargaming will make a bad joke and start selling this vehicle. With good intent, I advise you to avoid playing with Tiers V and VI when that happens, because this ‘rainmaker’ will kill your gaming experience.

This vehicle has the best rate of fire and the best DPM of all artilleries in the game. You can simply pick a target in the open, permatrack it and send it back into the garage.

What makes 105 leFH18B2 awesome (idiotically overpowered):

  • 53mm of penetration ( the best tier IX SPG has 52…) with 410 alpha damage;
  • 2.758,83 damage per minute;
  • 8.92 seconds of reload time (w/o equipment and skilled crew);
  • 4.89 seconds needed for full aim;
  • 390m of base view range – with binoculars equipped (487.5m), you can easily out spot whoever you want;


Tier VI

Best Tier VI artillery – M44

M44 is an American Tier VI artillery. My favorite streamer once said ‘’M44 is love, M44 is life’’ – and trust me, he is right.

Although you may not worship this type of vehicle (maybe you consider it unnecessary and purposely made for newbies), you will just adore M44 endlessly. Basically, this SPG has it all.

Some of you may ask yourselves ‘’What the heck this guy is talking about, isn’t  FV304 (Bert) the best SPG in Tier VI?“ Nevertheless, Bert is in some ways better than M44, its awful range (like Tier II SPGs) and poor shell velocity just don’t allow me to put it on this list.

What makes M44 awesome:

  • 39mm of penetration;
  • 4.7 seconds needed for full aim;
  • 0.69 dispersion;
  • Maximum speed – 56.3 km/h;
  • Well – balanced SPG;


Tier VII

Best Tier VII artillery – GW Panther

GW Panther is a German Tier VII artillery. Its accuracy of 0.61 (w/o skilled crew, equipment or chocolate) allows you to support your team constantly and successfully.

it’s one of the favorite vehicles in this tier and a ‘keeper’ tank for sure, due to its great gun, decent mobility and pretty much good rate of fire for a Tier VII SPG. 

What makes GW Panther awesome:

  • 0.61 dispersion makes it the most accurate SPG in this tier and one of the most accurate in the game;
  • 1575,87 damage per minute;
  • The maximum speed of 46 km/h:
  • Low shell arc – your shells will hit targets faster:

 Tier VIII

Best Tier VIII artillery – M40/43

M40/43 is an American Tier VIII artillery. In case you played Clan Wars with Tier VIII, this vehicle is a very familiar one to you.

When you fully research it, put some skilled crew in it (with Brothers in Arms trained) and get some Coca – Cola (premium consumable), this is undoubtedly the best Tier VIII SPG.

It has a decent gun – trust me, it works much better in the game than on the paper, solid mobility and excellent alpha damage. Try it – you won’t regret it at all.

What makes M40/43 awesome:

  • 1050 alpha damage;
  • 0.74 dispersion;
  • Great gun range – 1330m on the top gun;
  • It leads into the best artillery in the game;


Tier IX

Best Tier IX artillery – M50/53

M50/53 is an American Tier IX artillery. It is the best vehicle for this category in the game.

I’ll never forget when players in Tier X Clan Wars ran this one despite the fact it’s tier IX – guess why?

This vehicle is a mix of all good, and still not overpowered – which is nowadays in World of Tanks a rarity.

What makes M50/53 awesome:

  • 65 degrees of gun elevation;
  • 52mm of penetration with 1050 alpha damage;
  • The maximum speed of 56.3 km/h – with Tier IX French artillery the best in the tier;
  • You can mount top gun w/o top suspension;
  • You can mount ventilation, due to its turret;


Tier X

Best Tier X artillery – Conqueror Gun Carriage

Conqueror Gun Carriage is a British Tier X artillery. Statistically, it’s a mediocre vehicle, but during the game, things are a bit different.

This vehicle has the highest shell arc, which will allow you to hit enemy tanks behind cover easily.

Great alpha damage, with 59mm of penetration and tremendous splash radius – those are just some of the advantages this vehicle offers.

What makes Conqueror Gun Carriageawesome:

  • Highest shell arc in the game;
  • 1200 alpha damage;
  • 12.20m splash radius – you will stun lads!
  • 9.2 inch gun with 1.04 accuracy – sounds good to me.
  • 130mm of frontal hull armor – this is definitely not of that importance for SPG, but we’ll put it on the list as an example;



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